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super junior, ryeowook
This is a list of every fanfic I have ever posted. And will be frequently updated with every new fanfic~ <3

A Bedroom Mess
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Donghae and Eunhyuk having the dorm to theirselves is never a good idea.

What Parents Might See
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Donghae wants to fuck Eunhyuk even though his parents are right downstairs.

Coffee, Cum, and Chocolate
Pairing: WonSung
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung and Siwon bump into eachother, but it seems Siwon didn't just want to get coffee as an apology.

Jets Aren't Always This Fun
Pairing: SiHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's Eunhyuk's birthday and Siwon rented a jet to go somewhere specail. Little did Eunhyuk know, that wasn't the only surprise in store.

Going to the Movies Isn't How it Use to Be
Pairing: KhunYoung
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Late night movie date with Nickhun slowly turns into Wooyoung's exact fantasy.

Make Up Desks Get All The Love
Paring: KyuSung
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yesung was very honored to work with the most famous and wanted acter, Cho Kyuhyun. But it seems like Yesung is the one who is wanted this time and not by just by his fans,  but also Kyuhyun himself.

Dreams Could Come True
Pairing: WonSung
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Mr.Siwon can't help but finally go after one his students that he's been oggling over for months.

You Are Mine
Paring: MinWook, OneSided!Yewook
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ryeowook wanted to be with Sungmin but with KyuMin being together all the time, and Yesung hanging all over Wookie, there was definetly no chance. That is not until one night when Yesung tries to make a move.

Tentacles Are Kinky
Pairing: HeeTeuk, Tentacles + Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Somehow Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk, and Heechul end up chained to metals boards in a dark room with one light shinning over them for sight. Little do they know what hides behind the darkness.

Music Meme
Pairings: YeWook (in one)  & Kyuwook and HenWook (In the other)
Rating: NC-17 & PG-13 (Murder)
Read here

Title: The Horse or the Turtle?
Pairing: YeWookWon (Yesung/Ryeowook/Siwon)
Rating: R/NC-17
SummaryAfter a few odd days inside the dorm and at performances, Ryeowook starts to get suspicious of the way Yesung and Siwon have been acting around him.


You're Gonna Be Mine
Pairing: HaeHyuk, SiHyuk, KyuWook
Rating: PG-15 - NC-17
Summary: Donghae has always gotten what he's wanted in life. But when HyukJae comes along, that all changes.
Chapters:   chapter 1   chapter 2   chapter 3  chapter 4  chapter 5  chapter 6  chapter 7  chapter 8   chapter 9

I Promise
Pairing: KyuWook
Rating: PG-15 - NC-17
Summary: Kyuhyun seems to fall in love at first sight with the school's Innocent Cute Prince, Kim Ryeowook, and he aims to make the boy his.
Chapters:  chapter 1
Friend With Benefits 
Pairing: HaeHyuk, SiHyuk
Rating: PG-15 - NC-17
Summary: Donghae gets a sudden idea for him and his best friend HyukJae and it might be a little crazy.
chapter 1: The Office

Missing You
super junior, ryeowook

A/N: For the best effect please listen to the song: If It Means Alot To You by A Day To Remember.

Ryeowook laid in his bed, eyes fixed upon the ceiling above him, eyes never moving. Darkness filled his room to the brim except for a small lamp that sat ontop of a nightstand beside his bed. He was wearing a loose white v-neck t-shirt that laid against his small frame as well as blue fleece pajama pants. He glanced at his phone which lay beside him from time to time, one thought filling his head that he had been analyzing for the past half an hour. 

Suddenly a bright light broke through the darkness, calling to Ryeowook's attention. The young man rolled onto his side and looked at the light which was emitted from his phone, unlocking it and reading the text across the screen.

'From: Donghae <3 

hey darling. i hope ur good tonight. i miss u so much.

Sent: May 24th, 2012, 03:27 A.M.'

As he read the message, the sender began to fill his head even more. Donghae.. His one true love who was away in London, had been for the past months to further his career. At first Ryeowook had been optimistic about it, saying how it was good for his lover to go after what he wanted in life. That he should do everything he could to get true happiness and that it would bring him just that. But had he known that the other man would be gone for so long, he would of told him not to go. Not to leave him with such an empty heart that used to be filled with joy.

Donghae not being with him, it didn't feel right. Before the two had every met, Ryeowook had a streak of horrible partners, people who cheated, lied, and did what they wanted because he just didn't have the strength to oppose them. He would stay with them in the hopes things would get better that some how they would learn not to hurt the boy so bad but those were just hopes gone to waste. Once Ryeowook finally got the courage to leave them one after another, he began to lose hope that he would find anyone who would treat him right. That was until he met Donghae. Donghae had brought so much joy into Ryeowook's life, like an angel who had finally shown him the light.

Donghae who took care of Ryeowook when he was too sick to walk, who helped him paint his room when no one else would. Donghae who gave him his first true love. Now that same Donghae was far, far away and had sent him occasional texts but occasional was a generous word. The messages would come once a week at most and because of the time differences, they would be very late at night.

Ryeowooks eyes scanned the screen with a blank look in his eye, slowly typing in his reply but his thumb hovered over the send button. He read over his text over and over but quickly deleted what he had written and called Donghae's number, placing the phone to his ear as his heart beated hard in his chest.

As soon as the dial tone stopped, Ryeowook said softly, 'Hey sweetie, I need you here tonight..' He took a slow, shaky breath as he began to feel the emotions he had bottled up arise. He heard the voice from the other side began to say something but he softly said, 'Shh..,' and continued on, 'And I know that you don't want to be leaving me.. Yeah you want it, but I can't help it. I just feel complete when you're by my side.

A slow silence followed Ryeowook's words as they sunk in, a pain hitting both their hearts, as if connected by a string and was being tugged. He slowly began to speak, so very quiet but the words loud and clear to Ryeowook's ears which only wanted to hear the words his lover's lips spoke.

'Tell me something sweet to get me by..,' Ryeowook could hear the shakiness in Donghae's voice, how the words were not easy to speak, no words were. No words would bring any happiness to their lives which, without one another, were dull. The voice soon continued as it said, 'If you can wait till I get home, then I swear to you that we can make this last.. Then I swear come tomorrow this will all be in our past, well it might be for the best.

Ryeowook slowly began to shake his head and he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to prevent the tears from falling but they had already began to fall. The sweet words were far too good to believe. How would it ever be true? How could this last when he won't come back? Ryeowook doesn't want to tell him to come back but he has, he needs Donghae here with him. More than anything.

He bit his lip as the dears rolled down his soft cheeks, his voice raspy and soft, 'You know you can't give me what I need... And even though you mean so much to me, I can't wait through everything..'

'Is this really happening?' Donghae's voice whispered, heart break clear through his voice as he talked, voice getting subtly louder.

'I swear I'll never be happy again, and don't you dare say we can just be friends I'm not some boy that you can sway..!'

Ryeowook's tears fell faster and faster as he listened to his lover's words, the pain being too much to handle. He couldn't find the words to say but his heart forced words up his throat and out his lips:

'We knew it'd happen eventually!'

Ryeowook quickly sat up and threw his phone against the wall, the screen shattering and phone shutting off, dead for good. The young man cringed and curled into a ball, digging his finger nails into his knees as he cried, cried out his hopes, his dreams, his love. He gasped for air as his throat restricted, making it harder and harder to breath.

It was done. His love. His hope. All gone, wasted away to nothing because of one dumb decision. The overlooking of how his one true love being gone would a effect their lives. He had been with so many bad ones, to have someone like Donghae to find him and pick him up, was a gift. Now that gift was gone, gone forever. 

Ryeowook ran his fingers through his hair and gave it a tight grip, needing something to compete with the strong pain he felt in his heart but that was not even close. He clenched his teeth tight, choking on his sobs and cries, suddenly letting out a loud yell.

Just then his door was kicked down and he looked up with wide eyes filled with tears. There he stood. His light. His hope. His love. All that was just lost came rushing back to him. His Donghae stood there, but only for a moment until he ran to Ryeowook and took him into his arms in a very tight hug, as if it would be their last. Ryeowook clung to the other, arms wrapped around Donghae's neck, holding on as tight as he could. The tears now only came faster and faster, tears of joy but anguish, sadness yet happiness.

The older man looked into his love's eyes, the eyes he had been longing to see, and suddenly crashed his thin lips onto his plump pink ones. They kissed passionately, lovingly, giving all they had into the kiss as if communicating their undying love through it. Donghae slowly pulled back and whispered against Ryeowook's lips,

'If you can wait till I get home...Then I swear we can make this last..'

They laid down together, Ryeowook cuddled in Donghae's arms like he had longed to be as Donghae ran his finger's through the other's dark brown locks. He looked at every feature, every strand of hair, taking in the image that was Ryeowook. His Ryeowook He sang softly as he stared at his face, giving a soft kiss to his head,

'Now everybody's singing la, lalala, la, lala. '

The Horse or the Turtle?
super junior, ryeowook

I have been noticing something weird, something abonormal about Siwon hyung and Yesung hyung. Now I do know neither of them are normal, escpecially not Yesung hyung but this is more than usual I swear. For example, in the dorm I always cook everyone dinner but one day I came home to an empty house. Once I walked into the kitchen though and there was Siwon hyung with a candle light dinner on the table. Not only has this never happened before in the years I have been in Super Junior, the fact it was Siwon hyung made it even more surprising.

As for Yesung hyung he has been trying to get more affection from me than usual. One night when I was just about to fall alseep, Yesung hyung called over to me and asked, "Ryeong, are you sleeping?" I groaned and kept my eyes closed, not wanting to reply but thought it would be rude if I hadn't.

"No..," I mummbled and I could hear his blankets rustling from the other side of the room. "Come lay with hyung," he said in a smooth voice. I could hardly comply anything that he said because it had been so late but after a moment of processing I rolled onto my side and looked at him confusedly. He patted a spot next to him which he made for me by sliding over. I sighed softly and got up out of bed, dragging my feet to his and layind down beside him, my body only wanting to finally relax. Yesung began to grin and pulled the covers over me and when I thought I was just about be able to sleep again, I felt something snake its way around my waist and pull me close to him. I looked at him in what I thought what was a confused look but most likely just looked like I was tired, which I was. 

