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You're Gonna Be Mine: Chapter 9
super junior, ryeowook

HyukJae groaned in pain as he walked around holding his bottom with one hand and his other balled into a fist. After a wonderful night with the man who he had dreamed of being with for years, came a horrible morning. He woke up in his bed alone while he had hoped to wake up beside Donghae like in one of those movies where everything is so perfect and romantic, but since his life is no where near a romance movie he got to wake up alone with a sore ass and the urge to punch someone. 

'I go through all that just to get left alone like a fucking toy. God damnit I should of known I was no different from every other person he just fucked for fun.' Hyukjae thought to himself, growling as he marched through the hallways and into the classroom. All the students were gathered into separate circles, chatting amongst themselves. HyukJae looked around the room when suddenly Siwon appeared infront of him, causing him to jump slightly. He looked at Siwon who had an apologetic look in his face as he said, "Hey are you okay? I'm so sorry about yesterday."
"You damn well better be. First you like try to eat my face and then you lie about being the one who saved me? What kind of guy are you?" HyukJae snapped back, glaring at the man infront of him. Siwon's eyes widened in surprise, noticing the irritation in HyukJae's voice and replying, "What are you talking about?" 
The boy scoffed and looked away, smiling in disbelief but the smile quickly faded when he turned his gaze back to Siwon. "I know it's Donghae who saved me the other day. I know you pushed him away and then took the credit."
"HyukJae I-"
"Everyone sit down, class is starting," the teacher called out just as Siwon began to speak, cutting him off. HyukJae just looked at him and shook his head, giving a final reply of, "Find another date to the dance." And with that he walked to his seat, sitting down and staying silent through out the whole class, not even giving a glance to the other boy. 
After making it past the next few periods it was finally lunch time. but instead of sitting at his usual table he sat with Heechul, Hangeng, Leeteuk, and Yesung, far far away from Donghae or Siwon. 
"Wow Eunhyuk I can't believe you almost drowned yesterday," Hangeng said, immediately noticing that the red haired boy was sad, yet figuring that it must of been what had happened with the swimming competition. HyukJae simply nodded and gave a quiet, "Yeah."
Heechul watched as his friend sat there looking angry and sad, not eating his food at all. He then grabbed the boy's hand and said, "Come on let's go to the bathroom Hyuk." HyukJae groaned, not wanting to go but got up anyway, following Heechul to the bathroom. 
Once in the bathroom Heechul checked all the stalls to make sure they were alone and then asked, "What happened?" 
HyukJae sighed softly and replied, "I'm just tired hyung," but that didn't fool Heechul for a second. 
"Did something happen with Donghae or something?" HyukJae's eyes widened when he heard Donghae's name and then tears were brought to his eyes.
"Ah, why am I crying? Haha I must have something in my eyes," he stood still as the tears fell down his cheeks. Why was he crying? Why is it that at the small mention of Donghae's name, he suddenly wanted to cry? Is it because after all this time of giving his trust to the other, he was just used? Donghae got what he wanted out of him since the beginning. He had won the game. 
HyukJae quickly clung to Heechul with a  tight grip, burying his face into the other's neck and sobbing. Heechul frowned and rubbed his back as he hugged his friend back tightly.
"H-He finally d-did it hyung..," he said between sobs, "He won this fucking game of his. He has sex with me and then left me there and hasn't even said a word to me. How could I of been so foolish hyung? "
Heechul opened his mouth to speak but then the bathroom door opened and Hangeng's voice calling out, "Heechul they want you in the office." The older teen let out a sigh and let go of HyukJae, ruffling his hair gently and saying, "I'll be back."
He walked out of the bathroom with Hangeng, leaving HyukJae there to stand there with his tears and wretched thoughts. HyukJae walked to the sink and gripped the sides, looking at himself in the mirror as a single tear ran down his pink cheek. His red hair was messy from the lack of care he gave to his appearance today. He was wearing his usual tight clothes but there was no eyeliner on his eyes, nothing but his natural features. HyukJae pressed one hand against the mirror and hung his head, letting his tears fall into the sink.
The door opened slowly and HyukJae's head snapped up, looking at the figure that stood infront of it. 
Donghae made his way over to HyukJae and looked into his eyes, his expression soft and caring. He raised his hand to caress the other's hair but the boy flinched and stumbled backward.
"Don't talk to me.. Don't come near me.. Don't even say my name."
Donghae's eyes went large as he stared at the other who was pushing himself up against the wall as if Donghae was going to hurt him. He opened his mouth to speak but HyukJae then continued,
"Did you enjoy toying with me? Did you enjoy fucking me up so much that I actually believed you loved me? Or was it just the fucking you enjoyed?" HyukJae held himself as he trembled and tears raced down his cheeks, the emotions being too much for him to handle. 
Donghae stared dumbfounded at the boy, not knowing what to think of his words. The red haired boy then pushed himself off the wall and speed walked past Donghae, but the brunette quickly grabbed his wrist and made HyukJae look at him. "What are you talking about?"
