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Coffe, Cum, and Chocolate
super junior, ryeowook
NOTE: This was a request for if_rchanluvsj

“No Siwon..,” Yesung whispered softly as Siwon slowly ran his hand up Yesung’s bare chest. This wasn’t what Yesung had planed, but he still wasn’t willing to push Siwon away, because inside, he actually wanted this more then he had ever thought.

“Oh, you say no but your body screams yes, yes please Siwon, please fuck me,” Siwon replied seductively. He had tricked Yesung this whole time, and it all just started with a bump of shoulders and Yesung falling to the ground. That’s when Yesung fell for Siwon, at that strange moment. Yesung had just been walking on the streets of Seoul, his head down and gaze on his phone, not concerning himself with the many people walking around and behind him. He then bumped shoulders with someone, which ended up being too hard and made him fall down to the ground, phone falling a couple feet away. He looked up at the person who was to the side of him, desperately trying to pick him off the ground and apologizing franticly. As soon as Yesung was back on his feet, the man picked up his phone and handed it back to Yesung, still apologizing. This man was Siwon.

“I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” Siwon asked with a worried look in his eyes. Yesung was in awe to see such a hansom man in front of him, but he soon realized he needed to reply to this man to keep him from being any more frantic.

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine,” Yesung finally said, which seemed to put Siwon at a bit of ease.

“I’m Siwon,” he said as Yesung cleaned off the dirt on his pants. He then looked up with his eyes a bit wide, but then replied with a smile and said, “I’m Yesung.”

“Well Yesung, may I offer you a coffee? It’s the least I could do since I did just knock you down and, well, murdered your phone,” Siwon offered looking down at the phone that now had scratches and some chips on it.

“Ah, it’s fi-,” Yesung began but Siwon quickly cut him before there was time to reject the idea.

“I insist,” he urged. Yesung then sighed and gave in, figuring it would be rude to refuse. He walked with Siwon to Le Caffeine, which was said, by Siwon, to have the best coffee, and once they had gotten their coffee, Yesung knew Siwon wasn’t lying. They conversed over their coffee and neither seemed to want to run out of it, or else they feared their time together would end.

“Excuse me for a little, I’m going to go to the bathroom,” Yesung said with a smile as he got up from his seat. Siwon nodded and smiled back at the other, watching as Yesung left for the bathroom, now was his chance.

Yesung looked at himself in the mirror, face bright red thinking of Siwon and him having such a nice a polite conversation, it was all like a dream to him. Could he really be falling for Siwon? He returned to his seat after numerous thoughts about everything that had happened today. He sat down and received a smile from Siwon that just melted his heart. Yesung slowly smiled back and sipped his coffee lightly. He looked at Siwon with his large, dark, innocent eyes and smiled, he noticed he has been doing to more then usual. Was it Siwon or was it just the fact of having someone to talk to? Either way it didn’t matter to Yesung, all that mattered was what would happen next. He opened his mouth and began to say, “So where did you sa-,” but then his body pulsed, and he felt faint. His eyes widened and he held his chest, looking at Siwon with pleading eyes as Siwon just looked at him with a gleam in his eye and a grin on his face. Yesung’s vision then
went dark, all he could hear his head pound onto the table below him, and Siwon asking for a check.

When Yesung woke he was shirtless and in a dark room. He looked around seeing a bookshelf, desk, and what seemed to be blue walls but it was far too dark to tell. He sat up slowly, trying to recall what had just happened, only remembering that he was at Le Caffeine with Siwon, and then everything went dark.

“So you’re awake,” said a familiar voice coming from the doorway. Yesung quickly turned his gaze toward the voice only to witness Siwon in front of him shirtless as well. He was leaning against the left side of the door frame, and for some reason, Yesung felt more ease then suspicion when he saw Siwon.

“Siwon, what happened?” He asked, trying to get up but his body refused to move. He looked to his sides, seeing that his hands were tied to the side of the bed. Siwon chuckled lowly and walked over to the clueless man on the bed, not realizing how venerable he was.

