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Going to the Movies Isn't How it Use to Be
super junior, ryeowook
A/N: This was a request for [info]k_idol4

'Clack!' Something hit against my window lightly, but enough for my to hear it over my music. I turned my glance from the  ceiling ,that I had been staring at for sometime, to the window that caught my attention just by a light sound that would never usually fascinate me. At first I had thought it was just a coincidence, but I was proved wrong once I heard that tap on my window yet again. I finally decided to look out to see what was trying so hard to receive my attention. I stared out the window blankly, but that was quickly changed as I saw someone who I'd never expect to see. NichKhun. I opened my window to show I was there, and he seemed to like it that way. He looked up at me with that huge adorable smile that makes my heart skip a beat everytime I see it.

"Hey! Wooyoung, you busy?!" he shouted not too loud, but the right amount to let me hear his sweet voice. I was awe struck to see Nichkhun of all people to be standing out side of MY house. He noticed my small hesitation and raised his eyebrow with a confused look on his angelic face.

"A-Ah... No, not really, but it's almost midnight!" I replied, and after replaying the statement in my head, I realized how stupid I sounded. Nichkhun let out a soft chuckled and said,"But isn't midnight just the best time to do things, and especially because you're free."

I had run down stairs to meet up with the older boy who was brushing the amber strings that were his bangs, out of his eyesight. He looked up, noticing my presence, and gave me a wide smile. My heart had skipped a beat at that moment, I swear I could have felt my face turn red because of this Thai Prince's smile, but I only hoped that he hadn't noticed.

"So..Where are we going?" I asked with curiosity filling my voice while excitement filled my body. Nichkhun chuckled slightly at the question, which had made me even more curious.

"You'll see," he said openly. I, for some reason, felt no reason the question any further. Only to follow the older boy down to the car that was parked a few feet away. When we had been outside of my house, it was hard to see the car clearly. But as we approached it, I had seen it clearly. It had been a slick red convertible that had the roof down, which was perfect for this hot summer night. He had went to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for me to get into the black leather seated car. I hesitantly entered the car to the Thai boy's delight. He closed the door after and had, what seemed to be like skipping, to the other side of the car. After this sight , I couldn't help but laugh, which he noticed and laughed along with.
He started the car which made a loud roar from the engine and the full car begin to vibrate for a second, but then stopped as he began to drive. I sat awkwardly next to Nichkhun, glancing at him every few second which I think he noticed because I had heard him laugh.

"How about some music?" He suggested, turning a nob on the dash board that produced a very familiar voice from the stereo.

"..ing is like on, Jupiter and Mars. In other words, hold my hand...," The radio said softly. I then gasped as heard Nichkhun singing along, "In other words, darling kiss me.."

"You like Frank Sinatra?" I asked in amazement seeing as how I knew no one who liked his music just as I did. He glanced over at me with wide eyes for a second, but then had a smile on his handsome face.

"Yeah. It's kind of a guilty pleasure I guess you could say," he said in a delighted tone. He turned his gaze from the road to me for a short moment, seeing my wide eyes yet still having a small smile. He smiled back as he turned his head back to the road ahead ,which was lit by his bright head lights, head cocked to the right a bit.

"Oh! We're here," he said stopping the car and shut off the engine. I looked ahead only to see the movie theater with an empty parking lot. He had gotten out of the car and quickly gotten to my door and opened it for me, waiting till I had gotten out to close it behind me. He led the way to empty theater, lights shinning bright through out the dark night.
We entered the building where there were arcade games to the left of us, a large dark red counter that stretched out almost the full length of the theater, and 1 large bag of popcorn and 1 large drink sitting on top of that counter.

"Ah-Aish... I told them 2 of each. Sorry," he apologized, seeming a bit disappointed and like he had just messed everything up. I couldn't stand to see his sad face and after all this trouble.

