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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 2
super junior, ryeowook
 "Hyyyunnngg! I don't want to keep this up!" Eunhyuk cried, his lips pursed into a pout as he laid on Heechul's bed. The older boy turned around from his mirror in annoyance.

"YAH! SHUT UP! Lee Donghae has always gotten what he wanted, but not this time. HyukJae you are not giving in," he commanded which only made Eunhyuk pout more. He rolled onto his back and kicked his feet, whining,"But what if he gives uuuup?"

Heechul rolled his eyes and sat next to his friend.

"Trust me. When that whore wants something he makes it his personal mission to get it."

"But he probably doesn't even remember me! I mean it's been years since we last saw eachother," Eunhyuk reasoned, using his normal voice and stopping his pouting. 

"Even better. Keep this up until he remembers," Heechul grinned evilly. He was never a fan of Donghae. Always flirting around, having a new boyfriend or girlfriend every single damn day. But not this time. He needed to learn his place and that everything isn't as simple as him saying, "Be mine" and everyone saying yes.
And ever since Heechul had heard Hyuk's past, he knew this was his opportunity to teach him a lesson.
"I-I like you." 
Donghae looked up from his sand pile he was making in the sand box to a young boy infront of him, caramel hair that was styled into a bowl cut, and a soft look in his eyes. He was wearing a simple blue t-shirt and light blue pants, small white flowers in his hand that he had just picked out from the ground. His cheeks flushed pink and eyes glistening.
Donghae stared and blinked for a moment then stood up, a blank expression on his face that was unreadable to Eunhyuk. He had seen the boy around the day care, always sitting by himself while the others gathered around Donghae and played. 
Suddenly Hae raised his arms and pushes HyukJae to the ground, the flowers falling from his hands and a scared look in his eyes as he looked up at the other boy. Donghae simply said, "Are you stupid? Why would I like you? Freak." And with that he ran back into the day care.
HyukJae then said there. Replaying that moment over and over in his head. His small heart breaking over and over with each replaying of the memory. He curled himself up into a ball and cried, squeezing his eyes shut as the tears raced down his soft cheeks. The darkness of his mind engulfing him and the only thing that he could hear being: 
Since that day Eunhyuk had never forgiven Donghae. But he never stopped loving him. Even as a boy he watched him from afar, wishing he would just once come to him and ask him if he wanted to play cars or something. But he should have known that it would never happen.
When Hyuk had moved to this town he found out that Donghae was already a student there. Strucken with fright that he might remember him, HyukJae changed his name to Eunhyuk so he would never know it was him. And he changed his appearance with the help of his dear friend Heechul. 
And soon the transformation from HyukJae to Eunhyuk was complete. 
No one would ever be able tell it was him. 
The next day at school, Eunhyuk looked out the window, watching the clouds slowly roll across the blue sky and the birds fly around. He sighed and pictured the sky as water. Beautiful water. And wondered what it would be like to swim in. 
"Hey there," a husky voice whispered from behind in but right next to his ear. Hot breath misting across his skin, making the hairs on the back of his neck stick up as he quickly turned around in his seat to see Donghae with that same stupid grin plastered on his face.
"I  thought maybe we could pick up where we left off yesterday," he continued, saying it loud enough for everyone to hear him.
"Oh yeah? And where was that? You getting a boner over seeing me in swimming trunks?" Eunhyuk grinned right back and said this just as loud.
Donghae gritted his teeth and opened his mouth to say a come back but was quickly cut off by the teacher who walked in just in time.

"LEE DONGHAE! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO LEAVE  EUNHYUK ALONE? DO YOU WANT A DETENTION YOUNG MAN?!" She shouted, as the class laughed and looked back at him as he simply smiled. 
'Okay Eunhyuk. Time to take your revenge.' 
He glanced back at Donghae and then slowly stretched, his shirt lifting and flashing a bit of the pale skin that hid under it making everyone stare. He then slipped out of his jacket and pulled a lollipop out of his pocket and slowly run his tongue against it. 
Donghae looked at the sight and gulped, his mouth suddenly feeling dry. 
Eunhyuk wrapped his lips around the lollipop and began to suck on it sensually, eyes soft and a glint of sexual deviance. He then glanced back at Hae who was watching intensely and with one look from Eunhyuk, his pants began to get tight as his mind wondered. The man wondered what else he could wrap those perfect plum lips around. Maybe his hard cock. 
Donghae bit his lip to hold back a moan at the thought and squirmed in his seat, his problem going larger. He swiftly rose his hand and shouted, " Can I go to the washroom!?" 
"NO! YOU HAVE CAUSED ENOUGH TROUBLE NOW SHUT UP AND LEARN," The teacher growled and Donghae whimpered. Hae decided to take another look at the glorious creature who caused him such a problem and noticed such a wide smirk on his face and just realized, he had been duped. 
Eunhyuk licked his lips at the other and then turned around. 
Donghae then smiled.
He liked this game. 

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lol dat was so funny!! as i continue reading i didn't realize i was smiling hahah... love it <33

hope u update fast c can't wait 2 read da next chapter XD

another update, yes!

ah why Hae????? Why . . . why . . . why . . .

thank you for updating ^^

oooooooooo too much teasing is not good for my heart~~~


i love hyukkie's 2-sided personality!

cant wait to see more of their "games"

thanks for update

yaaay~ this is really interesting~ ^^
Hae was so cruel with Hyuk! Poor Hyukkie~
Ahaha the lollipop part was my fave!! XD

jaw drop at the teasing hyukkie!!!!
don't give in just yet hyukkie...hae deserves it~!!
thanks for the update~!!!u're fast~!

Haha hyuk really knows how to tease!! But I have to say after reading what Hae did to Hyukkie in the past makes me think he deserves it^^
thanks for the update XD

love this fic :D
update soon <3

woah,, hot hyukkie...
hyukkie is amazing in seducing hae! hahaha xD

hahaha Hae is stuck in class with his "situation" XD

my poor hyukkie ...hae broke his heart...
i hope hae will do his best to get forgiveness!
teasing hyuk is a win!!!

yaay an update
love it..hihi
can't stop smiling
update soon ...huhu

hae was a meanie..
dont give up hyuk..
give hae a vry good revenge..

new reader.:XD

ilove hyukkie beeing tease
serve your right lee donghae
how come u call hyukkie freak
silly fish...

waiting for more.:))

Aw poor Hyuk ): Donghae was so mean to him ><
Donghae has no idea he's getting played XD

And I like this game too (;

this is interesting!! flirty hyuk? NICE.

AAAAAAWW i really like this fic, the plot is really interesting
escpecially love teasing!hyukkie keke

new reader btw, so excited to read your next update and thank you for sharing this~♥♥♥

Hyukkie such a tease XDDD





I feel like i've read this before.....

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