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Make Up Desks Get All The Love
super junior, ryeowook
A/N: This was a request for young_ah

"Annnnddd... Cut!" shouted the director, releaving the actors on set from their rolls that they had to play for the last hour or so. Every one bowed at eachother and said, "Good work," showing their gratitude. Yesung was one of these people.

Just a week ago he had been contacted by the director who invited him to play the role of a main character in his new film. It was about 2 brothers who grew up with a rough life. Father was a drunk. Mother had died after giving birth to the younger boy, Bae Shin. Soon enough, the two boys where taken away from their father and put into a boys home where the older boy, Kwon Hae, took care of Bae Shin. But one day, the two were taken apart from eachother and put into seprate homes. Kwon Hae fought to get back to Bae Shin and one day he succeded. He found Bae Shin and ran away with him. The rest of the movie shows their travels to fight an stay together.

Yesung played the part of Bae Shin, while the Kwon Hae was played by Kyuhyun. A famous actor who only accepted films that he thought would be hits, which every movie he was in turned out to be a hit. Yesung was excited to work with him, always hearing about how good of a co-worker he was.

Yesung walked over to Kyuhyun and bowed, looking up at him with a wide grin and said, "It's an honor to be working with you!" Kyuhyun looked at Yesung, gazing at him from head to toe, making Yesung fill with worry. Kyuhyun gave a small grin and said, "I'm sure it is." He brushed past Yesung as he just stood there, jaw to the floor. He replayed the sceen in his head, seeing if he had just said anything wrong and if he heard right. He had just greeted and basicly complimented the other man and he just brushed him off as if he were a piece of hair on his shoulder.

Yesung snapped out of his deep thoughts and decided to just forget about the event that had just happened. He walked to his dressing room, seeing Kyuhyun's door closed. He looked away from the door and walked into his own room, leaving the door open and walking over and sitting down in the chair that was placed between 2 racks of clothing, and infront of a mirror onto of a makeup desk. He put his arms on the desk and rested his head on the back of his hands.

Suddenly he heard his door close and lock, which made him quickly snap his head up to look in the mirror. He saw Kyuhyun standing infront of the door, laid back and arms crossed, gazing apon Yesung with a dirty grin on his face. Yesung jumped out of his seat and backed up against the desk, making the mirror shake.

Kyuhyun chuckled darkly and slowly stepped toward the other, arms still crossed, a evil look in his eyes.

"A-Ah Kyuhyun.. What are you...?" Yesung studdered. Kyuhyun had some how gotten 2 inches from Yesung's body within 5 seconds. Yesung's face had turned bright red, eyes wide as they could go and thoughts running through his head like a street race. Kyuhyun's smirk got wider and wider as he gazed at Yesung's body, up and down. He moved his arm past Yesung's body, resting it on the desk and leaning in toward the other man. He could feel Kyuhyun's hot breath on his face down to his neck, sending a shiver up spine.

"Hmph... You know, I've worked with many people but none as sexy as you," he said, grinning as Yesung's face got hotter and redder. Yesung felt something rubbing against his clothed cock, which made him moan softly, expression turning soft. He quickly flashed open his eyes wider then he had thought they could go, amazed that the sound had just esacped from his mouth. Kyuhyun enjoyed the sound and began to prod his knee against the other's crotch harder as he leaned in and kissed Yesung roughly. Kyuhyun's left hand began to roam, running under Yesung's shirt and rubbing against his chest, soon feeling his nipple. He carressed it sotly but only for a moment, soon having a rough grasp on it.

"Kyu-Kyuhyun... Please no...," Yesung whispered, but the other man ignored his plead. He continued on his exploration of the other man's body, now getting impatient, tugging at the bottom of Yesung's shirt. Kyuhyun lifted it up roughly and quickly, paying no mind to if he had slightly hurt the other man, which he had. He was too sex craved at the moment to care about anything other then getting all of their clothes off and getting inside of Yesung.

Yesung knew this was wrong, but for some reason he couldn't help but want the same thing as Kyuhyun. He had never done anything like this with anyone in his life. Funny how the person he is doing it with he had only met today. Yesung realized by now that there was no stopping Kyuhyun, and he knew he really didn't have the strength to stop him, what with the heat in his body and the buldge in his pants. He decided to finally give into the man's demanding hands.

"Ah!" Yesung moaned as he felt a hand rush inside his pants and boxers, grasping his cock and teasingly brushing his fingers against it while a pair of warm lips placed themselves onto his seeming cold neck. He felt a shiver run up his spine and his mouth open wide as he threw his head back moaning louder then he had thought he could, the sound echoing in the small room.

Kyuhyun smiled against Yesung's neck, him being the reason why he moaned so loud. He had some how gottened Yeung's pants around his ankles along with his boxers while his hand roughly ran itself all around, from shaft to head as the other had grazed against his nipple.

