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Missing You

A/N: For the best effect please listen to the song: If It Means Alot To You by A Day To Remember.

Ryeowook laid in his bed, eyes fixed upon the ceiling above him, eyes never moving. Darkness filled his room to the brim except for a small lamp that sat ontop of a nightstand beside his bed. He was wearing a loose white v-neck t-shirt that laid against his small frame as well as blue fleece pajama pants. He glanced at his phone which lay beside him from time to time, one thought filling his head that he had been analyzing for the past half an hour. 

Suddenly a bright light broke through the darkness, calling to Ryeowook's attention. The young man rolled onto his side and looked at the light which was emitted from his phone, unlocking it and reading the text across the screen.

'From: Donghae <3 

hey darling. i hope ur good tonight. i miss u so much.

Sent: May 24th, 2012, 03:27 A.M.'

As he read the message, the sender began to fill his head even more. Donghae.. His one true love who was away in London, had been for the past months to further his career. At first Ryeowook had been optimistic about it, saying how it was good for his lover to go after what he wanted in life. That he should do everything he could to get true happiness and that it would bring him just that. But had he known that the other man would be gone for so long, he would of told him not to go. Not to leave him with such an empty heart that used to be filled with joy.

Donghae not being with him, it didn't feel right. Before the two had every met, Ryeowook had a streak of horrible partners, people who cheated, lied, and did what they wanted because he just didn't have the strength to oppose them. He would stay with them in the hopes things would get better that some how they would learn not to hurt the boy so bad but those were just hopes gone to waste. Once Ryeowook finally got the courage to leave them one after another, he began to lose hope that he would find anyone who would treat him right. That was until he met Donghae. Donghae had brought so much joy into Ryeowook's life, like an angel who had finally shown him the light.

Donghae who took care of Ryeowook when he was too sick to walk, who helped him paint his room when no one else would. Donghae who gave him his first true love. Now that same Donghae was far, far away and had sent him occasional texts but occasional was a generous word. The messages would come once a week at most and because of the time differences, they would be very late at night.

Ryeowooks eyes scanned the screen with a blank look in his eye, slowly typing in his reply but his thumb hovered over the send button. He read over his text over and over but quickly deleted what he had written and called Donghae's number, placing the phone to his ear as his heart beated hard in his chest.

As soon as the dial tone stopped, Ryeowook said softly, 'Hey sweetie, I need you here tonight..' He took a slow, shaky breath as he began to feel the emotions he had bottled up arise. He heard the voice from the other side began to say something but he softly said, 'Shh..,' and continued on, 'And I know that you don't want to be leaving me.. Yeah you want it, but I can't help it. I just feel complete when you're by my side.

A slow silence followed Ryeowook's words as they sunk in, a pain hitting both their hearts, as if connected by a string and was being tugged. He slowly began to speak, so very quiet but the words loud and clear to Ryeowook's ears which only wanted to hear the words his lover's lips spoke.

'Tell me something sweet to get me by..,' Ryeowook could hear the shakiness in Donghae's voice, how the words were not easy to speak, no words were. No words would bring any happiness to their lives which, without one another, were dull. The voice soon continued as it said, 'If you can wait till I get home, then I swear to you that we can make this last.. Then I swear come tomorrow this will all be in our past, well it might be for the best.

Ryeowook slowly began to shake his head and he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to prevent the tears from falling but they had already began to fall. The sweet words were far too good to believe. How would it ever be true? How could this last when he won't come back? Ryeowook doesn't want to tell him to come back but he has, he needs Donghae here with him. More than anything.

He bit his lip as the dears rolled down his soft cheeks, his voice raspy and soft, 'You know you can't give me what I need... And even though you mean so much to me, I can't wait through everything..'

'Is this really happening?' Donghae's voice whispered, heart break clear through his voice as he talked, voice getting subtly louder.

'I swear I'll never be happy again, and don't you dare say we can just be friends I'm not some boy that you can sway..!'

Ryeowook's tears fell faster and faster as he listened to his lover's words, the pain being too much to handle. He couldn't find the words to say but his heart forced words up his throat and out his lips:

'We knew it'd happen eventually!'

Ryeowook quickly sat up and threw his phone against the wall, the screen shattering and phone shutting off, dead for good. The young man cringed and curled into a ball, digging his finger nails into his knees as he cried, cried out his hopes, his dreams, his love. He gasped for air as his throat restricted, making it harder and harder to breath.

It was done. His love. His hope. All gone, wasted away to nothing because of one dumb decision. The overlooking of how his one true love being gone would a effect their lives. He had been with so many bad ones, to have someone like Donghae to find him and pick him up, was a gift. Now that gift was gone, gone forever. 

Ryeowook ran his fingers through his hair and gave it a tight grip, needing something to compete with the strong pain he felt in his heart but that was not even close. He clenched his teeth tight, choking on his sobs and cries, suddenly letting out a loud yell.

Just then his door was kicked down and he looked up with wide eyes filled with tears. There he stood. His light. His hope. His love. All that was just lost came rushing back to him. His Donghae stood there, but only for a moment until he ran to Ryeowook and took him into his arms in a very tight hug, as if it would be their last. Ryeowook clung to the other, arms wrapped around Donghae's neck, holding on as tight as he could. The tears now only came faster and faster, tears of joy but anguish, sadness yet happiness.

The older man looked into his love's eyes, the eyes he had been longing to see, and suddenly crashed his thin lips onto his plump pink ones. They kissed passionately, lovingly, giving all they had into the kiss as if communicating their undying love through it. Donghae slowly pulled back and whispered against Ryeowook's lips,

'If you can wait till I get home...Then I swear we can make this last..'

They laid down together, Ryeowook cuddled in Donghae's arms like he had longed to be as Donghae ran his finger's through the other's dark brown locks. He looked at every feature, every strand of hair, taking in the image that was Ryeowook. His Ryeowook He sang softly as he stared at his face, giving a soft kiss to his head,

'Now everybody's singing la, lalala, la, lala. '

Tags: fanfiction, haewook, pg
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