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You Are Mine
super junior, ryeowook
"Ryeowook-ah, come here~!" Yesung called in a sing-song voice, almost sounding as if he were trying to use his soulful voice to hypnotize me to follow his command. I walked over to my hyung, a bit of reluctantness in my step, but a small grin on my face. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Yesung, I do, but it seems like he is getting more and more into this YeWook thing. I mean, not that it bothers me or anything, it's just that he seems to want more of a "YeWook" relationship. And for those who don't know, YeWook is really just a fan service, so what I mean is that he wants to change that to a serious relationship. And though it's what everyone tells me to do, what some part of me tells me I should do, I can't. You see that part of me isn't the only part that can tell me what I should do.

You know that second part of me that also tells me what to do? That's the one I control, and I go by what it says. For instance, I go to the super market. I can't decide whether I should make pork or chicken for dinner, I consult the "part" of me. And it tells me the answer.


Thank you little part of me, you are a lot of help.
Ok, so maybe that isn't the best example but you get what I mean. So now you may be asking me, "Wookie, why can't you love Yesung?" The answer is plan and simple.

I'm in love with someone else. He is nice, charming, hansome, funny, spontaneous, caring, sexy..... (Whoa! Get a hold of your self there.) Ahem. At any rate, I am in love with this... guy who is in Super Junior and he is close to me, and well... Ok, I'll cut to the chase. I'm in love with Sungmin. He doesn't know, no one does except Leeteuk hyung but I tell him everything.

Anyways, back to reality with Yesung calling me over as fans cheered, and me in the corner of my eye secretly looking at Sungmin. His beautiful lips curled into a smile while his waist had some kind of tan thing on the side of it. I turned my head to get a better look, only to see the 'tan thing' being Kyuhyun's hand wrapped around Sungmin, making my heart feel a sharp pain. It's only human of me to fell sad and jealous, but Yesung seemed to have caught that little notion; he can read me like a book. He quickly grasped my wrist and pulled me into his arms, making me let out an, "Oof!" My back slammed into his toned, clothed, chest.

The fan cheered and squealed their hearts out.

He looked down at me with a mischievous grin on his face, eyes gleaming with happiness. I smiled back and tried not to lean into his hug, but it was kind of hard when a pair of strong steel arms were locked around you, not letting you go for an instant. He turned his head to the right slightly, letting the grin grow wider and wider across his face. I turned my head as well to see what he had been looking at, and realized that it was Sungmin who was focused on Yesung, but soon noticed me looking at him as well. Our eyes met and my heart skipped a beat making me let out a slow and soft breath. He turned gaze from me to the floor in front of him to Kyuhyun when he had tugged at Sungmin's waist. I looked away, feeling my face turning slightly hot and red.

This would be a long and awkward night.

About 2 hours had passed and we had finished up with the concert. We drove home like usual, except this time, Yesung stuck closer to me than before. He sat next to me in the car, only about 2 centimeters away from me. At that point I didn't have the strength to push him away; I was way too tired, I was lucky to have even gotten into the car. I eventually fell asleep, head resting on the cold window to the right of me, but I'm pretty sure Yesung had moved my head to his shoulder because when I woke up, my forehead wasn't cold at all.

I had slummed up the stairs to my room, closed the door behind me and collapsed onto my bed.

"Ahhh..... Beeeeddd.....," I whispered to myself in almost full comfort, but I still had my jeans and such on, restricting me from curling up into a ball and falling into a deep sleep. As I got up my bed groaned slowly. I moved to my dresser and pulled out a pair of light green pj pants with yellow hearts and loose white t shirt. I slipped out of my clothing and into my comfortable pajamas and then flopped back onto my bed, crawling up to the pillows and forgetting about the covers. I closed my eyes and smiled as I began to drift off into a nice deep sleep. That is until I heard a faint knock on my door. I groaned in annoyance and said, "Come in."

A dark figure appeared in the door way, it moved in and closed the door. I sluggishly sat up rubbing my eye and yawning. I leaned over to the little black table to my right and turned the switch on it making a source of light allow me to see who this dark figure was.

I had seen Yesung walking in, right hand scratching the back of his head, jet black baggy pants that dragged across the floor with a black and red stripped shirt. He walked toward me and sat on the edge of the bed to the left of me, making my bed creak and my eyes gravitate to the floor.

"Uh.... Wookie, listen. I have something I need to tell you."

What? He doesn't mean..? He isn't going to confess to me now is he!? I can't do this now, I don't want to hurt him, I thought.

