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Jets Aren't Always This Fun
super junior, ryeowook
A/N: This was a request for imsweet_11 If you want a request, go to my request post~

"Whoa! Siwon, I know it's my birthday, but this is way too much! You didn't have to go this far!" said Eunhyuk who was feeling both excited and like a burden. Reason being, Siwon had just rented a jet for Eunhyuk's birthday to take them to the U.S. for 2 weeks. Siwon grinned at Eunhyuk and said," Oh, but I did. It is your birthday after all."  Eunhyuk looked at the jet as a man opened the stair case and out came the pilot. He bowed to Siwon and Eunhyuk and they did the same. Then the man shook Siwon's hand and said, “Hello Mr. Siwon. My name Jae-Hwa and I will be your pilot for this trip of yours." Siwon smiled politely at the man and said, “Seeing as how you already know who I am, I will introduce you to Eunhyuk. He will be accompanying me." Jae-Hwa bowed quickly to Eunhyuk, and cleared the way for the two to step into the jet, left arm stretched out and hand open, gesturing them to go inside.


Siwon let Eunhyuk lead the way into the jet, and Eunhyuk was glad he did so. He looked around in amazement, seeing red carpet on the floor, white walls with small stripes of dark red on the walls and ceiling, 2 sets of 4 chairs divided to both sides and covered in white and red leather. Table in the middle of the chairs, but the one on the right with a metal bucket it with a green bottle wine resting on top of ice it and fancy wine glasses that opened wide at the top, but slimmed down at the stand, next to the bucket. Eunhyuk moved slowly toward the back of the jet, trying to absorb this all at once. On his way toward the back, he noticed and a slick black mini fridge to the left of him in a corner on top of a table. He was thinking about opening the fridge, but had decided to do it once he was done on this little adventure of his. He reached a door in the back of the jet, questioning whether he was allowed to go in or not. He looked behind him at Siwon, once Siwon noticed the pair of eyes on him; he widened his own eyes and then noticed what he meant. He chuckled softly and nodded his head, and with that, he put his hand on the knob and turned it slowly. He opened the door that revealed a beautiful bedroom with a large neatly made bed with many pillows that had tan background color, and some with dark red designs on them, others with dark red strings that came off the sides. Tan walls and dark red floor with a white closet covered the room while a white door on the left remained unopened, but Eunhyuk couldn’t let that happen. He set his things down and went over to the door and opened it, only to see a bathroom with a slick and smooth black shower and sink with black walls. He was completely awe struck by this all, so he headed back into the bedroom. Siwon was sitting on the bed with a wide smile as Eunhyuk said, “This is amazing!” He chuckled at the remark, stood up, and took Eunhyuk’s wrist and led him back to the front of the jet and told him to sit, and so he did. Siwon walked to the pilot seat where Jae-Hwa was waiting to get the O.K. to begin their leave, and had told him something that Eunhyuk couldn’t quite make out from where he was, but it wasn’t important to him because right then, Siwon returned to his seat and the jet began to move. He smiled at Eunhyuk who was looking out the window with excitement, looking like a child in a candy store. Siwon couldn’t help but chuckle at the site. Eunhyuk turned his gaze from the window to Siwon and raised an eyebrow.


“What?” Eunhyuk asked in confusion. Siwon returned to his normal state and then said, “Ah, nothing. Here, have some wine.” He tipped the bottle to Eunhyuk’s glass, hitting the glass slightly making a ‘clack’ noise which was soon gone from the sound of the liquid pouring into the glass. Eunhyuk eyed Siwon, but just drank his large glass of wine. Siwon witnessed the man in front of him gulp down all of his red wine in one try. Eunhyuk looked at Siwon and held his arm out with his empty glass in hand. Siwon knew Eunhyuk wasn’t an alcoholic, but he did enjoy his drinks, and he wanted to make tonight a good one. He quickly poured the other more wine and watched as he downed it quickly, while Siwon, on the other hand, was sipping his lightly.


ACOUPLE (Try 17) DRINKS LATER (For Eunhyuk)


“One mooooreee…,” Eunhyuk slurred, shaking his empty glass in Siwon’s face.