"You're really going to play dumb? You left me last night and ran off, or do you not remember because you were busy fucking some else too? You know you really are a good actor, you actually got me to believe that you loved me. And Siwon may be an asshole too, but it looks like he's the only asshole who gives a shit about me!" He ripped his wrist away from Donghae's hand, rage filling his eyes. Donghae then grabbed HyukJae by his shoulder and pulled him into a tight hug, not letting go and talking in a low voice, "Listen to me it's not what you think."
The younger boy struggled to push him off, pushing at his chest and saying, "Like hell it's not! Just leave me the hell alone!" With a final shove he got Donghae off of him, giving him an opportunity to run out of the bathroom just as the bell rang for the students to return to class. He ran into the crowd and far from the cafeteria, far enough that when Donghae came from the bathroom HyukJae was no where in sight. He cursed under his breath and followed the students to their classes.
As time past it soon became the last class period of the day, which would be an amazing relief to HyukJae if he didn't have Siwon and Donghae in the class with him. He could feel Donghae staring at him from behind and Siwon glancing at him from time to time. He tried his best to ignore the two by keeping his head down, hair covering his face as he doodled in his notebook. 
"Does anyone have any questions?" The teacher asked as he gazed over the class. One hand rose and the teacher pointed at the person who the hand belonged to, nodding to tell them to speak.
"I wanted to know, is there any chance Eunhyuk will forgive me?"
HyukJae turned his head to see that the person who had rose their hand was Siwon. He was looking forward at the teacher though he knew the boy was looking at him. Their teacher looked at him confused so Siwon continued, "You see I really like him and I think I messed up any chance I had with him. I hadn't realized yet that he isn't at all what he seems, he is infact very delicate and fragile. He needs to be loved and cherished."
A scoff and a chuckled emerged from the silence as a voice said, "Kiss ass." 
All of the student's eyes widened and gasps were made as they looked at Donghae who was grinning and leaning back in his seat. Siwon paid no attention to him, but only turned to HyukJae and looked at him, talking in a soft voice.
"Eunhyuk," he slowly brushed some of the boy's hair out of his face and behind his ear, exposing the side of his face. Siwon did not force HyukJae to look at him, not even to aknowlege that he was there, but the fact that he knew HyukJae could still hear him was all he needed. He then moved over to kneel infront of HyukJae's desk, looking at him with pleading eyes and continuing, "Will you forgive me?"
All eyed were on the two, breaths being held and anticipation filling the air; even the teacher was watching in wonder. The red haired boy slowly turned his face to look at Siwon and looked in his eyes, thinking about his reply but his thoughts were quickly interrupted by Donghae shouting, "Are you kidding me!? You can't seriously forgive him."
He walked over to the two and growled at Siwon who slowly stood and glared at Donghae, giving a reply of, "And why should you be forgiven Donghae? For toying with him? You are a playboy who can't even realize when you need to stop and look at the damage you do." The brunette stuffed his hands into his pockets and grinned, "You act like your so amazing Siwon when I bet you had the same exact intentions as you're pinning on me. I may of been a play boy but maybe you should stop and realize who he loves more. You or me?"
Siwon then began to get angry, he  had no intentions of playing with HyukJae like Donghae did since the very beginning. He wanted to be the one to show him that he could love HyukJae right. Just as he was about to make his comeback, HyukJae stood up quickly, saying no words but walking quickly to the door and leaving the classroom.
"God damnit," Siwon cursed under his breath, watching as HyukJae left the room. He quickly turned his gaze back to Donghae and said, "This isn't over," and ran out after HyukJae. Donghae stood there, trying to keep his cool but soon kicking over one of the desks and clenching his hands into fists. 
"HyukJae wait! HyukJae!" Siwon ran down the hallway to the other who just kept walking fastly, not having the energy to run. Siwon quickly ran infront of the boy and pulled him into a gently yet secure embrace, holding him close.
"I'm sorry.. I lost my temper..Please listen to my words. I guess I really have to explain this all..," Siwon let out a soft breath and then looked at HyukJae he kept his head down.
"HyukJae I truly do love you, I want to show you that you can have real love. You can be your normal self and not..this. This isn't you and I know that because, even though you might not remember me I remember you. I went to preschool with you and while you watched that guy from afar, I watched you from afar. That day when Donghae pushed you down and called you names.. I was there. I came and helped you up, and from that day on I protected you. You might not remember but I do, I remember it every single day. Ever since then I only thought about you, the boy with the caramel brown hair who had a smile like no other. I wanted to love you..I still want to love you. I want to be the one you count on and look forward to seeing everyday. I want to be the one who gets to hold and kiss you because I can because I love you. I'm not asking you to be mine just yet because I can tell you're in no state for it. All I am asking for right now is your forgiveness." 
The red haired boy slowly raised his head and looked at the other, tears running down his cheeks as he hugged Siwon tightly. Siwon smiled softly and he hugged the boy tighter,closing his eyes and enjoying the moment. He would be the one to show HyukJae true love. He was sure of it.