“Oh nothing, you just passed out at the café,” he replied, sounding sarcastic when he said ‘passed out’. Yesung raise an eyebrow and decided to question him. “Why am I ti-,” he was cut off by Siwon’s lips crushing his. Yesung pulled away quickly, deep inside not really wanting to resist, and Siwon refused to let him get away so quickly. He pushed his lips back on Yesung’s and made him fall back onto the bed with Siwon on top of him. And that all led up to where they were, Siwon teasingly trying to convince Yesung that this is all he wanted. Siwon ran his hand all over Yesung’s chest, teasingly caressing his nipple with one hand and the other rubbing his bulge that seemed to grow quickly. Siwon wasted no time undressing Yesung, his tanned body seemed to glow even in this light. Siwon began to get horny, but there was no time to waste. He reached under his bed and pulled out a jar of liquid chocolate. Yesung raised an eyebrow, wondering
what he would do with that, but he was too dazed to think about it. Siwon took off the top of the jar and dipped his fingers into the warm liquid and slowly ran it over Yesung’s skin, licking what was left off of his fingers. He then poured some of the chocolate on Yesung, running it from his collar bone to his hips. Siwon lowered his head and ran his tongue over the liquid and skin, leaving traces of saliva over Yesung’s chest, sweet taste of Yesung reining over the chocolate and Siwon only wanted more. He then dipped his fingers back in the chocolate and smiled as it dripped down from Siwon’s long slender fingers to Yesung’s bare chest. Siwon put the chocolate coated fingers inside Yesung’s mouth and commanded him to suck them. Yesung did as he had been told and sucked on Siwon’s fingers, licking the delicious substance off of them with his tongue. As Yesung did this, Siwon poured some chocolate on Yesung’s dick, swirling it to the tip.
He then lowered his head and began playfully flick his tongue at the head and he worked his way down to the base, licking the chocolate off slowly. Yesung moaned constantly as he licked Siwon’s fingers, putting his tongue all around them. He couldn’t believe how much he was enjoying this, seeing as how he had just met Siwon today. He almost forgot that Siwon had drugged him, took off his shirt, tied him to his bed, did god knows what to him, and is sucking Yesung with chocolate, but there wasn’t time to think about it. Siwon had his mouth completely around Yesung’s length and was moving quickly.

“Nnn… Siwon,” Yesung moaned, but ended up having sound a bit off because of Siwon’s fingers still roaming his mouth. He could feel the pre-cum forming on his head, but that was only for a short while when Siwon quickly licked it off. He felt his own cock began to beg to be set free from his pants, and let it feel the inside of Yesung. Siwon quickly finished off the job by going faster then ever before, causingYesung’s dick to pulse, sending cum into Siwon’s mouth. Yesung panted heavily as Siwon swallowed the cum in one go. Siwon then took off his pants and boxers, wasting no time, and poured chocolate all over his long thick cock, chocolate dripping onto his sheets. Yesung looked at Siwon’s dick and his face began to turn red, his own cock throbbing for more, body aching for Siwon to enter him. He teasingly rubbed the tip of his dick at Yesung’s entrance.

“Hmm…You seem so tight, yet so willing,” Siwon said teasingly, and every word was true. Yesung was very willing, if his hands weren’t tied down, he would have shoved it in himself.

“Siwon…..,” Yesung whispered with a soft sensual face that seemed to turn Siwon on so much that he couldn’t hold back. No matter how much he wanted to tease Yesung more, just that one word made him go crazy. He at that moment shoved his cock completely inside of Yesung, sending a moan of pain and pleasure out of Yesung. He thrusted in and out of Yesung repeatedly, making him let out the sweet sounds that drove Siwon crazy.

“S-Siwon…,” Yesung began to say. Siwon looked down at the other and raised an eyebrow, but lowered his head to Yesung’s ear.

“What is it?” Siwon asked while the rest of his body moved, rubbing in and on Yesung.

“My…..My hands..,” he begged softly. Siwon wondered why the sudden request had been asked, and he couldn’t help but think about it, wondering if he would run if set free.

“But wha-,” Siwon began to say, but Yesung cut him off quickly.

“Please…,” he said seductively.

“Fuck..,” Siwon did as he was asked and unbound his hands, once that was done Yesung immediately wrapped his arms around Siwon’s neck. His hands desperately trying to grasp something, moving franticly up and down Siwon’s body while his lips quickly found Siwon’s and their tongues met one another. Yesung took a bunch of Siwon’s hair in his hand, feeling dirty for doing something as simple as this, Siwon was probably the influence. Siwon pounded into Yesung as if his life depended on it, hitting his prostate with ever thrust, also sending surges of pleasure through Yesung. Siwon parted lips with Yesung and began to bite his neck, leaving little traces of blood, but quickly licked the blood away. As he did this Yesung gasped in pain, but the thrusting into him distracted him from it. Heavy breaths, moans, and bed creaks filled the soilen apartment with the noise it had been missing. Siwon was at his limit, he had been holding back for a little
but he couldn't any longer. He thrusted into Yesung acouple more times and let it all out, cum filling Yesung up. Siwon breathed heavily,as did Yesung, but Siwon wasn't done yet.