Yesung gave me a smile one I was pulled to his chest but I was far too tired to push him away. I simply closed my eyes, hoping to finally sleep but when I had tried yet again I felt a pair of lips kissing down my neck.

"H-Hyung..? What are you doing?" I could almost hear him grinning as he whispered, "Helping you sleep Ryeong-ah, now relax." He began to kiss lower but my body finally gave up, causing my vision to go black as I fell asleep.

This cycle of romance and small touches from them has been going on for almost a week now and I have decided to find out what is up with them. I stormed into Siwon hyung's room and he was sitting at his desk, glasses on and was tapping upon his keyboard. I stomped over to him and grabbed his wrist, beginning to walk to the door and attempting to pull him but since he willingly got up and followed me I hadn't been there struggling to pull him.

"Wookie?" He tried to ask but I said nothing and lead him into mine and Yesung hyung's room. Yesung hyung was laying down and reading some manhwa but when we came in he sat up. I pointed to the spot next to Yesung hyung and he sat down. I stood infront of the two of them and placed my hands on my hips, looking at them sternly. 

"Tell me what is going on right this instant."

They both blinked simultaneously and gave me a blank stare as if they were angels sent from above who just arrived on Earth a second ago only to see me. 

"What are you talking about Wookie?" Siwon asked and I looked at him in disbelief. What am I talking about? Those two have been acting weird to me this whole week and now they are acting like they don't even know about it?! Oh they are not going to get away with this.

"You two have been acting strange this whole entire week and I want to know what is going on!" I exclaimed but they still continued to act innocent, Siwon standings and Yesung soon following suit as Siwon walked behind me. 

"I assure you Wookie nothing is going on," He hugged my back and Yesung nodded in agreement with him, looking in my eyes as he said, "Nothing at all." 

I then looked down at my feet and frowned thinking. Maybe I was wrong and just was pointing them out more than I had the other members. We have been bumping up fanservice lately and maybe they just wanted to get closer more. I glanced up at Yesung who had a big grin plastered across his face and I blinked in confusion. I then heard a clicking noise behind my back and my eyes began to widen. I tried to move my wirsts but they were restricted together and I felt a puff of hot air hit against my skin as Siwon whispered into my ear.

"You just couldn't wait now could you Wookie? Admit it, this whole time you were enjoying yourself weren't you? Having us touching you so much." I felt a small shudder move up my spine and a blush run across my cheeks. Yesung put his pointed finger under my chin and pulled my face up to look at him as he said, "You wanted this to happen, didn't you Ryeong? You were hoping for us to fuck you one of these days." 

I slowly shook my head and gasped softly when I felt Siwon's hand travel underneath my thin t-shirt, gliding against my soft skin. He moved his hand up until his fingertips reached my nipple and he gave it a small squeeze.

"Ahh..," I moaned but quickly clamped my lips shut when I realized the sound I just made. Yesung grinned and captured my lips in a deep and rough kiss,causing me to moan against his lips as Siwon continued to play with my sensitive pink bud. Siwon pinched it harder and began to suck on my neck, causing me to part my lips. Yesung then took this chance to slip his tongue into my mouth, rubbing his tongue against mine as well as the rest of my mouth. I felt my knees begin to tremble and my pants getting tighter. 

"Hyung we should move him to the bed," Siwon warned the other hyung. Yesung pulled back from my swollen red lips and let our a displeased growl. I panted soft, hanging my head and letting my dark brown strands of hair fall over my eyes. The warm hand slipped out from under my shirt causing cold air to rush to the spot, making me shiver. He picked me up and set me down onto Yesung's bed gently, as if they both didn't just ravage my body. 

They both began to strip me, one article of clothing after another fell onto the floor below the bed, leaving me naked with my erection fully exposed. I blushed dark red and tried to close my legs to hide my standing length but Yesung forced my legs open while giving a, "Tsk, tsk, tsk." He then began to undress himself until he was completely naked, his erection standing proud. I stared at it in disbelief and gulped because despite his tiny hands, his length was anything but..small. His eyes lapping up the sight of my naked body and hardened length.

Soon Siwon began to strip as well while Yesung leaned down and sucked on the inside of my thigh. I gasped in air and let out a small moan, but quickly bit my lip to conceal it, not wanting to let out anymore of those sounds but he wouldn't have that. He began to suck harder and harder, tongue rubbing against the skin and teeth nibbling against it. I began to tilt my head back and bunched my hands into fists, not wanting to accept the pleasure I was feeling but it became too much to ignore. 

Suddenly Yesung pulled away, causing me to whimper, and I was pushed onto my stomach but with my knees holding me up. Siwon was behind me with a hungry look in his eye as he took both of my bottom cheeks and began to kneed them roughly. 

"Mnnh! S-Siwon hyung!" I moaned wontonly from his touches but soon felt something cold and wet poking at my enterence. I gasped and snapped my head to look behind me only to see him pushing in two fingers covered in lube, stretching my hole. My muscles began to spaz around his fingers, not being ready for them let alot to have them at all. 

"AH!" I yelped in surprised and pain when he shoved them into me completely, forcing my muscles to adjust to his fingers. This is wrong, this is very very wrong.. I began to think when I had the chance between Siwon's fingers fucking my hole roughly, curling his fingers and making moan lewdly.

Yesung grabbed my chin and lifted it until my eyes met his hard member, pulsing in arousal. 

"Suck it," he demanded in a deep, husky tone. I looked up in his eyes but they were jaded with dark cloudy lust, not a bright star in the dark night that was his eyes. I hestiantly opened my mouth but it was forced open wider when Siwon thrusted his fingers right into my sweet spot, forcing a scream of pleasure from my lips. Yesung then took the oppertunity pushed his hardened length deep into my mouth, almost causing me to choke. 

He was bigger than I had thought, I could hardly fit him in my mouth at all but he was sure to make it fit. I squeezed my eyes closed as he grip my hair in a tight hold and began to thrust in and out of my hot wet mouth. Siwon continued to push and tease my sweet spot mercilessly as Yesung fucked my mouth roughly. 

The over load of pleasure was far too much for me to handle, my own length was hard and leaking with precum, feeling my release coming quickly. With Yesung's member being thrusted into my mouth harder and harder as well as Siwon's fingers playing with my sweet spot non-stop, I soon came onto the bed sheets with a muffled cry,"Mnnhh!"

My oldest hyung pulled his length out of my mouth, dripping wet with saliva and Siwon pulled out his fingers from my enterance. I layed on the bed a panting hot mess. My moment of catching my breath only lasted a few moments until Yesung pulled me onto his lap after coating his length with lube. He lowered me onto his large erection and I gaspes as I took him in,stretching me in a way that made my body pulse.

Once I had somhow taken his whole length inside me I bit my lip, the pain of his stretching me, even more than Siwon's fingers, coursing through me. 

"H-Hyung," I moaned sensually and I could feel his length grow slightly from my voice, his hips thrusting up and making bounce upward because of it. "Ah! Y-Yesung!" He started thrusting up harder and harder, his member digging deeper into me and forcing rough pleasure to course through my body. 

"You like that huh Ryeowook? Nghh.. When I'm rough with you," he groaned and began leaned down, taking my left nipple into his mouth and biting down on it. I yelped as he bit down a little harder and pushes against it with his tongue, making it harder and toying with it as he pleased. My body began to tremble from his teasing, touching, and thrusting, it was all too much to handle. His tongue against my nipple, his length moving in and out of my wet insides, forcing moans and sounds that I never knew I could even make made me lose my mind.

I felt a warm heat from behind and heard a husky whipser in my ear, "Let me in too Wookie.."

I was still being thrusted into by Yesung so hard that I had to take a second to decode what the voice had just said. I widened my eyes and gasped, my body giving a small shudder as Siwon's erection was trying to push it's way in along with Yesung's, stretching me beyond my limit. 

Tears began to build in my eyes from the stinging pain that shot up my spine. It was too much, there was no way both of them could fit! 

"N-No..! Y-You're too b-big! Ah!" I balled my hands infto fists and panted hard, but Siwon began to kiss the back of my neck reassuringly. They slowly began to thrust in and out of me, taking turns as one thrusted inward one pulled back. As their members rubbed against my walls and one another, their thrusts got harder and more desperate. They needed to be deeper inside me and went as hard as they wanted, violating my insides without care. I felt their hands move all over my body, one grasping my own neglected length, giving it teasing slow strokes. Their tongue dancing against my skin which was now extremely sensitve, the slightest touch sending waves of pleasure through me. Their teeth biting here and there, marking up my pale skin with dark bruises and bite marks. 

Their members pistoned in and out of faster and faster, my body being forced to bounce up and down as they thrusted. My body suddenly began to move on it's own, my back arching perfectly as my head threw itself back and my throat forcing out a loud moan when I fely one of their lengths shove against my sweet spot.

"AH! S-Siwon! Yesung!" I screamed out and once they caught one another's gaze they grinned devilishly. I was panting hard when they slowly stopped thrusting, leaving me to pant and whimper quietly. I looked at them both with pledding eyes, my body needing their touches and rough thrusts. They both at the same time pulled their hips back and suddenly thrusted up at my sweet spot at the same time. 

"AHH! H-Hyungs!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, the pleasure being unbearable as they both thrusted against it over and over again. After only a few more thrusts from their members I came onto mine and Yesung's stomachs, my muscles were quick to retract and tighten around them. They both growled and moaned raggedly, making desperate thrusts to get as much as they could until they both came, their hot sticky cum filling me.

They both slowly pulled their lengths out of me, cum running down my thigh and I fell on the bed from exhaustion. We all were letting out hot and heavy pants and I slowly began drifted off into a deep sleep but felt the handcuffs come off of my wrists and their chatter before I did.

"I told you he would like me better," I heard Yesung's voice say in a cocky tone, making Siwon scoff at the remark. 

"You? Please hyung, a turtle can't compare to a horse," he replied confidently but Yesung only came back with more retorts. Their voices began to fade out as I fell asleep. 

To be honest I'm not really sure what is better, the horse or the turtle? Maybe one more try will make it clear.

A/N: Sorry this isn't that good if it isn't, but I tried to write it very quickly for you all. I hope you enjoy! And sorry for any typos~

You're Gonna Be Mine: Chapter 10
super junior, ryeowook

HyukJae looked down cheerily at his phone as he read the text that ran across the lighten up screen while walking home. The screen read: 

'From: Siwon
so do u want 2 go on a date 2mrrw? :)
Sent: October 28th, 04:28 p.m.'

