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Dreams Could Come True
super junior, ryeowook

A/N: This was a request for myhlum

"Pick up your pencils and begin your exam," said Mr. Siwon, his dimples showing as his students followed his commands and lowered their head to gaze at their exams, answering what ever questions may come up on the pages before them.

Siwon sat down in his chair with a 'poof!' making a slight relieved grunt come from the man. He looked around the room at his students, left to right, but stopping at one student in particular. Yesung.

Yesung was an extremely handsome student of Siwon's. He had short choppy black hair, beautiful dark brown eyes, and a charming smile that made all your problems go away. He was undoubtedly Siwon's favorite, and he wasn't one for favoritism but when it came to Yesung, he couldn't help but pick him from all the others.

Siwon felt his vision begin to go blurry, going too deep into his thoughts.

"Won...," a voice whispered. Siwon found the voice familiar and comforting, now wanting to go near the voice, hoping to feel its warmth.

"Mr. Siwon..... Mr. Siwon!" Siwon snapped out of his dazed state and flung his head up, face in shock while his mouth moved by its own, forcing words out, "Yes? What is it?" He mentally kicked himself when he saw Yesung standing in front of him, exam in hand and a confused look on his face. Siwon tried to make the situation better by giving a smile, hoping it would help.

Yesung shyly smiled back and tried to hand Siwon his test and said, "I'm finished."

"Ah, I see. Well you can just read a book until the end of cla-," he began to reply but noticed that behind Yesung, there was no one. No students taking their exams, no one. Just him and Yesung. Yesung gave a confused look as Siwon tried to make sense of what was happening.

He realized that this situation they happened to be in..... was perfect.

Siwon stood up from his chair and walked slowly around his desk, now facing Yesung who was looking at him with innocent eyes and a blank face.

Siwon took his right hand and rested it on Yesung's cheek, slowly moving it down, fingers tracing Yesung's jaw line, and moving back up and continuing this pattern. He decided to start moving his hand farther back, soon having his hand behind his ear as his thumb softly massaged Yesung's temple. His eyes were soft as he examined Yesung's beautiful features, now closer than before seeing every flaw that made his face even more irresistible.

Yesung stood there, eyes calm and soft. For some reason he didn't feel the need to resist Mr. Siwon's touchy hands.  It feels as if a year had passed as they stood there, eyes locked on each other, Siwon carefully massaging Yesung's face.

Siwon bit his bottom lip, finding it unbearable to just stare at Yesung anymore. He moved in slowly, closing the gap between the two, crushing lips together.

Eyes Widened. Breaths Taken. Craving Satisfied.

Yesung's stomach filled with butterflies as Siwon cupped his face, deepening the kiss. His eyes slowly closed as he leaned in toward the other man, dropping his exam to the floor. Siwon wrapped an arm around Yesung's wait, pulling him in closer, making Yesung gasp from the unexpected grasp around him.  The gasp gave Siwon's tongue the perfect opportunity to dart out into the other's mouth. Yesung moaned as his teacher's tongue wrapped around his, caressing it as he went along.

Yesung always had this sweet smell about him. Though most people would assume the reason being cologne, Siwon thought other wise. He thought it was a natural smell that radiated off of Yesung, and at this moment, he believed his theory was proven correct. Not only was it his body that let off a sweet, honey like smell, but even his mouth tasted sweet.

Siwon's right hand dropped from Yesung's cheek to the bottom of his shirt, rushing his hand up the other's chest, feeling his sculpted abs. As his hand went further up Yesung's chest began to become exposed, his wrist having a build up of cloth that tugged the rest of the shirt to rise with it.

They broke their kiss, but only for a moment. A moment that surely killed the two men inside, not wanting to be apart for a split second, fearing it would really kill them. The moment that they had to release from each other was to pull Yesung's shirt up over his head and off his body. As soon as this was done, their lips pressed together so very quickly as if they had been magnets that were destine to come together.

Siwon felt something tugging at the buttons on his shirt, being quick and nimble but shaky all the more. He smiled into the kiss and decided to help the hands that had quickly unbuttoned his shirt in little time. He raised his shoulders, making the cloth slide down his arms and slip down to the floor. They pushed their bare chests together as Siwon removed his lips and attached them to Yesung's neck, kiss, lick, and biting certain spots of his skin, doing it in an irregular pattern that made Yesung shiver with excitement.  Siwon pushed Yesung against the front of the desk, and began to prod his knee against his crotch, receiving moans from the other man.

He could feel Yesung's pants getting tighter and tighter by the second as the bulge became larger. He dropped to his knees and unfacined his pants, making drop to the ground. Siwon's hands impatiently tugging at the rim of his boxers. Siwon remembered to make sure it was ok with Yesung by looking up at him with pleading eyes and sex craved motives. Yesung nodded knowingly.