“You’re enjoying this so much, aren’t you Yesung? Even though you just met me today,” Siwon teased. Yesung’s face turned a little red with embarrassment, and he turned his head away from the other. Siwon grabbed Yesung’s chin and turned his face back, as the other hand took his wrists and pinned them above his head. He pulled out of Yesung and reached for his jar of chocolate. He opened Yesung’s mouth and poured the chocolate in and quickly lowered his mouth to the others, tasting Yesung and chocolate at the same time, and god damn, was the sensation amazing. Yesung couldn’t handle much more of this. He could feel his cock pushing up against Siwon, but who could blame him? This was all just too much to handle at one time. Siwon pouring chocolate into his mouth and then making out with him while eating the chocolate, and his body rubbing all over Yesung’s.

“Siwon!” Yesung cried into the other's mouth. Siwon pulled away and looked at him, then grinned, knowing just what he meant. Siwon used a free hand to rub Yesung’s dick, stroking it lightly at first but then getting harder, faster, and rougher as he went on. Yesung moaned uncontrollably, louder then he had ever thought he would. He then cam on Siwon’s hand and stomach, and watched at what Siwon would do next. Siwon took his hand that was covered in Yesung’s cum and licked it all, putting it in his mouth. He then poured the liquid chocolate into his mouth as well and then lowered back down and forced Yesung to open his mouth, allowing Siwon to share his chocolate cum mix. Yesung was forced to swallow this mix, tasting him self with a sweet taste to accompany it. Once he was done, Siwon flopped down besides Yesung who seemed lifeless. Yesung closed his eyes, and everything seemed to be peaceful.

Yesung woke to the morning sun shining bright from behind him. He rised and looked around the room seeing only drawers, a bookshelf, a desk, but no Siwon. Yesung began to feel a surge of sadness come over him. He decided to go into the kitchen after putting his boxers back on. Once in the kitchen he looked around, still no Siwon. He felt a tear roll down his cheeck as it fell to the floor. He looked in the fridge because he was hungry and he thought it might ease him a bit. While his head was inside of the fridge, he felt something grab his waist and pull him down to the floor, making him fall ontop of something, or rather, someone. Siwon. He let go of Yesung's waist, allowing him to turn around to face Siwon. Yesung's eyes began to tear up, as soon Siwon saw this, he widened his eye and began to move his hands as if to say 'calm down'.

"I..I thoght you...," Yesung studdered as tears fell down his checks that were red and hot. Siwon cupped his face and kissed him, which seemed to stop the tears. He pulled away and looked at Yesung, and then got a mischivious look in his eyes. He pushed Yesung down to the floor.

"You know.. I can think of some really great things we can do in this position," Siwon said as he began to kiss Yesung's neck. Yesung pushed him away which made Siwon raise in eyebrow in confusion.

"After my coffee."

A/N: Go to my request post if you have a request. :D

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Re: SPOT FOR if_rchanluvsj

omo...yay,,,!! thx!! sorry late...
*brb to read*

Re: SPOT FOR if_rchanluvsj

lol now,iam happy that i ask you a request,,,(make me want to ask again :D)


oh wow,,,the title was killed me,,,(just because the title omg) hehe,so siwon was had this plan before he "accidently bump of shoulders with ys" lol...
you know you change my opinion about chocolate forever...XD

and the end make me laugh...after my coffe...Xd


oh my fudge!!! this was hot and drool worthy ♥
siwon is such a devil in disguise keke
and yesung so wanted it keke.

u should post this in the yewon community when u have time ^^ http://community.livejournal.com/yewon_yongwonhi

Shiwon's kinky thoughts are insane.

this was way to perfect!
YeWon sex is just....Siwon and his fantasies!
but who could resist pure Yesung??
he's just perfection!
please write more!!!

SMUT! *flails around*

I liked this one xDD


*still regain my composure because my mind is totally roaming on your bloody hawd fic*

dear...your fic was completely perfect!!
you played with chocolate+cum?!

Keep writing,bb..love ur yewon forever..YOU HEARD ME?FOR-E-VER...
*re-read for the 4th times*

ohmygawd!!! Damn you this is awesome hot chocolate filled smut. GEEZ. You killed me at the part where Siwon drugged Yesung, then so the rest of the story I was relive and dead and ya, you got me <3

fucking yewon is fucking good bb!!
shisus is osm!!

OMG!!! I think I should go washing my brain :)

OMG! Like Like Like Like
I think I might just nosebleed. It didn't help that I was listening to Abracadabra while reading the rated scene.
hot story ;D

OMG!! this is the BEST smut I read in more than 1 year.. u rocked it with this!! smoking hot ;________________; thumbs up girl ;P

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