He pondered the thought of going on a date with Siwon, thinking about what they would do and how it would go. HyukJae pictured it in his head, them sitting on the beach on top of a blanket with a picnic basket while the sun slowly lowered; the sky receiving an assortment of colors that blended together like nothing you've ever seen. He would have his head resting upon Siwon's broad shoulder with a smile plastered across his face and when the time was just right they would look at each other. Siwon would say something romantic, which they always do in movies, and it would cause HyukJae to blush like a school girl. Then he would bring HyukJae tight in his arms and give him the best kiss of his life, sparks would fly and birds would sing a song just for them in this moment of romance.

HyukJae sighed contently at his daydream, his body continuing to walk even though his brain was turning to mush from all of the situations he played in his head as each one got better than the last. He quickly snapped out of his phased state when he realized that he never even answered Siwon yet he was already thinking all of these things. He fingers were already tapping against the keyboard and pushing the buttons in to give his response that he was too slow to do himself. The boy read over the message which said, 'i would luv 2! :D,' and then hit send. 

A reply come quick as if he was waiting for the message, which anyone who had a brain would know he was. HyukJae looked at his phone with the reply,'ill pick u up at 5:) see u then.' With that he skipped home happily, humming to himself.

"Oww.. Jesus don't be so rough..," HyukJae pouted as he bit down on his bottom lip from the feeling of a sharp pain.

"Oh shut up you big baby or else I will be rough," Heechul growled back at him, hands pulling at the other's hair. HyukJae whimpered in pain and clenched his hands into fists from the pain. His hyung soon sighed in content and smiled as he said, "There all done." 

"Thank the freaking lord, remind me to never let you bleach my hair again. Why the hell were you pulling on it?!" The younger boy stood up with hair bleach all through his hair, ridding it of the red. Heechul simply rolled his eyes and crossed his arms, stating, "I was just doing what the instructions told me. You have to section it!" 

"Yeah section it, not pull out my hair and almost make me bald!" He pouted but soon gave a defeated sigh, continuing, "Help me look for my cheetah coat."

Clothes were scattered all around the floor of his room, not even an inch of carpet visible from the tanks, tees, and pants covering it. The two boys searched for the coat, looking through the jumbled mess that he had made after fussing over what outfit he should wear. When Heechul had seen the mess all he could say was, "I swear sometimes I think you're more of a girl than me," which only made HyukJae fuss even more about not being like a girl. 

The two young men rummaged through the room, looking high and low for the desired coat. Heechul soon began to kick around the abandoned clothes that lay on the floor below his feet, letting out an annoyed growl. His friend's room was ridiculously messy, just saying a tornado came through would be an understatement. Closets opened, clothes flowing out onto the floor, as if it were a waterfall and the floor was the river. How could one boy have so many clothes? Heechul glanced over at the grey alarm clock that rested ontop of a black nightstand beside the bed.  Red lights lighting up the otherwise black background, reading, '3:46'. "Hyukjae go shower I'll find your god damn coat," the elder boy said and his friend's face lit up.

"Thank you hyunng!" HyukJae ran to hug his hyung but Heechul quickly put his arms out infront of him, saying, "Hug me when that stuff isn't in your hair please. I can't have my hair getting that stuff in it, do you know what that would do to my image?" HyukJae rolled his eyes and headed to the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him. Heechul groaned and thought, 'Where the hell is that shirt?'


HyukJae was drying his soken wet body with a blue body towel, and though the towel had taken in most of the water, there was still moisture that was left lingering ontop of the milky white skin. He run his fingers threw his now blonde wet, staring at his reflection in the mirror, studying himself. He leaned forward and inspected his face first, looking at the detail in his chocolate brown eyes and eye shape. He had seen many people around his school getting surgery for double eyelids and had even considered it himself. HyukJae thought the eye transformation might make his eyes look bigger, better but many people told him not to. He eyes soon wondered down at his collar bone that protruded out, giving his slender body an even sexier appeal. His torso was amazingly sculpted just perfectly for his body type, his muscles and abs never stood out too much but just enough to show they were there. 

He jumped when he suddenly heard scratching against the bathroom door, slowly heading toward it. He grabbed the golden nob and and turned it, opening the slightest crack so he could peak up but there was a force trying to push it open more. HyukJae looked down only to see Choco carrying his cheetah print coat on his back, head nuzzling in the space between the door and the frame to open it. The boy chuckled and opened the door more for his beloved dog, picking the thin coat off his back.

"Time to get ready!"


Moments later HyukJae's voice emerged from behind the bedroom door, saying, "Ready to see?" Heechul grinned and stood up from the bed, facing the entry way into the bedroom and replied, "Come on in!" 

The door opened and in walked the stunning sight that was HyukJae, his hair platinum blonde while he wore a black tank top under the thin cheetah print coat with black skinny jeans. He had his black and white Rick Owens shoes, his favorite pair out of them all, with black framed glasses-less glasses. Heechul gave a whistle and grinned, motioning his hand in a circle for HyukJae to do a spin and so he did. 

"Damn Hyuk," Heechul said as a grin grew across his face, admiring his friend. The platinum blonde hair he now had worked surprisingly well for him, giving a cuter feel this time instead of a dark sexy one. The two chatted about his new look but then HyukJae's mother shouted up the stairs, "HyukJae that boy Siwon is here for you!" Once the boys heard this they looked at eachother excitedly and the blonde shouted back, "Be down in a second!" Heechul held up his fist and shook it a little as he said, "Fighting!" His friend smiled and turned to exit but then his hyung slapped his butt and encouragingly said, "Go get him!"

The blonde looked back at his friend like he was psychotic but then laughed and headed down the stairs to where Siwon and his mother were talking. As soon as HyukJae stepped into the room Siwon's eyes left his mother to him, slowly going wider as they took in the sight before him. 

"You look... amazing," Siwon managed to say, his breath being taken away from the beautiful creature infront of him. HyukJae could never be considered just human, he was far too amazing to be demoted to the title of, 'human.' To simply call him human would be an insult. Anyone who said other wise would have to be blind, but after seeing HyukJae like this no one could argue. His hair allowing the color in his cheeks to take stage rather than his hair color. His lips curled into the most amazing smile, showing his teeth and gums that Siwon could swear was the cutest thing he had ever seen. Not to mention how everything he was wearing just made it all better, how cute yet nerdy he looked was a great look for him. 

"Well, we should get going. It was great to meet you Mrs. Lee," Siwon smiled, his dimples denting his cheeks and bowing 90 degrees. "Aigoo how polite and handsome you are," she said, glancing at her son and smiling as well as raising her eyebrow. He let out a small chuckle and replied, "Thank you. Are you ready to go?" He looked over at HyukJae who nodded, waving goodbye to his mother as they left out the door and to Siwon's car. Siwon opened the door for the blonde haired boy and he slide into the passanger seat, Siwon closing the door once he got in. He quickly got into the driver's seat and put the keys into the ignition, starting the car as they both buckled themselves in.

"Where are we going?" HyukJae asked and looked at Siwon curiously. Siwon turned the steering wheel and drove from the curb onto the street as he said, "Well I was hoping to first see if you still wanted to go to the dance with me, and if you did then we could go get our costumes." HyukJae blinked but then quickly had his memory flow into his mind.

Find another date to the dance. 

He mentally kicked himself as he let out a soft sigh, saying, "Ah.. I'm sorry about that. I was just really not having a good day, but I would love to still go to the dance you with." Siwon glanced over at him with a huge grin plastered over his face, a gleam in his eye. "Great! Do you have any ideas for your costume?" HyukJae shook his head and replied, "I hadn't really thought about it.." Which was more than true. With so much going on these past days, he had completely forgotten about the dance let alone his costume.  "That's okay, we will see when we get there."

The rest of the car ride was relatively quiet besides the music of the radio filling the car. Once Siwon had parked the car he looked at the other, giving a charming smile and getting out. HyukJae followed suit and got out as well, the two walking into the store. As far as the eye could see there were Halloween decorations everywhere, isles and isles of costumes for all shapes and sizes. Some scary, some sexy, and some just plain old weird. With Halloween just around the corner, the store was packed with last minute shoppers who filled the isles. Siwon slowly took the other's hand into his own, causing HyukJae's cheeks to turn a light shade of pink. He was about to ask Siwon why he was holding but he said, "I don't want you getting lost in the crowd," as if he read the blonde's mind.

The two walked around the store, glancing here and there at the costume pictures on the bags. "Maybe I should be a pirate," HyukJae joked as he stared at the red and black pirate costume. Siwon chuckled at the thought but said, "I think I have a better idea, but that is only if you want to do it." The blonde looked at Siwon curiously and so he led Hyukjae toward the masks.

"We could go in masks," Siwon grinned and held up a black mask that was lined with silver glitter to his face, the mask only covering the top half of his face. HyukJae smiled and held a mask that only covered his eyes to his nose after taking off his glasses, the mask being white which had black glitter around the eyes and the rim of it, silver contrasting against it making swirls around it. "Don't we look fancy?" HyukJae said with a small laugh.

"So what do you think? Want to do it?" Siwon lowered his mask as he looked at HyukJae, smile never leaving his face. His classmate nodded his head and said, "Yeah! Let's do it! I really like this mask." Siwon gave a small nod in agreement and held out his hand for the mask,  HyukJae placing it into the palm of his hand. The black haired boy took the blonde's hand into his free one, beginning to walk toward the suits. Surprisingly the store had quality suits, coming in a variety of colors like black, blue, and white. 

"This one looks like it'd go good with your mask," he said to HyukJae, pulling a white suit off the hanger, white coat and pants with a black undershirt and white tie. The other smiled and Siwon continued, "Why don't you try it on?" HyukJae eyed the suit, contemplating how he would look in it at the dance but he soon nodded and took the suit, saying, "Okay," and walking into the fitting room.

Moments later HyukJae walked out, the suit hugging his body in just the right way to show off his slim figure as the mask made his eyes pop. He was trying to fix the suit as he gave a sheepish smile to Siwon who was staring in awe. 

"You look just...wow..," Siwon said, too dumbfounded to find the right words causing HyukJae to laugh softly. "You like it?" He asked, giving a few turns to give a better view as the other stood up and smiled.