"Can it wait till tomorrow? I am really tired from today," I complained and gave a slow, fake, yawn.

"No it can't. It's important and I don't think I can wait till tomorrow," he reasoned. My eyes scanned the floor from left to right, up and down, quickly as I thought of what I should do next. I turned my head to face Yesung who was gazing into my eyes in and instant, his eyes filled with agony and it pained me to see him like this. He stroked my right cheek so softly, making my heart race as to what was going to happen.

He wrapped his arms around my waist with a tight grip and leaned toward me. I widened my eyes as I tried to pull away, but yet again, the grasp was too strong. Soon enough his lips were pushed against mine. I closed my eyes as I has luckily pushed him away for a moment to say, "Yesung, wait!" But my words fell on deaf ears as he put one of his hands on the back of my head and pulled me in to kiss him again. His lips were ferocious and lust filled.

I was frustrated at myself for not preventing this before hand. My face was hot and my emotions got out of control as tears began to form at the corners of my eyes. They began to race down my face and fall onto my lap. My hands were pushed against Yesung's chest still trying to push him away. I don't think else could go wrong by this point.

Scratch that. I'm completely wrong.

I heard a click come from the direction of the door and a footstep. I quickly flashed my eyes open and looked toward the site of the noise only to see Sungmin standing in the doorway, staring at Yesung kissing me. Fuck. My. Life.

I then began to try harder and harder to push Yesung away or somehow alert him that Sungmin was watching us in the hopes that it would scare him off. I whimpered desperately trying not to look at Sungmin, hoping that he was just a figment of my imagination and that when I opened my eyes again, he would be gone, but nothing is ever that simple.

I looked at him with pleading eyes, hoping he would receive the message I am trying to give, and luckily he did, or I think he did.

"Yah!" His voice boomed as he marched over and tugged at Yesung's shoulder with so much force that he ripped him right off of me and made him fall backwards and roll from the bed to the floor.

Yesung looked in shock, not expecting to be pushed off of me in such a way, but that quickly changed when he realized that Sungmin had just thrown him off of me in such a manner while trying to have a make out session with me. He sprung from the ground and glared at the other while Sungmin said, "What do you think you are doing?"

"Why does it matter to you?" Yesung hissed.

"Get out."

"No! Wh-"


Yesung gave a final glare before he retreated for his room, bumping Sungmin's shoulder on his way out. Everything was suddenly silent. Sungmin was staring at the hall way and I just sat there in awe. What seemed like a lifetime had passed for there was any sign of life with in the small room of mine.

The only things I could hear was my heart beat racing and my tears falling to my lap. Sungmin turned his head and looked at me, gazing with a confused look that made me slowly avert my eyes and lower my head. I heard his footsteps slowly coming closer toward me.

He was going to yell at me. I just knew it. He would probably tell me about how that was so wrong, Yesung being my fellow member and all. He would tell me how disgusting and dirt I am. Then he would storm out, leaving me there to wallow in my misery. To cry myself to sleep, not because I was yelled at nor because I was wrongly accused. But because I had ruined my chances of ever being as close or closer to him. The thought pained my heart so much.

Tears began to weld up in the corners of my eyes. The lump in my throat started to get bigger, making it hard for me to breathe straight. The feet came closer and closer, and it killed me. Why can't he just yell at me and get it over with? I can't take it any more.

I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for it like how a lion’s prey sits there; waiting for it to attack so it can either run or be lunch.

The footsteps stop right in front of me as I sit there. Waiting for a voice and slap, something to easy the pain I felt. The pain I felt without physical contact.

I finally felt something. Something on my shoulder. I wanted to look to see what it was, but my neck refused to move. I continued to stare at the ground. That is until a hand had reached and placed itself under my chin then lifting my head slowly.

Here it comes.

I looked up at him, gazing into his eyes. I saw rage clouding his eyes. Sungmin began to lean over slowly closing any space there was between us. I began to get frightened, flashbacks of what had just happened with Yesung coming back into my mind. He couldn't be...? No, I was sure he was going to hit me; he just wanted a better range. I squeezed my eyes shut with all my might and froze.

"These lips.......Are mine."


I soon felt something warm and soft capturing my lips in a heated kiss. I snapped my eyes open seeing Sungmin's face right in front of mine, eyes closed, lips planted on mine. I first began to think about resisting, but any thoughts remotely close to that were erased when he had cupped my face, deepening the kiss even more so. He kissed me roughly and though Yesung had done the same, something was different about the way Sungmin kissed me. It felt so much more, loving yet still lustful at the same time, and it felt amazing.