“Aish.. You said that 20 drinks ago! Come on, put it down,” Siwon begged the other. He got up from his seat and pulled the glass out of Eunhyuk’s hand. He then began to pull his arm to get him to rise from his seat. Eunhyuk stumbled out of his seat and down the hallway with Siwon, tripping every few seconds but regaining his pace quickly. Once inside of the bedroom Siwon turned around to face Eunhyuk, but once he did Eunhyuk had tripped and fallen, tumbling over Siwon making him fall on to the perfectly made bed. Everything was silent for a moment, but then Eunhyuk raised his head and looked into Siwon’s eyes as Siwon did the same. He then took his hand and put it on the back of Eunhyuk’s neck, lowering his lips to Siwon’s, making them kiss. Eunhyuk pulled away slowly, his hot breath hitting Siwon’s face, the smell of alcohol making Siwon go crazy. Siwon pulled Eunhyuk back down to his level and kissed him fiercely this time, wasting no time to push his tongue into Eunhyuk’s mouth. Eunhyuk moaned a bit as he felt Siwon’s hand rubbing his bulge while his tongue stroked against the other’s. Siwon was feeling drunk just because of Eunhyuk’s sensational alcohol tasting mouth. They exchanged saliva with every kiss while a hand slid inside of Eunhyuk’s pants, caressing his cock. Eunhyuk broke the kiss only to moan loudly, which he thought Jae-Hwa might hear, but goddamn, Siwon was just making him horny even with the slightest touch. Siwon sat up while Eunhyuk rapped his arms around his neck and his feet around his waist. Siwon stood up as he grasped Eunhyuk’s legs and began to walk around the room with his eyes closed, which of course was not the best idea. He began to walk to the left which eventually made Eunhyuk’s back hit against the wall. Siwon crushed his lips on the other’s again, kissing them fiercely; lips trying to find something that only Eunhyuk could give them. He tasted delicious, even if he hadn’t drunk the wine, it would make no difference to Siwon. He began slide them across the wall as they made out until Siwon had found an opening. He immediately walked into the room, once he had a chance; Siwon opened his eyes slightly only to see they were in the bathroom, luckily enough. He slowly moved toward the sink and sat Eunhyuk down on the top, finally being able to kiss him with full force, as his hands quickly worked the pants and boxers off of the man. He suddenly felt his own pants untighten around his bulge; he smiled as he kissed the other, distracting Eunhyuk’s hands from finishing the job. Siwon broke the kiss and said while taking Eunhyuk’s hands,”Shall I teach you how to do this?”


He drove Eunhyuk’s hand toward his pants, slender fingers pulling at his zipper. Though he was clumsy the first time he tried, he at least had gotten Siwon’s pant button off. He moved Eunhyuk’s finger slowly and smoothly as they went down together. A shiver ran up Eunhyuk’s spine as he felt a surge of power, though he knew he really wasn’t in control. Siwon moved the set of hands to his hips and made them grasp the rim of his rim of his boxers, pulling them slowly. Eunhyuk’s face turned red as he saw Siwon’s exposed cock, boxers falling to the ground. Siwon chuckled at the sight of the other getting all flustered over something like this.


“Ah-Ah-Ah! You’re not done yet,” Siwon said teasingly, pointing out that he still had his shirt on. Siwon led Eunhyuk’s hands up to his shirt, but then Eunhyuk pulled away.


“Aiiish! I can do it!” Eunhyuk slurred, tugging at the bottom of Siwon's shirt, pulling it up and off of the other's body. Siwon smiled as his dimples captivated Eunhyuk every time. He removed Eunhyuk’s shirt quickly, and for some reason, Eunhyuk didn’t even notice. Maybe because he was so drunk from the alcohol…or from Siwon. Either way, Eunhyuk was too caught up in this amazing moment to really care.  Siwon lifted Eunhyuk off of the sink and brought him into the shower. Once they were both in he turned on the water, making sure it was warm. The water pored out of the shower head and of the jets on the side of the black walls surrounding the shower. Siwon pushed Eunhyuk against the wall under the shower head, his chest touching the other’s, both drenched in the warm water the now seemed to just fall like rain. The pitter patter or the water hitting the dark black marble floor fell silent compared to the sound of heavy breaths from the two men. Eunhyuk grinned as Siwon kissed his neck, he enjoyed the pleasure a lot, maybe even more then he really should, but right now that didn’t concern him one bit. Siwon ran his fingers up and down Eunhyuk’s dick, teasingly stroking it. Eunhyuk let out heavy breaths and soft moans, he smiled with pleasure for a moment, but that was quickly changed to a soft expression when Siwon took his full length into his hand. Siwon grinned at the sight and decided to waste no time. He spread Eunhyuk’s legs and put his head at the other’s entrance, teasing going in just a little but quickly retreating, making Eunhyuk groan desperately.