"I love it. Do you like it?" The blonde nodded and noticed Siwon holding a black suit that had a white undershirt and black tie, asking, "Did you find one too?" Siwon gave a glance to his suit, "Yeah, it goes with my mask. Hey, how about after this we go to a cafe, maybe get some coffee?"

"Sure!" HyukJae smiled and went back into the fitting room, changing back into his clothing and walking back out to Siwon. He handed the suit to the other and they both walked to the register, Siwon paying for the suits and masks and carrying the bag back to the car as he and HyukJae walked side by side. The two got into the car and drove off to the cafe, both smiling and chatting about how they expect the dance to go. Once they parked infront of the cafe they had gotten out of the car and walked inside, Siwon holding the door open for HyukJae before heading in behind him.

A waiter walked them to a small booth beside the window that revealed the people wondering the streets of Seoul. They ordered their coffees and continued to chat, the sound of everyone and everything else being completely blocked out from their ears. HyukJae felt his phone begin to vibrate inside his pants pocket and he quickly took it out. He read the text on the screen which said,

"From: Heechul Hyung ^o^v

how is the date? ;)

Sent : October 29th,  07:12 p.m."

He quickly tapped in his answer, reading it over, "amazing! we r @ that cafe downtown. txt u later," and hitting send, shoving his phone back into his pocket.

"So do you think I should get double eyelids?" HyukJae asked curiously, taking a careful sip from his hot coffee. Siwon looked at him as if he was crazy to ever ask the question, replying, "Why would you ever want that?" The blonde shrugged slightly and looked down at his hands which were fiddling with the coffee mug. "I've been told that it will make my eyes look bigger, better." 

"There's no way your eyes will be able to look better when they are perfect already. Don't second guess yourself, you are.. flawless," Siwon said confidently as his words caused HyukJae to blush lightly and say quietly, "Thanks." He then glanced over toward a small beige wooden floored stage that had a stool sitting ontop along with a micstand infront of the stool. He blinked and looked at Siwon asking, "Is that kareoke?" 

Siwon turned and looked at the stage and said, "I guess so." The blonde then looked at the other and smiled, poking his arm and challenging him as he said, "Go sing Siwon~ Please, for me?" Siwon looked at HyukJae who was giving puppy dog eyes, making him melt slightly for the adorableness. He sighed and smiled, replying," Okay, but only because you asked." He got out of the booth and headed toward the stage, picking up the microphone and speaking softly into it.

"Ah, hello, this song is for someone very special," he glanced over toward HyukJae and winked, making him laugh softly. Siwon turned toward a laptop which sat ontop of a few speakers, choosing a song and sitting down on the stool as the music began. He tapped his foot to the beat, waiting for his time to sing and kept his gaze at HyukJae who was looking right back at him. He then opened his mouth and began to sing as his eyes closed,

"When I see you my heart skips a beat

I'm getting ready to tell you have I feel

It's my good fortune to have met you and like this I get deeper into it

I want you who is like cotton candy to fall in love with me, and end my one sided love

My love, you're really beautiful

And like this, my heart doesn't even have the time to tremble

Once again, today my heart's a midnight fantasy

What should I do for us to be closer?

Will appearing infront of your eyes often do?

And like this, once again today's a midnight fantasy


Even if you have a lover you're looking at me, who's always noticing you

You and I

The day you laughed I fell in love with you

I want you to stay by my side, I say

It's alright to notice you

That way, you will know through my hints

It's okay even if you have someone else

Even if I'm bitter about it, I like it

I know that I will be hurt too

Yes, I'm already deeply in love

The first time I saw you, that very moment

Don't know for how long has the time that followed passed too

Everyday and night my heart's a midnight fantasy


Even if you have a lover you're looking at me, who's always noticing you

You and I

The day you laughed I fell in love with you

I want you to stay by my side, I say

It's alright to notice you

That way, you will know through my hints

It's okay even if you have someone else

Even if I'm bitter about it, I like it

I know that I will be hurt too

Yes, I'm already deeply in love

My love grows like this

Even if it takes a toll on me, I won't change

It's alright to notice you

That way, you will know through my hints

It's okay even if you have someone else

Even if I'm bitter about it, I like it

I know that I will be hurt too

Yes, I'm already deeply in love

Gone too deep into it, I'm unable to escape

It's the first time that I'm acting like that too, this is love

Even if time leaves, whatever that happens

I am willing to sacrifice myself just to protect you

I want to have a dream of us being together forever

Now my heart is with you"

HyukJae's eyes were glued to Siwon as he sang, swooning at the sound of his voice but then he felt something grab his shoulder. He quickly spun around, wide eyed, to see who it was only to see a panting Donghae. HyukJae's mouth hung open and stared at him, the tips of his hair wet from the sweat which he could see a drop run down the side of his face. His hair was messed up, strands thrown everywhere over the brown canvas. "D-Donghae?"

A/N: Sorry for suck a long wait > < And sorry this is such a long chapter and if there are any typos, it is very late and I will check it over later. More cliff hangers~! 

P.S. This is what HyukJae looks like today~

You're Gonna Be Mine: Chapter 9
super junior, ryeowook

HyukJae groaned in pain as he walked around holding his bottom with one hand and his other balled into a fist. After a wonderful night with the man who he had dreamed of being with for years, came a horrible morning. He woke up in his bed alone while he had hoped to wake up beside Donghae like in one of those movies where everything is so perfect and romantic, but since his life is no where near a romance movie he got to wake up alone with a sore ass and the urge to punch someone. 

'I go through all that just to get left alone like a fucking toy. God damnit I should of known I was no different from every other person he just fucked for fun.' Hyukjae thought to himself, growling as he marched through the hallways and into the classroom. All the students were gathered into separate circles, chatting amongst themselves. HyukJae looked around the room when suddenly Siwon appeared infront of him, causing him to jump slightly. He looked at Siwon who had an apologetic look in his face as he said, "Hey are you okay? I'm so sorry about yesterday."
"You damn well better be. First you like try to eat my face and then you lie about being the one who saved me? What kind of guy are you?" HyukJae snapped back, glaring at the man infront of him. Siwon's eyes widened in surprise, noticing the irritation in HyukJae's voice and replying, "What are you talking about?" 
The boy scoffed and looked away, smiling in disbelief but the smile quickly faded when he turned his gaze back to Siwon. "I know it's Donghae who saved me the other day. I know you pushed him away and then took the credit."
"HyukJae I-"
"Everyone sit down, class is starting," the teacher called out just as Siwon began to speak, cutting him off. HyukJae just looked at him and shook his head, giving a final reply of, "Find another date to the dance." And with that he walked to his seat, sitting down and staying silent through out the whole class, not even giving a glance to the other boy. 
After making it past the next few periods it was finally lunch time. but instead of sitting at his usual table he sat with Heechul, Hangeng, Leeteuk, and Yesung, far far away from Donghae or Siwon. 
"Wow Eunhyuk I can't believe you almost drowned yesterday," Hangeng said, immediately noticing that the red haired boy was sad, yet figuring that it must of been what had happened with the swimming competition. HyukJae simply nodded and gave a quiet, "Yeah."
Heechul watched as his friend sat there looking angry and sad, not eating his food at all. He then grabbed the boy's hand and said, "Come on let's go to the bathroom Hyuk." HyukJae groaned, not wanting to go but got up anyway, following Heechul to the bathroom. 
Once in the bathroom Heechul checked all the stalls to make sure they were alone and then asked, "What happened?" 
HyukJae sighed softly and replied, "I'm just tired hyung," but that didn't fool Heechul for a second. 
"Did something happen with Donghae or something?" HyukJae's eyes widened when he heard Donghae's name and then tears were brought to his eyes.
"Ah, why am I crying? Haha I must have something in my eyes," he stood still as the tears fell down his cheeks. Why was he crying? Why is it that at the small mention of Donghae's name, he suddenly wanted to cry? Is it because after all this time of giving his trust to the other, he was just used? Donghae got what he wanted out of him since the beginning. He had won the game. 
HyukJae quickly clung to Heechul with a  tight grip, burying his face into the other's neck and sobbing. Heechul frowned and rubbed his back as he hugged his friend back tightly.
"H-He finally d-did it hyung..," he said between sobs, "He won this fucking game of his. He has sex with me and then left me there and hasn't even said a word to me. How could I of been so foolish hyung? "
Heechul opened his mouth to speak but then the bathroom door opened and Hangeng's voice calling out, "Heechul they want you in the office." The older teen let out a sigh and let go of HyukJae, ruffling his hair gently and saying, "I'll be back."
He walked out of the bathroom with Hangeng, leaving HyukJae there to stand there with his tears and wretched thoughts. HyukJae walked to the sink and gripped the sides, looking at himself in the mirror as a single tear ran down his pink cheek. His red hair was messy from the lack of care he gave to his appearance today. He was wearing his usual tight clothes but there was no eyeliner on his eyes, nothing but his natural features. HyukJae pressed one hand against the mirror and hung his head, letting his tears fall into the sink.
The door opened slowly and HyukJae's head snapped up, looking at the figure that stood infront of it. 
Donghae made his way over to HyukJae and looked into his eyes, his expression soft and caring. He raised his hand to caress the other's hair but the boy flinched and stumbled backward.
"Don't talk to me.. Don't come near me.. Don't even say my name."
Donghae's eyes went large as he stared at the other who was pushing himself up against the wall as if Donghae was going to hurt him. He opened his mouth to speak but HyukJae then continued,
"Did you enjoy toying with me? Did you enjoy fucking me up so much that I actually believed you loved me? Or was it just the fucking you enjoyed?" HyukJae held himself as he trembled and tears raced down his cheeks, the emotions being too much for him to handle. 
Donghae stared dumbfounded at the boy, not knowing what to think of his words. The red haired boy then pushed himself off the wall and speed walked past Donghae, but the brunette quickly grabbed his wrist and made HyukJae look at him. "What are you talking about?"
"You're really going to play dumb? You left me last night and ran off, or do you not remember because you were busy fucking some else too? You know you really are a good actor, you actually got me to believe that you loved me. And Siwon may be an asshole too, but it looks like he's the only asshole who gives a shit about me!" He ripped his wrist away from Donghae's hand, rage filling his eyes. Donghae then grabbed HyukJae by his shoulder and pulled him into a tight hug, not letting go and talking in a low voice, "Listen to me it's not what you think."
The younger boy struggled to push him off, pushing at his chest and saying, "Like hell it's not! Just leave me the hell alone!" With a final shove he got Donghae off of him, giving him an opportunity to run out of the bathroom just as the bell rang for the students to return to class. He ran into the crowd and far from the cafeteria, far enough that when Donghae came from the bathroom HyukJae was no where in sight. He cursed under his breath and followed the students to their classes.
As time past it soon became the last class period of the day, which would be an amazing relief to HyukJae if he didn't have Siwon and Donghae in the class with him. He could feel Donghae staring at him from behind and Siwon glancing at him from time to time. He tried his best to ignore the two by keeping his head down, hair covering his face as he doodled in his notebook. 
"Does anyone have any questions?" The teacher asked as he gazed over the class. One hand rose and the teacher pointed at the person who the hand belonged to, nodding to tell them to speak.
"I wanted to know, is there any chance Eunhyuk will forgive me?"
HyukJae turned his head to see that the person who had rose their hand was Siwon. He was looking forward at the teacher though he knew the boy was looking at him. Their teacher looked at him confused so Siwon continued, "You see I really like him and I think I messed up any chance I had with him. I hadn't realized yet that he isn't at all what he seems, he is infact very delicate and fragile. He needs to be loved and cherished."
A scoff and a chuckled emerged from the silence as a voice said, "Kiss ass." 
All of the student's eyes widened and gasps were made as they looked at Donghae who was grinning and leaning back in his seat. Siwon paid no attention to him, but only turned to HyukJae and looked at him, talking in a soft voice.
"Eunhyuk," he slowly brushed some of the boy's hair out of his face and behind his ear, exposing the side of his face. Siwon did not force HyukJae to look at him, not even to aknowlege that he was there, but the fact that he knew HyukJae could still hear him was all he needed. He then moved over to kneel infront of HyukJae's desk, looking at him with pleading eyes and continuing, "Will you forgive me?"
All eyed were on the two, breaths being held and anticipation filling the air; even the teacher was watching in wonder. The red haired boy slowly turned his face to look at Siwon and looked in his eyes, thinking about his reply but his thoughts were quickly interrupted by Donghae shouting, "Are you kidding me!? You can't seriously forgive him."
He walked over to the two and growled at Siwon who slowly stood and glared at Donghae, giving a reply of, "And why should you be forgiven Donghae? For toying with him? You are a playboy who can't even realize when you need to stop and look at the damage you do." The brunette stuffed his hands into his pockets and grinned, "You act like your so amazing Siwon when I bet you had the same exact intentions as you're pinning on me. I may of been a play boy but maybe you should stop and realize who he loves more. You or me?"
Siwon then began to get angry, he  had no intentions of playing with HyukJae like Donghae did since the very beginning. He wanted to be the one to show him that he could love HyukJae right. Just as he was about to make his comeback, HyukJae stood up quickly, saying no words but walking quickly to the door and leaving the classroom.
"God damnit," Siwon cursed under his breath, watching as HyukJae left the room. He quickly turned his gaze back to Donghae and said, "This isn't over," and ran out after HyukJae. Donghae stood there, trying to keep his cool but soon kicking over one of the desks and clenching his hands into fists. 
"HyukJae wait! HyukJae!" Siwon ran down the hallway to the other who just kept walking fastly, not having the energy to run. Siwon quickly ran infront of the boy and pulled him into a gently yet secure embrace, holding him close.
"I'm sorry.. I lost my temper..Please listen to my words. I guess I really have to explain this all..," Siwon let out a soft breath and then looked at HyukJae he kept his head down.
"HyukJae I truly do love you, I want to show you that you can have real love. You can be your normal self and not..this. This isn't you and I know that because, even though you might not remember me I remember you. I went to preschool with you and while you watched that guy from afar, I watched you from afar. That day when Donghae pushed you down and called you names.. I was there. I came and helped you up, and from that day on I protected you. You might not remember but I do, I remember it every single day. Ever since then I only thought about you, the boy with the caramel brown hair who had a smile like no other. I wanted to love you..I still want to love you. I want to be the one you count on and look forward to seeing everyday. I want to be the one who gets to hold and kiss you because I can because I love you. I'm not asking you to be mine just yet because I can tell you're in no state for it. All I am asking for right now is your forgiveness." 
The red haired boy slowly raised his head and looked at the other, tears running down his cheeks as he hugged Siwon tightly. Siwon smiled softly and he hugged the boy tighter,closing his eyes and enjoying the moment. He would be the one to show HyukJae true love. He was sure of it.