He slyly bit the bottom of my lip forcing a moan of me and giving him the opportunity to push his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues wrestled as we exchanged saliva that had soon made its way to the corner of my mouth and down my chin.

I slid my hands up his chest and looped my arms around his neck. My pulse pounded, but I could have cared less. I leaned forward even more so, soaking up the ecstasy of his mouth on mine.

I closed my eyes and in took the sweet smell that radiated off of Sungmin. He smelt of Calvin Klein's Eternity, and god did it smell amazing. He parted lips with mine and quickly moved to the left side of my neck, biting, licking, and kissing any skin that was showing. I let out soft moans and breathed in that aromic smell, feeling high off of that alone.

"This neck is mine."

I opened my eyes to look at him but only got a glimpse of his jet black hair covering is face. Sungmin's hands rustled up the cloth that was my shirt and ripped it off my body. His lips then attached to my chest as his tongue slowly trail to my nipple in which he bit it, at first softly, but then with more force.

I gasped in air and let out a small moan, but quickly bit my lip to conceal it. I suddenly felt something hit my shoulder roughly, knocking me down while still in a dazed faze. He towered over me, hands on either side of my head and his right leg in between mine. He stared down at me with piercing eyes and a grin slowly grew across his face.

My eyes fluttered shut for a moment as my mouth opened wide and I groaned in pleasure, feeling his leg massaging my clothed crotch.

"These moans are for my ears only," he murmured.

"Wha- What are you t-talking about?" I finally managed to get out between moans and heavy breaths.

His hand grabbed my chin forcing me to look at him. He looked at me with you-should-know-what-I-mean eyes, but how could I ever even process any thought with his leg still prodding against my hardened cock?

"You are mine. You are for me to touch, to feel. No one can ever touch you but me. No one can hear these sweet sounds," he broke off with his knee giving a rough push on my erection. I moaned loudly, to his satisfactory. I was pretty sure Kyuhyun could hear us from the room over, but I couldn't hold them in for the life of me. And if I had, Sungmin would do anything in his power to let them loose again.

"You Kim Ryeowook, are mine." He dived down to the hem of my pants and slowly licked around it teasingly. I whimpered at his cruelty and said, "Sungmin, s-stop th-this isn't right."

"There are all kinds of right. On the spectrum, we're still in the safe zone."

He began to let his fingers lightly circle above the hem of my pants.

"Definitely right. Usually right. Mostly right. Maybe right," he continued. Then Sungmin slid his hand into my pants and briefs, grasping the hardened cock inside. I gasped as he lightly stoked it and bit my lip.

"Maybe not right now." I croaked.

"Well, to be honest, I don't think that's an option for you seeing as how I haven't even gotten started and your rock hard," Sungmin whispered seductive into my ear. He licked the shell and bit down playfully, forcing a moan out of me.

Sungmin pulled at my pants, forcing the baggy cloth off of my legs along with my briefs, exposing the erection that had been hidden for so long. A smile grew wide across his face as he teasingly grasped it and moved ever so slowly. His teasing drove me crazy. I bucked my hips, hoping for some kind of friction.

"Well, well, well. For the one who was saying that we shouldn't do this, you sure are impatient."

"W-We- G-Gah...!" I moaned, feeling something warm and wet taking in my full length at once. He bobbed his head back and forth and hummed, sending vibrations through out my dick. I let my hips rise while receiving a "Mmf!" from Sungmin, almost choking him.

This was wrong. I felt so-so....dirty. This was my first time doing anything like this and I was already almost choking Sungmin who was sucking me off.

"Su-Sungmin...Hyung, I'm g-going to cum.. mmmm,"

My eyes fluttered shut as I felt the warmth of Sungmin's mouth around my erection. It felt so wonderful. That is, until that warmth was suddenly... gone. I snapped my eyes open and whimpered as I saw Sungmin leaving my dick as it was, hard and throbbing.

"Sorry babe, but you aren't cumming till I do," he replied so slyly to my whimpers and groans. I reached for my neglected dick, but Sungmin slapped my hand away and pinned my wrists above my head.

"Disobeying are we? Looks like you need to be punished," his husky voice echoed in the hollow room. His piercing eyes sent lighting bolts through out my body. His eyes glistened and shined like the midnight sky, covered in stars and an all too familiar crescent silver moon. And the sight may have been the most breath taking thing I had ever seen if they weren't filled with such lust that clouded the full beauty.