He parted his lips from Yesung's neck, dropping to his knees and taking Yesung's full length in one go. Yesung's knees felt week, shaking as Kyuhyun bobbed his head up and down quickly. He bit his lip to keep himself from moaning, but Kyuhyun wouldn't have that. He began to purposly moan, sending vibrations through Yesung's cock, making it even more unbareable for him. Kyuhyun licked over the prominent vein on his dick and then moved his mouth back up to the head. He teasingly slipped in his tongue in the slit, making Yesung groan with eminence pleasure as his dick pulsed and cum rushed out from the cock, landing some in Kyuhyun's mouth and some around it, either way he licked it off and swallowed it whole.

Yesung threw his head back and groaned in pain as Kyuhyun shoved 2 fingers into him immediately, already as far in as they could go. He thrusted them in and out at a moderate pace, but Yesung felt a surge of craving come over him, wanting more and more with every passing second.

"Nghhh.... Kyu please.. Go faster," Yesung begged between moans and heavy breaths.

"Well aren't we enjoying this a little too much," Kyuhyun said in snarky tone as his hand began thrusting in much faster then before, now adding a third finger.

Yesung moans became uncontrollable as Kyuhyun lifted the other man's right leg and had it wrap around his waist, giving him better access to Yesung's entrance.

Kyuhyun continued his pattern of in and out thrusting motions, but for Yesung it still wasn't enough.

"Mmmm.. God Kyuhyun! Just shove your whole hand in!" he pleaded. Kyuhyun did as he was told and began to fist the other man, now kissing his roughly, already slipping his tongue into Yesung's mouth. Yesung groaned constantly into Kyuhyun's mouth, making Kyuhyun smile as he made out and fisted the other man.

Kyuhyun pulled his fist out of Yesung's entrance, replacing it with his cock, shoving it all the way in on one thrust. Yesung broke the kiss as he gasped for air and saliva ran down the side of his mouth.

Kyuhyun pounded into Yesung, going from head to shaft in less then a second. He quickly grabbed Yesung's left leg and wrapped it around his waist away. Yesung was suspended in the air as Kyuhyun thrusted into him and kissed, licked, and bit his neck.

"Mmm.. A-Ah! K-Kyuhyun! Nggh.....," Yesung moaned, voice seeming to begin to give in.

"Hmph. You're such a slut for my cock aren't you Yesung? You crave me inside you. God you're so dirty," Kyuhyun teased, but spoke the truth none the less.

"Nmmhh... Ky-" Yesung began to say, but the overload of satisfaction kept him from finishing his sentence.

"What was that, I couldn't hear you," Kyuhyun thrusted into Yesung harder than before, making Yesung's body hit against the desk making everything shake.

"I want to hear you scream my name Yesung." Sweat trickled down Kyuhyun's forehead, be he held on to Yesung and thrusted into him all the more.

"Nmmnmghh.... K-Kyu.. Ah!" Yesung had tried to day but the moans reined over making it hard to speak, but he had finally got it out some how.

"Ky-KYUHYUN!" Yesung yelled on the top of his lunges. At that moment Kyuhyun came inside of Yesung.

Everything became silent besides the heavy breaths from each man. Kyuhyun lightly kissed Yesung's lips but this time with more passion then he had before. When they parted lips, their eyes had locked on each other's. Yesung smiled at Kyuhyun who smiled back and set him down on the black leather chair that had sat infront of the desk. He walked over to the closet next to the clothes rack on the right of the room. He had pulled out a dark purple blanket and dragged it over to where Yesung was. Yesung stood up as Kyuhyun sat down and he ha say down on Kyuhyun's lap, head rested on the other man's chest. Kyuhyun pulled the covers over their bodies and wrapped his arms around Yesung an rested his chin on his head, kissing it every few seconds.



"That was amazing."

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That was so cute^^
well, maybe cute isn't the word, but you know what I mean.
Kyusung @___@ very good, I like >:D

"Mmmm.. God Kyuhyun! Just shove your whole hand in!"

HAHAHAHA... Top!Kyuhyun. I was expecting a top!Yesung but this is just as great! :D HOT.



that was such a turn on, you have no idea ahahaha

Thumbs up !!
Smutty but a GOOD one ^^

*O*!! SO HOT. *Q_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________* I LOVE THIS~ HORNY YESUNG AND TOP!KYU = YUM.

Holy Shisus. I was eating when I read this and I nearly spat out my food. This was asfhbjfakbf <3

HOTNESSSSSSS~~~~!!!!!!! hehe^^ Yesung can't resist the sexy charms of Kyuhyun.

loved it!!!
yesung the slut and kyu the player <3


this means kyu was older? because he was playing the older brother...

this is a spot that will probably be filled late >>;

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