Friends With Benefits Chapter 1: The Office
super junior, ryeowook

The sound of phones ringing and people chattering filled the busy office as Hyukjae typed up a memo. He stared at the screen with his black framed glasses on and work attire, a white shirt, black tie, and black pants. His slender fingers danced around the keyboard as he watched the letters pop up on the screen as he hit them. Hyukjae had worked hard for his job as the boss's assistant, always on time, doing what he had been told, and he kissed a little ass but it's what got him a good paying job. He was completely focused in what he was doing until a voice broke through his attempt at not stopping. 

"Hyukjae I need these on my desk by tomorrow," his boss dropped 4 thick folders of paper work onto the blonde's desk and he sighed heavily but giving the only reply he could ever give.

"Yes sir."

Looks like I'm staying late again..



Hyukjae was filling out his 4th and final folder of paper work, only a few more pages and he would be done. He glanced out the window and saw that it was bitch black outside. Not a soul around the office and the only noises that ever came were from Hyukjae's belly that begged for food. This had not been the first time that Hyukjae was the only one who had to stay after work and fill out with most stupid forms he had ever seen in his life. There were papers for his boss's medication, what the hell was Hyukjae going to do with these? How would he know what his boss is allergic to and what medications he took? Yet another sigh emitted from his lips as he wrote on the papers.

'Rock in the clu-u-u-u-ub tonight, tonight

Rock, rock this city, rock rock this party, rock rock don't stop it.'

His phone vibrated and rang suddenly, causing Hyukjae to jump slightly. He looked at the caller ID and it read 'Donghae' which made him smile a little as he pressed answer on his screen.

"Hello?" He said as he pressed his white iPhone against his cheek, trying to keep writing on the papers. 

"Are you at the office again?" Hyukjae nodded even though he knew Donghae couldn't see him nodding through the phone, and he said, "Yeah my boss gave me more work again. Why?"

"I'm coming over there now," Donghae said and Hyukjae could have sworn he growled a little as he said that.

"Whoa, wait, why?" Hyukjae scanned his desk in confusion, but then his eyes went wide and his cheeks went red when he heard Donghae say, "I think it's about time we started our deal now 'cause I'm fucking horny. I'll be there in 20 seconds."

"No! Hae wait a sec--" Hyukjae could not finish his sentence because Donghae had hung up. He cursed under his breath and jumped up from his seat, scrambling. What was he suppose to do? Should he just sit here and wait or should he be standing? Maybe in some sexy pose? Should he have his glasses on? All these thoughts raced through Hyukjae's head as he paced around nervously until he heard the door open, close, and lock. 

He looked up at Donghae who made his way past the desks and cubical in the office and to the blonde boy. 

"God you look fucking sexy with glasses on," Donghae growled in want as he cornered Hyukjae, putting both arms on either side of him and attacking his neck with kisses and bites.

"Aah.. D-Donghae w-wait," he moaned as he felt Donghae begin to suck on his neck harshly, not wanting to stop as his hands ripped Hyukjae's shirt open. "Donghae!" He shouted in surprise, feeling the cold air hit against his skin, causing him to shiver. 

"H-Hae I have to put the folders aaah.. o-on my..mm.. boss's desk, hold on," Hyukjae tried to speak inbetween his pants and moans, and Donghae slowly stopped sucking on the other's neck and looked at the big dark wood desk in a big office just across from Hyukjae's

"I have a better idea," Donghae grinned wide and threw Hyukjae over his shoulder, carrying him into the boss's office. The blonde haired boy was caught off guard and then began to struggled as he said, "Hae no! Not in my boss's office!"

"Aww come on Hyukkie," Donghae set him down on his feet gently, cornering him yet again and having his arms blocking any place to escape from. He run his hand up Hyukjae's shirt and his grin only grew wider, seeing his friend squirm and moan as he pinched the other's nipple. "W-Well tell me aah.. More about you s-sexually Hae."

"Sometimes I sneeze when I cum."

Hyukjae stared at his friend with a complete, "WTF," look and Donghae pouted. "Shut uup. It's only sometimes.."

"Oh come on Hae you have to be kidding me. You don't seriously sneeze, right?" Hyukjae smiled big and laughs a little as he talked. Donghae growled and pinched the other's nipple harshly and bit his neck, causing Hyukjae to yelp and Donghae to chuckle. He took off Hyukjae's glasses and their lips crushed against eachother for a hot, rough kiss. Hae licked Hyukjae's bottom lip, asking for entrance but the other wouldn't part his lips. Donghae then bit down on his friend's lip, making him moan and giving Donghae the opportunity to slip his tongue into Hyukjae's mouth. 

"M-Mmn," Hyukjae moaned and their tongue met in a battle of wrestling, Donghae's tongue dominating and pushing against Hyukjae's. He soon gave into his brunette haired friend and let him explore his mouth, letting him taste Hyukjae's sweet taste as his knee went between the blonde's legs and prodded against his crotch.

"Nghh!" He moaned and slowly began to move his hips, creating more friction against his crotch and Donghae's leg. Donghae slipped Hyukjae's shirt off of his shoulders and down to the floor and pushed his pants and briefs down with one tug. He stared at his friends erected cock which throbbed from not being touched directly. Hyukjae's cheeks turned crimson red and he lightly pushed at Donghae's chest.

"Stop staring.. A-And you strip too! I don't want to be the only one naked one!" He demanded, pulling at Donghae's clothes to take them off. His friend chuckled at him and took off his shirt, exposing his godly built body and his muscles that flexed with every little movement. Donghae noticed his friend's stare, he then smirked and said, "You want to do me the honors with these?" Donghae looked down at his pants and Hyukjae slowly approached him, undoing the button and zipper and then pulling down his pants and briefs, exposing his large, hard, thick, cock.