From there on Siwon's mind went blank, not thinking or caring about his actions before he did them. His only objective was to do them.

He pulled the boxers down to Yesung's ankles with out any hesitation, exposing they hard cock that had been concealed by the clothing he wore. Siwon's tongue darted out and swirled its self around the head.

"Nnghh... Mmmp," Yesung's voice echoed in the hollow room as Siwon dipped his tongue into the slit on the cock and then took the full length in one go. He bobbed his head up and down, quicker than Yesung thought he would. He took his hands and put it through Siwon's jet black hair, fingers tangled around it with a tight grip. Siwon began to hum, sending vibrations throw Yesung's dick making him buck his hip up, almost chocking Siwon.  His knees were weak and shaking, his only support being the desk behind him.

"Ahhh...! M-Mr..Siwon.. I'm going to cu- Ah..! Nggh..," Yesung tried to say, but was muffled out by his sweet lullabyic moans.

As Siwon came back up, he grazed his teeth on the head of Yesung's cock making Yesung throw his head back and grunt as he came in Siwon's mouth. He watched as Siwon swallowed it all down, licking his lips with a devious look in his eyes as he looked up at Yesung. He rised to his feet and put his hand on Yesung's chin, grasping it lightly as he pulled their lips together.

Yesung unbuckled Siwon's pants, making them fall down around his ankles, showing his cravings getting stronger. Siwon pulled his own briefs down as he lightly pushed Yesung down to lay on the desk, spreading his legs giving full excess to his entrance. Siwon places his head at Yesung's entrance and slowly began to push in.

"Ah! Mmm.. gahh...!" Yesung gasped, his muscles tightening.

"Calm down! You're too tense, take deep breaths," Siwon hissed. Yesung did as his teacher instructed and took deep breaths, soothing his muscles and letting Siwon slide in with better easy. The only things he regretted are that he didn't have lube, and he didn't have the strength to hold back and prep him by first.

Once he was all the way in he slowly pulled out and thrusted back in. He kept a consistent pattern, slowly fastening his pace. He soon started to pound into Yesung, hitting his prostate with every thrust, and surprisingly, it didn't take much time either.

"Mr. Siwon!" Yesung moaned constantly.

"Mr. Siwon! Mr. Siwon!" Yesung's voice now sounding distant.


"Yes?!" Siwon shouted in shock, looking around wondering where he was now. He notices that he was not naked, standing, having sweet wonderful sex with Yesung. He was sitting at his desk while Yesung stood in front of him, confused by why he had not answered the first time.

Yesung had his exam in hand and was trying to give it to Siwon saying, "I'm finished." Siwon frowned at the sudden realization that he had been day dreaming, though it was the best he had ever had, he was saddened by the fact that it was not reality, nor could it be seeing as how all of his class mates were behind him, ready to leave.

"A-Ah.. I see. We'll, you may all go now. Have a good day."

Yesung smiled at his teacher and walked over to Ryeowook, his boyfriend, who had been waiting for him to turn in his exam so they could leave, and his best friend Kibum. He and Ryeowook walked out of the room, hand in hand cheerfully.

Siwon cursed under his breath at the idiotism’s of thinking that something as wonderful as that could happen to him.

All he hoped is that another day dream like that would come soon. Or maybe for his dream to become a reality.

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OH MY GOSH!! Are you trying to kill me!? This hotness happenes and then it's all a dream. /sob Poor Siwon! He'll get his man one day. I think he just needs to come to class more often with his shirt off. That should help.

Great fic!!

Just come into class oneday, no shirt on, flaunting his chocolate abs. xDDD

Haha thanks~ :D

what?!?! damn that was one hot dream *.*
and that better become reality XD

I'm still sick
but I think I've forgotten I am.
I wish I could read
piece like this everyday.

Thank you.

You're welcome~ :D
Haha, not every day I get to write a YeWon one. :P
Thank you for requesting~ :D
Haha, and I hope you get better soon :]

Spot? It's a dreammmmm! Omg. I how wish it's true. But hot^^

so sad that,at the end that's all just a dream and that yesung already has a boyfriend...BUT this is so good...

too bad,it's just a dream :( :(

please make it real :)


W-w-what? It was a dream???

CURSE YOU!!!!!!!

Whaaat? Siwonnie just day dreaming ?!
I wish it's reality. Haha..
I like this fic <333

Omigosh, knew it! When the studetns disappeared I guess Siwonnie fell asleep. D: Too bad it wasn't real....


I hope you'll make the sequel for this fic...
I love this!!!!

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