I felt the head of his cock resting at my entrance. I had hoped for a slow start to let my body adjust to all of this. I gasped for air and wrapped my arms around his neck when he had thrusted his full length in at once, pain aching through out my whole body. I dug my nails into his back, the pain being unbearable. I showed to remorse toward me. And though this is my first time, I know that you're supposed to do something with your fingers first because I always hear Teukie Umma telling KangIn Hyung to, "shove another finger in, dammit!". And another thing is lube, and I don't have to hear Teuk and KangIn to know what that is for.

But one thing I was absolutely positive of is that Sungmin was giving it to me raw.

He pulled out almost immediately, making my body burn all over as if I had been lying on a bed of fire. It was strangely......arousing.

I let out a hot breath and relaxed tried to relax myself around his cock. The pain for some reason at this point felt really good. I let a, "Sungmin!" fall from my mouth as he thrusted back in. I gazed into his eyes feeling a great deal of lust filling me and taking over. I lost all control and any common sense I had left.

I released one of my hands from the death grip they had on his back and grabbed his chin.

"Fuck me harder."

He hadn't needed to be told twice and began to angle himself and began to thrust into me hard, hitting my prostate with every slight movement. I cried out with pleasure. I pushed my lips onto his and forced my tongue into his mouth without thought, capturing him in a messy and sloppy kiss. Rubbing and pushing my tongue along his, exchanging saliva and making slide down the corner of my mouth. It was fucking amazing.

I constantly moaned into his mouth. I noticed his sharp breath when I experimentally bounced up and down as he thrusted. I grinned almost too sinfully. This was perfect.

I grabbed his shoulders and rolled him until he was under me, breaking our kiss on the way. He stared up at me in a confused manner. My grin grew wider as I pulled myself up and then back down again while gazing at him. Sungmin's eyes closed almost immediately as he arched his back and groaned. And damn did he feel amazing inside me. He grasped my hips with such force that it was sure to leave bruises, but I could care less.

"How's it feel, babe?" I said in a cocky way, though I had to resist the temptation to moan. He glared at me while biting his lip, but soon I noticed that he began to smile. I widened my eyes.

"A-AH! Mmmffmmm.. Mmm...G-Gah....Su-Sung- Ahhh!" I moaned loudly. He was thrusting into me, rubbing my cock, pinching my nipple, and biting and licking my neck. My plan had failed.

"How does this feel, you fucking slut?" He laughed at my failure.

"Sungmin..." He moved up to my ear.

"That's right, I want you to scream my name. Let the world know that you are a little slut for my cock."


I had reached my breaking point and threw my head back while cumming on both of our stomachs. The feeling of me tightening around Sungmin's cock had made him spill inside of me while grunting. We froze for a moment, sweat trickling down how foreheads, chest, everywhere. His hot breath on my neck. He laid me down and pulled out of me forcing the last moan out of me.

"Slut," he teased while smiling. I rolled my eyes.

"Look who's talking. I'm not the one who barged in here just to have sex." He mumbled,'whatever' and kissed my forehead. I wrapped my arms around his chest while he wrapped his around my waist. I drifted off into a nice deep sleep, probably the best I have had in ages.

It was all because I knew Sungmin was right.

I am his.

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ok. gotta read this before i passed out because of excitement.:)

YES. Please do xD
Sorry if it's not goooooodd. :P

and i am back with tears of happiness and contentment.
i really really love for making me this fic.:) this is very lovely. sungmin claiming ryeowook is always the right thing.:)
i love you. you are the best.

Awww! I'm happy you do!

I'm sorry it took so long though. D:

But I'm reaallly happy you like it :D

don't worry. this fic is worth the wait.
i love it. sungmin and ryeowook, and the way you plotted it. it's pure perfection bb.


Holy hotness! I love top!Min and possessive Min and I love easy!Wook. Yep I gonna hafta mem it. :D

~FM :)

*_* wow hot xD Srsly awesome, me likey xD

HOLY SMOKES, THIS IS HOT AND LUSTFUL. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA ;____; Write more MinWook, they are rare and hard to find. D:




MY- MY- MY OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flailing*
*hugz this fic and you*


B- But.. My Yesungie.. *pout*

three words: I love slut!Min.
god, they're both sluts. and I love it.
The smuttttt!!!

"shove another finger in, dammit!"
You wouldn't believe how hard it was to not bust out laughing and disturb my roommate. ohgod.

"They're both sluts" XD
Well I had to keep SOME innocence in Wookie....at one point. xD

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