The blonde boy's eyes went big and he looked at his friend's length, and realizing it is the biggest one he has ever seen."Oh fuck Hae there is no way that thing is going to fit." The brunette pecked Hyukjae's lips and whispers huskily into his ear,

"I'll make it fit in your tight ass." He turned Hyukjae around and grabbed his waist, staring at his perk ass. He grinned and began to massage his friend's cheeks, kneeding them in his hands and causing his friend to let out soft moans. Donghae guided his length to Hyukjae's hole and began to tease it, rubbing the head of his cock up and down against his friend's puckering hole. Hyukjae moaned and his whole body got tense, his muscles clinging to the tip of Donghae's length. 

Donghae leaned closer and bit down on Hyukjae's ear, whispering in a deep husky voice, "You ready for this Hyukkie?" And without any other warning Donghae shoved his cock into Hyukjae, pushing past that tight walls that clung to him. The thrust ripped a scream from Hyukjae's throat, his eyes widening and boy feeling a sharp pain. He dug his nails into the desk and Donghae tried to calm him by kissing his neck as he began to move his hips back and forth at a slow pace.

"Ahh.. D-Donghae..mmn..," Hyukjae moans began to progress, getting louder as Donghae's hips started to move quicker. He growled under his breath, the intense tightness and heat inside Hyukjae was unbearable and he wanted more. 

Lust has taken over the brunette and he began to pound into his friend, his length only growing larger inside the other. He then reached his hand around Hyukjae and began stroking his cock as his mouth attacked his neck, sucking and biting harshly. The thrusts only got harder and faster as he went deeper inside the blonde haired boy, his cock pistoning in an out of Hyukjae's perk ass. Hyukjae continued to make blissful moans as Donghae thrusted into his abused hole, feeling it press against sensitive spots that made him weak.

"Donghae! D-Donghae I'm gonna... A-Ah!" Hyukjae moaned as loud as he could until he came into Donghae's hand. His muscles began to spazz and tighten completely, causing Donghae to groan and slam in once more until he spilled his seed inside Hyukjae and sneezed softly; the tightness causing his cum to leak out and run down the blonde's thigh.

The two stood still, panting and sweating as the scent of sexy rolled off their bodies and filled the air. Donghae slowly pulled out of Hyukjae and hugged his waist, snuggling his back and smiling.

"I think this is gonna work out perfectly Hyukkie," Donghae mused and Hyukjae looked back at him, flashing his gummy smile. It had been far too long since he had actually gotten good sex and he was beginning to get very sexually frustrated. He had needed something, or rather someone, to relieve him of this heat he had felt for the longest time. He never though Donghae'd be the one to do it.

"Come on, let's go back to your place," Donghae winked and handed his friend his clothes as well as his own. They put on their clothes and fixed their hair as best they could. The brunette handed his friend the black framed glasses and said, "You look sexy with glasses on by the way. Very.. boner worthy." 

"Oh, ah, thanks you weirdo. And can I ask who the fuck sneezes when they cum?" Hyukjae stared at Donghae with look of disbelief. Donghae pouted and put a hand over his heart while saying, "Ow Hyuukkiie, that hurts." 

Hyukjae rolled his eyes and continued, "Whatever. Let's go you weirdo."


The next day


"Lee Hyukjae where are those papers I wanted!?"


"Aw shit."

TEASER: Friends With Benefits
super junior, ryeowook
    Soon to come: 

Friends With Benefits

Lee Donghae 
Lee HyukJae
Kim Ryeowook
Cho Kyuhyun
Choi Siwon
and others


"So we are only going to have sex right? No relationship just.. plan old sex."

"That's right, no feelings or anything. It's better like this right? That just means no tears or anything. Best part we'll still be best friends."

The two linked pinkies and the brunette grinned wide as the blonde haired boy smiled shyly at the other. These two boys were Lee Donghae and Lee Hyukjae, and they had just created a pact that would change their lives for the better or maybe for the worse. These two unlikely fellows had been best friends for over 10 years, always being by each other's sides but on this hot summer day Donghae had suggested something a bit odd. 

-20 Minutes Ago-
"Yah! Hyukkie!" Donghae called as knocked on his friend's door impatiently. Once the door opened Donghae jumped on the other, wrapping on arm around Hyukjae's neck and grinning childishly. Hyukjae smiled back, flashing his gums as he did as seeing his best friend always brought him joy.

"Hey Donghae, come in, come in."

He let Donghae into his apartment and sat down on his couch, patting the seat next to him and Donghae followed suit.

"What is it you wanted to talk about Hae?" Hyukjae asked curiously, seeing as how his friend screamed over the phone to expect him and racing to his apartment. Donghae grin only grew wider and faced his best friend and looked at him in the eyes and said in the most serious tone, "I think we should be friends with benefits."

Hyukjae's eyes widened and stared at the other as if he was an alien, speaking some unknown language. He wasn't very sure what to say besides, "Lee Donghae, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Don't reject my idea so fast Hyukkie! Just think about it. I mean I just got out of a bad relationship, you just got out of a bad relationship and I know you don't like me like that and I don't like you like that so this is perfect!"

Hyukjae still stared at him, not knowing what exactly to say but seemed to find the best answer for this situation, "Are you fucking high?" Donghae rolled his eyes and stared back at Hyukjae and said flatly, "No I am not now would you just listen to me? I don't have time to go finding someone to just date and not even get some action with because they tell me that they wanna stay 'friends'. I mean we already know everything about each other and we have been friends for a long ass time so I don't think this will make us stop being friends. And plus we will still be friends! No tears, no drama, no shit!"

Hyukjae sat there for a moment to think and consider everything his friend just laid on the table, and to be honest it did make sense. He was just dumped the other day and they asked to still be friends, and there is no way in hell he is going to stay friends with that asshole. He glared at his friend and tried to make sure all the rules were understood , "
So we are only going to have sex right? No relationship just.. plain old sex."

Donghae nodded and said, "
That's right, no feelings or anything. It's better like this right? That just means no tears or anything. Best part we'll still be best friends," while he held up his pinkie, and Hyukjae did the same, wrapping their pinkies together. They smiled at each other and then Donghae suddenly pulled Hyukjae very close to him, their faces centimeters away.

"How about we seal this with a kiss?" He grinned wolfishly, moving in closer until their lips were pushed together in a sweet soft kiss.
What did I get myself into?
 A/N: Yes this is based off the movie "Friends With Benefits" With Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis! I watched it the other night and I thought it'd make a good part of a plot. This is just a teaser and if I get alot of comments with good things to say, I will make this story happen! Also this is HaeHyuk! Which means top!Hae so please be cautious of that~ So what do you guys think?  

You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 8
super junior, ryeowook
"I love you Hyukjae."

Those 4 words ran through Eunhyuk's mind over and over, hearing the sweet tone that they were spoken in. The way it felt to hear that Lee Donghae, the man he had been loving for years and years, had finally felt the same. And for once, it hadn't felt like a trick. To Eunhyuk his words felt true, they felt real. It was almost as if in this one instant, they were the only truth. The only thing to believe in.

"I love you too Donghae," Hyukjae whispered softly, eyes slowly looking into Donghae's, seeing the intensity they held. Donghae looked back into the other's eyes and then leaned forward, capturing the blonde's plump luscious lips in another sweet deep kiss. Donghae slid his arms under Hyukjae’s legs and one behind his back, picking him up and carrying him blindly as they kissed.

Eunhyuk knew what he was looking for so he said into the kiss, “Upstairs, second door on the left.”

Donghae grinned as he walked up the stairs and into a medium sized room, posters filling up one of the walls. He walked toward the queen sized bed and dropped Eunhyuk onto the soft surface, making him let out a small, ‘Oof!’

The brunette slowly crawled on top of the blonde, hands running all over his chest and touching the delicately soft skin.

“Is this your first time Hyukkie?” Donghae whispered sensually into Hyukjae’s ear, causing him to groan as he nodded.

“Then I’ll make it extra special,” He grinned wolfishly and moved down to Eunhyuk’s neck, sucking on it hard. 


Eunhyuk moaned in pleasure as Donghae’s hand fondled every inch of his milky white skin. Fingers brushing against his now perky nippy and making Eunhyuk give a hot moan. Donghae paused for a moment as he registered the noise in his head and then all feeling went straight into his pants. 

He moved his lips down until they ghosted over Hyukjae’s nipple, slowly taking the sensitive skin into his mouth and sucking on it. His hands slipped into Hyukjae’s pants and grabbed a hold of the other’s length.

“Ahh.. N-No Donghae.. Haa..,” Eunhyuk moaned as he talked, feeling pleasure tingling all over his body. He’d never felt such pleasure in his life and he didn’t want it to end.

“Hyukkie, you may be saying no, but your body says yes. It screams, ‘Yes Donghae, fuck me I’m yours. All yours.’” Donghae pulled down the latter’s swimming trunks and sat up on his knees, staring at the perfect body that lay in front of him. Watching as the thin chest raises and falls as he pants in need and want. As his hands clutch the blankets as if he were preparing himself for what he longed for. The dark mark on his neck that stood out like a sore thumb compared to the pale flawless skin that surrounded it. And the sexy scent that came from the boy was…intoxicating. Donghae could feel his erection growing just at the sight.

He quickly stripped himself of his shirt, exposing the godly toned and muscular body. Donghae’s muscles flexed with every movement that he made. His fingers traced their way from Hyukjae’s stomach to his mouth, slowly sliding them in between the parted lips.

“Suck.” Donghae commanded and Eunhyuk did as he was told, licking and sucking on the long slender fingers. He watched as HyukJae sucked and licked his fingers, coating them with his delicious saliva. Donghae pulled them out of his mouth and then pushed one into his tight entrance slowly. 

“A-Ahh..!” Eunhyuk moaned, feeling a sharp pain as the finger stretched his virgin hole. Donghae wiggled and thrusted his finger in and out of the other, soon adding a second and moving them in a scissoring motion.

The brunette grinned in satisfaction as he watched Hyukjae squirm and moan by his hands. He pulled out the two fingers and quickly undid his pants, sliding them and his briefs off in one swift movement and Hyukjae's eyes went big at the sight infront of him. Donghae gave small strokes to his large throbbing cock, staring intensely at the other.

