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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 1
super junior, ryeowook
"Come on, give in to me! I know you want me. Just admit it Eunhyuk," Donghae said smoothly to Eunhyuk who was sitting at his seat, rolling his eyes at the other. 

Donghae was the school's most wanted guy. That was.. Until Eunhyuk came around. Eunhyuk had just moved into the neighborhood a month ago and the first day he walked in, everyone wanted him in bed. He always wore skin tight clothing. Skinny jeans that hugged his ass and crotch in just the right way and low V-necks that exposed his collar bone and milky white skin. His hair was fiery red and cut so part of his bangs fell infront of one of his eyes. It was always slightly messy to give a more sexy bedroom look. His eyes were lined with smokey black eyeliner just to top off the look.

Eunhyuk had more sex appeal than anyone Donghae had ever seen. He was drop dead gorgeous. He made all the boys and girls fall to their knees in want when he passed, always having a cool look on his face. And when those plump lips parted to speak everyone stared at him and drooled. Eunhyuk was sex icon. And Donghae was determined  to make him his.

"Hmm let me think about it. No," Eunhyuk glared at the other. 

"LEE DONGHAE GET IN YOUR SEAT!" The teacher yelled and Donghae sulked and followed her command. But he isn't giving up just yet.


"I'm going to go practice swimming. I'll see you tomorrow, okay hyung?" Eunhyuk said to his hyung Heechul.The two became friends the same day Eunhyuk came to the school. Heechul, like Donghae, had been a wanted man in the school and someone as good looking as Hyuk had to be a friend of his. 

"Okay. See ya~," He waved at the other as he walked away. 

Eunhyuk made his way toward the school's swimming pool and changed into his swimming trunks, walking out into the empty large room. The water's reflection glistening on his abs. He dove in and swam. The water was where he felt the calmest. The silence you hear when you are under it. The way it always somehow gets you back to the surface. It cradles you and helps you. He loved it.
After swimming for about an hour or two, Eunhyuk decided it was time to go home. He stopped floating on his back and then jumped when he suddenly heard someone say, " Hey sexy."
He turned around quickly to see Donghae, arms folded and leaning against the wall, a wide smirk on his face.Eunhyuk cursed under his breath. But really, he didn't mean it.
Eunhyuk actually wanted Donghae. He wanted to be his so badly it killed him. But how could he just let him have Eunhyuk with a snap of his fingers? Oh no. He was going to have to work for it.
He sighed and pulled himself out of the pool and made his way to the changing room,"Go the hell away Donghae. Stop getting a little boy boner over me." He grinned slightly. He didn't know he could be so cocky! 

Donghae simply smirked and grabbed Eunhyuk's arm and pinned him against the wall.
"I assure you. There is nothing little about me," his smirk grew wider as Eunhyuk tried to comprehend the situation.
'Think! Think HyukJae!! (his real name is HyukJae but he changed it for a cooler effect) Okay! Don't panic. Keep your cool. Don't let him wi--'
His thoughts were quickly interrupted when a soft pair of lips roughly pressed themselves harshly against his. Eunhyuk's eyes widened as much as they could ever possibly go. He pulled his lips and tried to hide them from Donghae which was no use. He moved his knee and prodded it against Hyuk's crotch roughly, making the other moan into the kiss. 
Donghae took the opportunity slip his tongue into Eunhyuk's mouth and taste him. He rubbed his tongue against the other's roughly, but HyukJae tried desperately to wrestle tongues with him, trying to push his tongue out as he pinned him to the wall. 
Eunhyuk squeezed his eyes shut.
'Oh god he kisses so good. Fuck fuck fuck! Don't fall for it HyukJae! But he tastes so gooood..!' He slowly began to melt into the kiss, Donghae's tongue beginning to win the fight for dominance. 
'Wait. What the fuck am I doing!?' Eunhyuk had finally come to his senses and bit Donghae's tongue, making him pull back.
"OW!" He stumbled back a little holding his mouth but grinned slyly and continued, "Two can play this game Hyukkie. It's only a matter of time before you give into me. Until then, enjoy jacking off." He looked down at Eunhyuk's trunks which now had a bulge in them, making Eunhyuk groan. 
Donghae walked out of the large, empty room leaving Eunhyuk to curse himself and sulk walking off into the changing room.
This wasn't over yet.
I was feeling random. 
:D I love HaeHyuk. And I love sexy teasing Hyuk.

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I love your story^^
Hyukkie playing hard to get. But he's gotta make that fish work for his bait, right?
HWAITING for your next update!!!

8D Thank you for reading~

Liking this expecially sexy!Hyuk!

lmao at "little boy boner" XD

I am going to add you as a friend~ Hope that's okayy

I am Jackie btw ^_^

LOL yeah Hyukkie, don't let him get u too easy, u're the most wanted now XDDDDD.

I love this so much, update soon neh ^____________________^

love it~!!it's tempting!~

work on him hae..
will you update soon???

OH MY EUNHAE!! This sounds REALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYY GOOOD~~~~~ It's very interesting!! *coughs* excuse me Hyukjae, but if you don't want Hae...you could always send him my way! ;) *gets beat up by Hyuk* okay okay you get to keep him!! T_T

Massive like!
Love a teasing Hyuk (;
Update soon!

poor hyukkie....you can't win against a hot horny hae who wants you!!!

hehehehe me likesssssssssssssss!!!

I like the premise of your story :O But

Eunhyuk was sex icon.

made me snort with laughter. xD I've only ever pictured (and wrote) these two as fluffy little PG boys, so smut is a whole new world to me with them and. .. . *gigglesnort* Sex icon....

It just made me think of this:

XD Which is just so much more adorable than sexy. BUT That's just me. XD

because he can also do this:

Hyukke-sexy-wave is always relevant.

this is so awesome!
hope you update soon. ^_^

hahaha xDD
seems like Hae is sooo on the lead! Hyukkie is just defenceless...

You, enjoy jerking off your self too, Lee Donghae!!!

update soon...


Lee Hyukjae, you go and make Donghae run for his money, yes?!

Kyaaaa i fall for it
Omo cant wait for the nextnextnext
Thx 4 making it
Btw could we b friends?^^

I'm glad you like it~!
Yes of course we can :D

really anticipating the update...teasing!donghae is epic!!

update soon neh...


NO OTHER way to describe this in words XD

loving this and anticipating the next great update

lets be friends??? >.

I love it lol

And I find that I like Eunhyuk better with red hair lol and mean Hae for teasing Eunhyuk like that

(Deleted comment)
OMG! that was so fucking hot! LOL. "Two can play this game Hyukkie" /dies

Loves this story!! Hmm sexy eunhyuk, give in to Hae alrdy!
hehes I hope u dun mind me adding you ^^
I love ur gifs :D


i love that sexy melt into ur mouth hyukjae.

*flying to the next chap*

Y HAVN'T I EVER READ THIS!!! (friend recc that i read this) did u ever post it in hae_hyuk community? hmm maybe i missed it ;___;

"I assure you. There is nothing little about me,"


I-I'm really glad you like it! > 0 < Thank you for reading!
Wahh, I really love your fanfics by the way. I think I have posted it there.

oh thank you very much i'm glad u like them i rly appreciate it ^^ and ur so most welcomeee :DD

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