"It's fine. I don't mind sharing," I said kindly, smiling in a way that  seemed to delight the older boy and lighten the mood. I grabbed the large bag of popcorn that had been already buttered and Nichkhun grabbed the drink. I was amazed that we were in this large yet empty building. We walked down the hallway that had black walls and dark red carpet, black double doors with small square window at the top every few feet, until we had reached one pair of doors that were wide open and had previews playing. He glances back at me for a second to be sure I was still there. Once he was sure of my presence, he smiled and grabbed my hand, leading the way into the dark chair filled room that's only light was the projected image on the screen. He slowly walked toward the front row of seats. He lead the way to the two middle seats. He sat down and moved the arm rest that kept us out of reach from each other and moved it behind us, making all reach possible. I sat down next to him and then the movie suddenly started. I hadn't thought of it till we had sat down, but I didn't know what movie we were seeing, which was changed once the title 'The Housemaid' appeared on the screen. I smiled widely as I saw the movie start, I had been wanting to see this movie as soon as I had seen the previews. For some reason, this night was getting more and more magical.

We had watched through, what had seemed to be, and hour and a half of the movie when we had both tried to get popcorn at the same time. Our hands brushed each other's lightly, skin touching as if an ice cube had fallen onto a hot pan, making my hand retreat quickly and my cheeks to turn red, eyes fixated on my lap. Ugh, what was wrong with me?! Usually I am fun and spontaneous, but when I'm around Nichkhun, it's so much different.

As I looked down, my black bangs fell infront of my eyes, hiding them from the Thai boy. I was too scared to look at Nichkhun, thinking he might be looking at me like I was a freak or weird. But as always, he had proved my completely wrong. He had taken his hand and softly lifted my chin, making me turn my head toward him, bangs still infront of my eyes. He took his other hand and slowly brushed the strands of hair away from my face, exposing my dark brown eyes. His expression filled with worry which made a sharp pain hit my heart. I tried to turn my gaze back to the shinning screen, but Nichkhun refused to let that happen. He gently put his hands on my warm cheeks, which were surprisingly cold, and pulled my gaze back to him.

"Wooyoung-ah..," he whispered quietly. My heart raced as he said my name in such a soft yet silky voice. He slowly closed the gap between our faces and lightly pushed his lips apon mine, making any distance there was disappear. He cupped my face to deepen the kiss, which worked all too well. He kissed me deeply and romantically, being sure not to be too rough. Our lips collided as my eyes had fluttered shut, slowly but surely. His left hand had fallen down to my lap, slowly moving it back and forth.

"A-Ah..! Nichkhun..!" I moaned into the older boy's mouth uncontrollably. I flashed my eyes open, realizing what I had just said. He noticed my distracted and nonmoving lips, but nibbled playfully at my bottom lip. I moaned softly, which allowed him entrance into my mouth, and I really didn't feel the need to reject him. Our tongues danced together, rubbing on eachother and forcing moans out of me. Nichkhun seemed to enjoy the noises that I made. He had moved both of his hands to my waist, which made my hips jump a bit. He slowly fell to the ground where he pulled me down as well. We soon both slid out of our chairs and onto the cold floor below, my warm body under his. As one hand was holding his torso a few centimeters from collapsing onto mine, the other was on my cheek, romantically reassuring me. He soon removed his hand from my cheek, moving it slowly down toward the bottom of my shirt. Nichkhun ran his hand under my shirt, rubbing on my skin and making me moan as he soon began to rub my nipple, caressing it softly. I moaned loudly, as he continued to run his hand over my chest, running under the fabric that was my shirt. He removed his hand and grasped a bunch of my shirt, quickly moving it up and off of my body.

My bare chest seemed to glow even in this lighting. Nichkhun slowly trailed his hand down my chest, his rough skin against my soft skin. He had seemed to have spotted a part of my skin he liked, because he slowly lowered himself to my collar bone and began licking and biting spots only a few centimeters from each other. I groaned as his knee began to prod against my clothed cock. I felt him smile against my skin, breaking the pattern he had set for the certain patch of skin that now stood out completely from my ivory skin. He moved his head farther down my body, his chin lightly brushing against my skin. The older boy finally reached my button pants with a hard bulge in the middle. He looked half tempted to rip the pants right off of my body, which by this point, I wouldn't have really cared. But Nichkhun regained his composure and looked at me with questioning eyes, trying to fight the animal inside that seemed to want to do everything without question. I satisfied his hunger and nodded at him. Once that had been done he immediately unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off of my legs, followed by my boxers, exposing my already hard cock. I turned my head in embarrassment, by my face quickly went soft as I felt Nichkhun's hand wrap around the base of my dick and slowly work it's was to the head, his rough skin felling some what good. He began to move his hand quicker with every passing second, making my dick pulse and my throat to let moans escape my mouth.