"D-Donghae there's no way that is going to fit..," Eunhyuk looked at him almost frightened, but Donghae tried to reassure him by leaving light kisses over his collar bone.

"It's okay, I'll be extra gentle," Donghae winked and grinned, positioning himself between Eunhyuk's legs, the head prodding his hole slightly. 

"Mnn..," he moaned but soon began to feel a sharp pain inside him as Donghae pushed inside him. 

"A-Ah! Donghae! You're too big-- Ahh!" He threw his head back as Donghae thrusted his length inside the other, feelings his hot insides clinging to him, causing him to groan. "F-Fuck you're tight," Donghae growled as he slowly started to move his hips back and forth, thrusting into Hyukjae gently. And though Donghae had tried his best to be gentle, Hyukjae's eyes still had tears welded up inside them as some ran down his cheeks, the pain being unbearable.

But suddenly Donghae angled himself and thrusted into a spot that sent chills up and down Eunhyuk's body.

"D-Donghae!" He cried as he felt all the pain disappear, pleasure filling every part of his body. The brunette moaned as he heard Eunhyuk say his name, his cock growing inside of the other and only making it feel more tight.

"That's right baby, fuck, say my name," Donghae growled and began to thrust in and out of Eunhyuk faster and rough, moving the other's legs so they were around his waist so he could move better. Eunhyuk moaned and his face flushed red, being embarrassed of even saying it the first few times.

Eunhyuk arches his back off of the bed and Donghae held his arched back, both of his thumbs rubbing the other's nipples and attacking his neck, sucking and biting everywhere. Eunhyuk moaned uncontrollably, feeling a hot tingling sensation all over his body, never wanting the pleasure to stop.

"Donghae! D-Donghae--Ahh! Donghae!" He screamed as he came onto their stomachs. Donghae groaned as he felt the other tighten around him completely and whispered, "Oh god..Just a little more."

He has lost control of himself and began to pound into the other, the hot tightness being too much for him to handle. His cock abused Hyukjae's insides, hitting every single sensitive spot he could find. Donghae finally reached his limit and groaned as his cum shot inside of Eunhyuk, still thrusting as he came and forcing some to leak out and drip down Eunhyuk's thigh.

Donghae slowly began to stop and hugged Eunhyuk's body, both of them sweating and panting hard. Donghae pulled his hips back slowly, pulling his limp cock of the other, earning a small moan.

He looked at Eunhyuk and smiled very wide, Eunhyuk having one of his signature gummy smiles across his face.

"I love you HyukJae."

"I love you Donghae."

You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 7
super junior, ryeowook

"Eunhyuk come on. We're gonna be late for the swimming competition!" 

"I'm coming Hangeng hyung! I just don't want to forget anything," Eunhyuk shouted to his friend who was just down the stairs. Hangeng had been waiting on Eunhyuk for the last 15 minutes, but he simply let out a soft sigh and smiled, not really minding. This was typical of Eunhyuk and he knew that, but they were best friends since Hyukjae had moved so the wait didn't bother him.

Hangeng remembers the first time he had seen Eunhyuk and he wasn't impressed at all. He personally was skepitcal about the boy. 

(Flash Back)

Hangeng sat on the bleachers beside the pool inside the school's gym. The whole swim team was all around him, chattering and talking about the auditions they were holding. They had seen many people who attempted to be the best, but none of them could do it. They were all just kids who thought they found something easy to do for some extra credit.  And Hangeng thought no different of Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk walked in with fiery red hair, wearing black skinny jeans with rips up and down them and black laced up combat boots on his feet. His shirt was tight against his skin, lining the slim figure that was slightly muscular. His eyes were lined with black eyeliner that was smudged and it gave him even more sex appeal. Hangeng gulped and stared at the boy up and down just as all the other boys did. But how could he help himself? The boy looked sexier than any person he'd ever seen.

Hangeng quickly regained and gathered himself. As sexy as he was, Eunhyuk was still a pretty face and why should he be any better than the others who came to try out? 

The coach told him to go change and he strutted past everyone else to the locker room, 20 pairs of eyes right on his ass. As soon as Eunhyuk was out of sight the swim team members quickly turned to eachother and talked about how sexy the boy was. Hangeng muttered in Chinese and ran his fingers through his hair.

A few minutes later Eunhyuk came back out with light blue swimming trunks on. They all watched as he stood at the edge of the pool, getting in position to dive in.

"And... GO!" The coach click his timer and Eunhyuk jumped right in. He swim quick and gracefully, the water just flowing behind him as he advanced to the other end of the large pool quickly. Hangeng watched in amazment as Hyukjae was able to swim so quick!

'He might even beat my t-' Hangengs thoughts were cut in by the coach who was in complete shock.

"32.3 seconds! That's a new record!" 

Eunhyuk pulled himself out of the pool with a big smile on his face, so big it showed his gum and perfectly straight and white teeth. 

"I think we can all agree Eunhyuk is on the team!" The coach patted him on the shoulder and Hangeng looked down and smiled to himself. For some reason, he was happy he was wrong. He got up and put a towel around Eunhyuk's shoulders and shook his hand.

"Welcome to the team. I'm Hangeng, the team captin."


Eunhyuk rushed down the stairs and smiled wide, "Alright! I'm ready." Hangeng smiled back and headed out of the house and to the school with the red headed boy.

As they walked they exchanged ideas on their homework and how the swim meet would go. Hangeng also asked about his situation with Donghae, seeing as how he had to see Donghae staring at Hyukjae very obviously from behind at lunch.

Eunhyuk told him about the day when Donghae had chased him down the streets of Seoul and how they kissed. He also spoke about Siwon, the charming man who is always seeming to pop up when Eunhyuk needs him to.

Hangeng listened closely, giving the best advice for Eunhyuk's situation as he could.


They soon arrived at the school and walked to the boy's locker room, getting changed and then heading out to the pool where there was an audience of fan girls, parents and fanboys. Eunhyuk scanned the faces and then noticed one in particular. The one with an amazing smile and dimples denting his cheeks.

Hangeng took notice and nudged Eunhyuk's side, nodding his head in Siwon's direction as if telling him to go talk to him. Eunhyuk smiled at his hyung and made his way over to the black haired man.

"Siwon-ssi! How did you know I was on the swim team?"

"A little birdy told me," Siwon smiled brightly at the other and continued, "I couldn't miss your first competition of the year anyways!" 

Suddenly something, or rather someone, wrapped their arms around Eunhyuk's waist from behind and whispered into his ear, "Hey Hyukkie baby~" 

Eunhyuk looked back at Donghae startled and smiled a little. "Hi Donghae."

Siwon glared at Donghae, and then took Eunhyuk's hand, pulling his gaze back to him. 

"You'll do great Eunhyuk," he smiled and planted a soft kiss on Eunhyuk's hand, looking up at him and giving him a charming smile.  Now it was Donghae's turn to glare and then he whispered in Eunhyuk's ear, "Me neither Hyukjae~" He let the name roll off his tongue and then kissed his cheek. 

"Alright, that's enough. Eunhyuk has some swimming to do, " Hangeng walked over and pulled Hyukjae away from the two, having a bit of annoyance in his voice. 

"A-Ah, bye!" He waved to the two and noticed Siwon looking at him with big startled eyes. Eunhyuk looked at him confused but he turned to his team as the coach began giving a speach. 

"You guys are going to do great. With our times, they can't beat us. Just stay focused and stay cool. Okay? Let's go!" The whole swim team got pumped and shouted in excitement, making Eunhyuk giggle to himself.

He was up first and with the encouragement of his team, he walked to the edge of the pool and got in position. He glanced over at the boy next to him and then took a deep breath. When they were given the signal they both jumped in and swam as quick as they could, Eunhyuk taking a far lead. He smiled in triumph as he neared the other end of the pool until something grabbed him by his ankle and pulled him under the water. Eunhyuk kicked his feet and tried to swim back to the surface but to no avail. He tried to hold his breath as long as he could but his lungs burned for the sweet savoir that was air but it never came. He tried to breath in but ended up inhaling water, his vision going black and going unconious. 


"Eunhyuk! Eunhyuk!" 

Hyukjae groaned as he was being shaken and yelled at, opening his eyes slowly and seeing blobs surrounding him everywhere. He suddenly felt something coming up his body and he rolled onto his side and coughed up water. He felt a hand rubbing his back and he slowly laid flat on his back again. 

When his vision cleared up he saw Siwon and Hangeng hovering over him, Siwon being soaking in water and his usually spiked black bangs now down and just above his eyes. Eunhyuk spoke in a soft hoarse voice, "S-Siwon..? Hyung..? What happened?"

"One of those bastards from PongDea High cheated and swam under you and drowned you," Hangeng growled and continued, "They were automaticlly disqualified and we won though."

Siwon quickly talked after Hangeng and said, "I jumped in and saved you. I gave you CPR and now here you are." Siwon gave Eunhyuk one of those mesmorizing charming smiles and Eunhyuk smiled back but he noticed Hangeng giving him an odd look. 

"Hyung? What's wr-"

"Hey! How about I take you home? You're in no condition to walk anyways," Siwon cut him off and winked, putting one arm under Eunhyuk's legs and another behind his back, holding him bridal style. Hyuk's cheeks slowly flushed pink and then he started to look around. He scanned the crowed for Donghae but couldn't find him,only seeing the team and fans and a very confused looking Hangeng.

Siwon began to walk out of the school gym and carried Eunhyuk home in his arms, both of them soaking wet.


"This one here is my house,"  the red haired boy pointed to a medium sized house. Flowers outlined te walk way up to the stone patio in the front of the house. Windows covering the outside of the white house and a blue door. 

He carried Eunhyuk inside the house and looked around.

"N-No one is home. My umma and appa come home around 6."

Siwon then looked at Eunhyuk and gently held his shoulders, looking at him straight in the eye.

"I knew it was you.."


"Hyukjae.. I knew it was you! I knew there was something fimiliar about you. I knew I had seen you some where. Hyukjae I've loved you since back then," Siwon leaned in to kiss Eunhyuk but he gently pushed at Siwon's chest to make him stop.

"What are you talking about Siwon? My name is Eunhyuk. A-And back when?" he tried to reason with the other but he knew Siwon knew otherwise. 