“Oh Hyukkie. Do you want me inside of you?” Siwon asked teasingly, and Eunhyuk couldn’t help but moan with pleasure, though he really did want Siwon inside him.


“Y-Yes..,” Eunhyuk whispered, Siwon grinned clearly hearing the soft whisper of the other man, but decided to keep playing his little game.


“What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the shower. You have to speak louder,” Siwon pushed forward with his teasing. Eunhyuk couldn’t hold it in any longer.


“Please put it in me. I want you inside of me… Shisus,” Eunhyuk said a bit louder, and damn he always knew just the right words to say. He knew that being called ‘Shisus’ was one of Siwon’s guilty pleasures, and he had used it at exactly the right time. Siwon immediately shoved his cock fully inside of Eunhyuk, making Eunhyuk gasp in pain and pleasure. Siwon pulled out quickly and pounded into Eunhyuk, giving it full force. He was usually gentle when it came to Eunhyuk, but he couldn’t hold back any longer, it was too much to handle, and Eunhyuk knew that fact all too well. Siwon made every thrust deep, and was hitting the other’s prostate after a while.



“Ahh!” Eunhyuk cried in pleasure, not being able to control himself anymore. He now didn’t care if Jae-Hwa heard him, this was too much for him to just hold in, and he knew Siwon would never let him hold in the sweet sounds he made. Eunhyuk began to smile slightly while Siwon thrusted, beginning to overly enjoy this experience. The water from the shower dripped down their bodies constantly, and their wetness only made it all better. The heat of their bodies and the water that drenched them, also the hot heavy breaths they let out. Eunhyuk wrapped his arms around Siwon’s neck and kept them in a lock and he body was slightly pushed up and down every couple seconds, letting out moans of pleasure as the pain had faded away.

The moans and groans of Eunhyuk drove Siwon insane, even more so with his expression. He was at his limit and it was time to let it all out. Eunhyuk felt himself get filled up with warm liquid as Siwon let out a groan. Siwon pulled out as caught their breath, but before they even got 5 seconds of it, Siwon pushed Eunhyuk to the ground.


“Your turn,” Siwon said deviously. Before he could say a word, Siwon took Eunhyuk’s dick straight into his mouth with no hesitation. Within a split second, Siwon was already at the base, having so much energy left after what they had just done. He quickly we back up to the head and flicked his tongue playfully, glancing up at Eunhyuk once and giving him a captivating stare that no one could ever look away from, especially Eunhyuk. Siwon went back to the base of the other’s cock, going as far down as he could. Eunhyuk could feel the precum forming on his head already, having been so hard this whole time; he didn’t have much more time before he exploded. Siwon quickly continued, almost choking on Eunhyuk’s dick a couple times, but not really caring and continued. Eunhyuk let out small breaths and large moans every second.


“Mmmmnnghh…. A-Ah!” reined over the now faint sound of water pounding onto the floor and on Siwon’s back. Siwon chuckled lowly and once he had gotten back to the head, he bit it lightly, which was more then Eunhyuk could handle, because right then he had thrown his head back and came into Siwon’s mouth. He pulled off of Eunhyuk’s cock with a ‘pop!’ and swallowed his cum as if it were just a simple drink. He stood up and turned off the shower and after that, all there was left to do is to pick up the half dead body on the floor that was his lover. Eunhyuk pulled himself up with the help of Siwon as the slowly walked back to the bed room, putting Eunhyuk in first and tucking him in, then himself. Eunhyuk snuggled up to Siwon, getting in close and letting out a slow long breath. Siwon kissed Eunhyuk’s head as his fingers played with his hair.


“Happy birthday."

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*burst into nosebleed and died*

Thank you for killing me!
I'll haunt you as a ghost!! XD

Ooohhh... O.O


I WANT MORE!!!! I WANT MORE!!!!!! *fainted*


i havent read sihyuk!smut for such a long time.... so this TOTALLY KILLED ME!

damn this was hot! sihyuk are now in the mile high club ^-^

but im a tad disappointed that they didnt do it more (i know... brick me for being such a pervert >0<)

anyways THANKS! ^-^

the end was cute

everything above the end was hot x_x -approves-

Great!!! i love what you had done!!1
Very mischievous!!!
SiHyuk is hot and needs more love!!!



*revived again*

*glomps and snuggle*


Thank you for the wonderful treat. I totally love it.

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