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yah!! hae !!!! you pabo!! why are you not explaining things!!!
so siwon was in love with hyuk since a long time ago...he shouldn't have stayed silent!!
now til=me for hae to man up and claim his hyukkie!! whatever it costs

Oh no Hae. What have you done! You better win back Hyuk!
Can't wait for the next update :)


hae should do something now.....even though hyukie loves him, but hyukie can change his feeling anytime when siwon keep pushing hyukie......with siwon always treat hyukie nicely and protect him, guess hae's chance to get together with hyukie can't be success.....thanks for sharing.....anticipate on the next update....

Donghae you asdfghjklsdfghjak!!! stop being a jerk!
you maybe the person Hyukjae loves but you don't deserve him yet! you're lacking of effort! and Hyukjae worth a damn fight! he's the best thing you could ever had!!
oh how much i love Siwon for treasuring Hyukjae like that T.T he found the beauty of him from the beginning...
can't wait for what will be next~~ and Donghae better have a veeeerry nice explaination of this!
thank you <3

I hope Hae didn't leave Hyuk as Hyuk thinks. I'm hoping that Hae had a reason to leave early, but why doesn't Hae tell Hyuk the reason?! I guess he tried to but Hyuk cut him off but Hae could have tried again.

While I'm not thrilled with Siwon, he does make these romantic gestures that Hae doesn't do. Maybe because Hae was always a playboy and girls always threw themselves at Hae so he never had to make romantic gestures. So I can see how Hyuk would be swayed to forgive Siwon and maybe even try opening his heart for Siwon. And even though what Siwon did was wrong taking the credit for saving Hyuk, you can tell that Siwon has loved Hyuk sincerely for a long time. I do feel sorry for Siwon for having a one-sided love for such a long time. It's like Siwon and Hyuk are the same: Siwon has loved Hyuk for all of these years without Hyuk noticing while Hyuk has loved Hae without Hae noticing. They should understand each other because they have been leading the same love life.

yeayyy...update (;
siwon surprised me with his move
& hyukkie seem like he's into siwon's word
better hurry hae,hyukkie might fall into
siwon's hand & he's so broken now & need
shoulder to cry on..
thanks for the update (^_^)

Hyuk, you should've let Hae explain!
Was surprised by what Siwon did O_o
/patiently waits for next~

That's quite an unexpected turn of events and tbh I don't know anymore who's lying and who's not... /frowning deeply
But it makes me more curious to find out more about this. Also I know Hyuk's hurt and all but if I'm allowed I'd like to give him a smack on his pretty head to help him calm down, and realize that it's not nice to yell at someone and accuse them of something w/o listening to what they have to say lol
Since I'm at it, I'll give one to Donghae too to teach him that you can't just disappear after having sex with someone without at least letting a note... /shakes head in exasperation while sighing
Well they're young so there's still things they need to learn... Hope they won't hurt themselves or others too much while trying...
Thank you for the udpate and sorry for the weird comment xD

omg i was waiting for an update on this story on your deviantart account! I so glad i found this! *tears of happiness*

Oh my I'm sorry about that > < I tried to leave notes saying I wasn't posting there anymore~ I'm glad you found me though!

Love it!!!! I just read all 9 chapter in a row, it was amazing! Please update soon, can't wait for the next chapter. ^^

Chapter 10 was just put up last night actually~!
Here is the link: http://thatswhyidid.livejournal.com/10631.html

omo...poor hae...

but he deserve it rite?

i hope hyukkie will hear hae's explanation...

tq for updating

babo..fishy why dont you say your side aishsshhhh

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