I felt precum form on the head of my cock, but it wasn't there long. Nichkhun and taken his fingers and teasingly rubbed the head, making the precum go to his fingers. I suddenly felt something warm and wet on my dick. I looked down witnessing Nichkhun running his tongue down my cock, making my hips jump a bit, the tip of my cock hitting his lips. He grinned and playfully flicked his tongue at the head, making my dick pulse harder then before, making cum spurt out and landing on the older boy's tongue and hand.

Nichkhun looked down at my fully exposed body and his non-exposed body, realizing how unfair it was. He grinned and quickly pulled his shirt of of his body, exposing his abs and messing up his amber hair, but not seeming to care seeing as how it will be messed up very soon. He unbuttoned his pants and removed them along with his boxers at once. Now things were fair.
He spread my leg, but then looked up at me and asked, "Are you sure you're ok with this?" I knew he was probably hoping that I would say yes, and god knows I would say yes, but that's just Nichkhun. He doesn't like to do things without another person's input. The Thai Prince had a kind soul.

I nodded and said, "Yeah," softly. He leaned in and kiss my lips softly. He then broke the kiss and began to slowly push his dick inside of my entrance. I gasped in deep pain once he was half way in, my body tightened. Nichkhun put his hand on my check, trying to calm me down.

"Wooyoung-ah. Calm down, take deep breaths. You're too tense," he instructed. I did as I was commanded and took deep breaths, relaxing my body fairly well,  but still feeling a bit of pain as he started to move all the way in. He began to slowly move out and go back in. I could tell he was restraining himself majorly. I wanted him to enjoy this too, even if I would probably wouldn't be able to walk without hurting for the next couple days, but I think it's worth it.

"Nghh.... Nichkhun..Mmm.. Harder....," I moaned purposely. He looked at me with wide eyes and asked, "Are you sure?" To be honest, I really wasn't sure myself, but I what I was sure of is that I wanted Nichkhun to be satisfied too. And plus... I actually kinda want it rough. I nodded at him with approval.  He cocked an eyebrow, but fulfilled what he thought was my wish but was actually his own. He quickened his pace, continuing his pattern of pulling in and out, except this time, it was more pleasurable. I don't know if I'm suppose to feel like this when he is being rougher with me, or if I'm just a big pervert. Either way, I didn't really care.

I moaned as began to use his full force on me, every thrust hurting less. Nichkhun leaned over and began to kiss me, slipping his tongue in far to easily as he continuously thrusted into me, making my body move a bit on the cold theater floor. The sensation he gave me was amazing. His cock sliding in and out of me and his tongue massaging mine, exchanging saliva and hot breaths. Nichkhun pushed in harder then before, making me break the kiss and gasp in pleasure. Nichkhun moved his lips to my ear as he playfully nibbled on the rim, making my ear turn red and hot.

"A-Ah! Nichkhun!" I moan uncontrollably. As soon as that was said, he had seemed to freeze as I felt myself fill up with warm liquid. He could hear and feel his hot breath on my ear. He lifted his head and looked down at me, strings of hair falling around his face. He smiled at me warmly and kiss my lips lightly for a second. Nichkhun pulled out of me laying down behind me, hugging my waist, facing the theater screen to watch the rest of the movie,  but all that we saw was:


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omg :D
thank you soo much for actually writing one for me :D
and besides u also finished the day i actually turned 17 :D
im soo happy...it was such a great gift :D
thank youu sooo very much....
the story was cute just the way i wanted and i luv the fact u made it hot :D and the pace of the story was great as well :D
youngie is soo cute and caring :D
hehehe thanks again <3
i love it and love u :D<3

Oh my! I love it... I'm new fan of this couple and you just made my day... Youngie is so adorable... I love it...

Oh gee, me love this fanfic.
Its too sexy and the story is amazing!!! ^^;
Thanks for sharing.


Hehe.well.I'm a bigggg fan of this cp xD
this NC-17 fic totally great xD
so could u mind if I translate it into Vietnamese n post at khunyoungaholic.com? XD
Please rep me as soon as its possible xD Thks xD

I don't mind at all! As long as I do get credit for writing it of course~
And if you could like translate what the people comment ,if it is in Vietnamese, that'd be awesome. <3

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