"Back in preschool! You were bullied and hurt by that Donghae and I helped you! Don't you remember? I comforted you. I love you Hyukjae," The taller boy moved his lips to Eunhyuk's neck and began to kis up and down it.

"S-Siwon stop."

He kept planting kisses all over Hyukjae's neck and slowly began to suck on the soft white skin.

"A-Ah S-Siwon stop!" Eunhyuk pushed him off and put a hand over where Siwon was sucking, his cheeks blushing dark red.

"Hyukjae I've loved you since preschool. It's been so many years after and you're still choosing that guy over me?! I can treat you right! I will cherish you..Come on Hyukjae..," Siwon slowly appraoched again and starting to kiss his neck. He wrapped his arms around Hyuk's waist, keeping a strong hold.

Eunhyuk knew this wasn't right.. This didn't feel right.. Or good. He pushed Siwon's chest again but he wouldn't budge.

"Siwon let go!"  He gave a shove at Siwon's chest and he stumbled backwards. When he regained his footing,  he looked at the red head who had tears in his eyes.


"Just go!" He pointed to the door and Siwon let himself out. 

Once he was gone Eunhyuk pushed himself back against a wall and sank to the floor, the tears slowly flowing out of his eyes. He felt violated.. He doesn't even remember Siwon, or anyone for that matter, even bothering to stick up for him in preschool. All he remembers is being called a freak.. 

Eunhyuk heard the door open and he shouted, "Go away Siwon! I told you to go!" 

He sat there and listened closesly and heard the door shut, foot steps approaching him. Eunhyuk didn't bother looking up and continued to cry.

"I'm not Siwon."

Eunhyuk froze and replayed the voice he had just heard in his head. The husky yet sweet tone..
He looked up from his downward gaze and up to the man infront of him.


When he looked up he saw Donghae, hair wet, clothes wet, everything. He had a defeated yet soothing look in his eye that made Eunhyuk's eyes widen.

"W-Why are you wet..?"

Donghae sat next to Eunhyuk and spoke softly, "You don't really think I didn't jump in and save you, do you?"

Eunhyuk blinked and then realized why Hangeng had looked so confused. Siwon lied.. He hadn't jumped in himself  and save Eunhyuk.. Donghae jumped in and saved him..And took the credit. 

"Why didn't you say anything?" Eunhyuk asked, thinking that usually Donghae would rush for credit for something like that. 

"I wanted to.. What happened was all of us saw you suddenly go underwater and not come up. So I ran and jumped in the water and kicked the other swimmer away. And then Siwon jumped in, and while I was carrying you, grabbed you and pushed me away. Then you came to after his CPR and..he got all the credit. Listen Hyukjae.. I know I've made my mistakes in the past. I was a child," Donghae looked at Hyuk, who was looking down. He gently placed his hand on Eunhyuk's chin and turned his head so they were face to face, looking into eachother's eyes.

"A child," he repeated and went on, "And the sad thing was I didn't know what I had till so many years later when you came back to me. I didn't know you were so cute and adorable and amazing and sexy as hell. I was 4 and all I saw was a boy who was in love with me but even after thinking about it for so long, I didn't want to admit I was too. Hell, all I've ever seen that day was gramcrackers and toys."

Eunhyuk laughed and Donghae gave him a full-hearted grin, his hand slowly sliding over from his chin to his cheek. He caressed the soft skin as it slowly turned pink.

"And I'm sorry it took me so long to realize it was you. You want to know the funny thing? I've dated alot of people. Like alot. Like alot alot."

Hyuk rolled his eyes as if telling Donghae to move on with his statement and Donghae chuckled, continuing to talk in a soft calm voice.

"But I've never had to work like you've made me work. Everyone I asked out before made it so easy. And I kinda realized.. They were with me because I'm god damn sexy~ And because of my status and I did the same to them. And then you came along, looking all foxy and sexy and, let's face it, you stole my thunder. I tried doing the same to you that I did to the others, but the thing is..When you kept rejecting me over and over, I felt only more need to make you mine, and when I found out you were Hyukjae.. My heart stopped. That day I stood there when you ran away but then my heart suddenly pounded in my chest and told me, 'Go get him!' And so I did. And I'd never ever regret it. Not for anything."

Donghae kissed the other's cheek softly and continue to stare into his dark brown, chocolatey eyes. The eyes that he had longed to look into like this for the past month. The eyes who he wanted to be the only one to see the emotions they showed. 

He slowly leaned in toward the red head, slowly closing the distance between them as he pushed his thin lips against Eunhyuk's plump lucious ones. They slowly began to kiss in a way that Eunhyuk had never had before. Their kiss was slow, yet deep, yet soft and gentle. Their lips danced in perfect motion with eachother, slowly pressing against eachother more.

Donghae moved his other hand to Eunhyuk's unclaimed cheek and cupped them both, deepening the kiss in a way that gave Eunhyuk butterflies. They shared this sweet, loving kiss for what seemed like forever. Eunhyuk letting out quiet moans when Donghae gave a teasing nibble or lick to his bottom lip. He loved the way this felt and he never knew Donghae could make him feel this way. 

The brown haired boy slowly pulled back ever so slightly, their lips still barely touching and he whispered against the plump lips that he wanted to claim.

"I love you Hyukjae."

A/N: Sorry for the extremely late update! ;0; I had written this last week but then it all got erased and I worked so long on it and I just cried. > < Haha. Well I hope you enjoy. :D I thought it was high time Donghae got his shot.

I Promise Chapter 1 (You're Gonna Be Mine Side Story)
super junior, ryeowook
"Hi, do you have 'The Missing Girl'?" 

"I don't but the boy over there just checked it out."

Kyuhyung looked in the direction the librarian pointed, seeing a small boy with blonde hair smiling happily as he read the book that Kyuhyun had been searching for. He scanned the boy up and down from the blonde hair that was short on one side and longer on the other, to his white tennis shoes. He looks very cute and petite, like a fragile little doll that was pure enough to be an angel.

Kyuhyun grinned and made his way over to the small boy, stuffing his hands in his pockets and keeping cool. 

"Excuse me," Kyuhyun said smoothly.

The sitting boy blinked and looked away from his book and up at Kyuhyun, first with a cute curious expression, his mouth being open a little and his eyes wide and aware. Then a smile spread across his lips and he smiled brightly.

"Hello~" He chirped as he smiled happily, and Kyuhyun for some reason felt his heart skip a beat. His cheeks turned pink and flinched back just a little, and he looked away.

'God damn he's cute..'

Kyuhyun cleared his throat and looked back at the smaller man.

"Is that "The Missing Girl"?" Kyuhyun asked, though he had already seen the cover of the book which clearly read "The Missing Girl" but of course it was only polite to ask.

"A-Ah, yes it is. I-I'm sorry d-did you want it?" The boy frantically closed the book and rose to his feet. Kyuhyun chuckled and looked at him and said, "Calm down. You can keep the book but when you're done I'd like to have it." 

The blonde smiled. "Alright. But the author has some other great books if you want to see them," He said as he began walking into an isle of books. Kyu followed him, not paying attention to the words that came out of his mouth but the way his hips swang as he waked. How his uniform pants hugged his perfect ass in just the right way. 

Kyuhyun licked his lips hungrily, smirking as he watched and then quickly looked up when the blonde turned around and said, "So if you need any help finding one you can ask me, alright?" 

"Oh, what? Yeah alright. But there's something I need to ask."

"Yes?" He smiled wide and looked at the other.

"What's you're name?"

"Kim Ryeowook!" 

"Well Kim Ryeowook, do you promise to give me the book when you're done with it?"

"I promise!" He smiled earnestly.

Kyuhyun grinned wolfishly. 

"Then let's seal this promise." He walked toward the smaller boy and made him back into the wall, a frightened look in his big glossy eyes. Kyuhyun grabbed one of his wrists with one hand and the other took the blonde's chin and lifted it up. He then leaned forward and crashed his lips onto Ryeowook's harshly. 

Ryeowook's eyes widened and he froze and quickly gathered what was going on and tried to push Kyuhyun off but that only cause Kyuhyun to use more force. The blonde whimpered softly and soon gave in to the kiss. Their lips moved rough and hot against eachother and suddenly Kyuhyun's tongue slipped it's way into Ryeowook's mouth. 

The smaller boy moaned softly at the intruding tongue that was exploring his mouth. The sweet taste of Ryeo's mouth only made Kyuhyun rub his tongue around the other's mouth more, tasting him. He then moved his tongue from the roof of Ryeowook's mouth to against his tongue and wrapped it around the slick muscle.

Kyuhyun could feel tingles up his spine and his pants getting tighter when he heard cute soft moans coming from the other. He wanted more. He wanted to taste and feel more of this delicious boy. His instincts got the better of him and his hand slowly made it's way up Ryeowook's uniform shirt.

"N-Nn..!" He let out a soft cry and then Kyuhyun's hand rubbed the skin that hid under, making it's way up to the soft pink perky nipple. He took it between his fingers and rubbed it, earning moans from the other. 

Kyuhyun pulled his lips away and then pulled Ryeowook's shirt up until the skin was exposed and slowly took the sensitive pink skin into his mouth and sucked on it. 

"W-Wait--ahh..!" Ryeowook closed his eyes and breathed hot and soft, arching his back as Kyuhyun bit his nipple and then sucked harder. He then moved his lips, brushing them up the soft pale skin and moved to the blonde's neck and sucked on it. Moving his tongue on the skin as he sucked and made the other tremble.

He pulled his lips away and saw a very dark mark that stood out from the white milky skin that surrounded it. Kyuhyun grinned at the work he had done and then whispered in Ryeowook's ear.

"May I see your phone?"  

Ryeo moaned from the husky voice that whispered in his ear and then reached into his pocket and took out his phone and gave it to the other. Kyuhyun fiddled with the phone, quickly tapping the screen and having no problem figuring it out and then handed back the phone.

"I'll be sure to text you. You know. About the book," he winked and Ryeowook looked at him with a flushed face and nodded. 

"And just so you know, you're mine now," Kyuhyun quickly leaned in and kissed Ryeo's lips again and then pulled away and continued, "And so does everyone else~" He gave a wolfish grin and tapped the dark hickey on Ryeowook's neck.

The blonde's hand shot up and covered the spot and blushed dark red. 

"See ya around Ryeowook." 

Kyuhyun walked out of the library with a smile on his face and a boner in his pants.