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Music Meme
super junior, ryeowook
 DA (BUT I DID IT ON HERE) Music Meme For Writers

1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.

2. Put on your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs.

3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs either.

 JYJ -Ayy Girl

Yesung downed his drink, letting out a groan from the all too familiar burn he's been feeling in his throat for the past weeks. He's been coming to this bar over and over, looking for something he can never find. He was a single, lonely young man. Why was he single and lonely even though he had good looks, an amazing voice, and the whole package? He was rich. Very rich. And he never went unseen. Any one who approached him would always hit on him just for his wealth, which he flatly denied them.

He hated these people but the drink made the pain numb. He gazed out into the large crowd and then there was a small voice that came from the other direction.

"One tequila please!" Yesung looked over from where the voice had came and he saw a boy, sweating and smiling happily. He had dark brown hair, short and his bangs were cut unevenly, going in a diagonal direction. His cheeks were flushed red and as Yesung's eyes wondered down the boy's body he saw his small frame, his chest raising and falling from breathing. 

Yesung grinned. He likes this boy.

He held out his hand, "I'm Yesung." He gave a friendly smile to the other and he looked at Yesung and then his lips spread into an angelic smile and took his hand and shook it, "Ryeowook." 

And with that only a mere half an hour later of getting to know eachother, Yesung found Ryeowook had never heard of him, which was a bit of a blow but it made it better. Yesung explained his wealth and checked to see what Ryeowook was doing, but he only kept that smile, that truely sweet and honest smile.

And now that boy with a sweet smile was turned around, pinned up against a wall. Ryeowook was stripped of his clothes as well as Yesung. There were dark marks on the younger boy's neck trailing down his shoulder blade.

Yesung smacked Ryeowook's perky ass, earning him a loud, sweet moan from the other which only made his cock harder. Ryeo glanced back and looked at Yesung's huge dick and then his eyes widened.

"H-Hyung, i-it's not going to fit!" 

"It's okay babe, it will," the older man reasoned and with that he poked the head of his cock into Ryeowook's tight ass. Ryeowook gasped, feeling Yesung's length forcing it's way passed the clenching walls that clung to him, making him groan. He then suddenly slammed into Ryeowook, making his dongsaeng throw his head back and moan loud, feeling pain and tears rolling down his soft cheeks.

"I-It hurts!"

Yesung leaned up and kissed Ryeowook's ear and whispered into his ear, "It'll feel good soon, just bear with it for a while longer." He then pulled his hips back and thrusted back in roughly, growling at the hot tightness that consumed him. Ryeowook let out cries of pain and pleasure, the more his hyung thrusted the better it felt.

The latter gripped Ryeowok's hips with a bruising force and felt all his senses leave him, his hips moving on his own and thrusting in and out harder and harder, fucking Ryeowook's virgin ass like a dog. 

"Ahh! Mngh! Nhh!" Ryeowook thrashed his head to the side and moaned louder and louder, pushing his hips back so Yesung went deeper inside him. Yesung felt his cock brush against something that made Ryeowook's eyes flash open and made him scream and Yesung grin wolfishly.

He bit Ryeowook's neck and thrusted into his weak spot, over and over, ever hit being harder than the last. He grabbed the other's cock and stroked it tight. He sucked on Ryeo's neck hard and soon he felt Ryeowook cum in his hand, crying out, insides tightening around Yesung's cock deliciously. He thrusted a few more times and then came inside the younger boy, his cum running down Ryeowook's tigh.

They both panted and fell to the floor, Yesung cuddling Ryeowook in his arms.

A/N: I cheated. :3

G-Dragon - Obsession (Night Mare)

HenWook & KyuWook (Obsessed/Crazy Kyuhyun)

Kyuhyun bit his lip hard, snarling at the sight infront of him. Henry and Ryeowook cuddling on the couch, their giggles filling the air. He always watched them like this, so in love and happy. While Kyuhyun, himself, wanted Ryeowook all to himself.

He and Ryeowook had broken up a while ago, and had no clue why. He thought things were going great. Until one day Henry stole what was his. And he couldn't bear to watch anymore.

Kyu watched as Henry got up from the couch and walked to the bathroom, leaving Ryeowook alone like a bunny in a lion's den. It was time Kyuhyun made his move. He walked up behind Wook and said in a husky voice, "Hello Ryeo."

Ryeowook jumped from the couch, frightened and looked at Kyuhyun with wide eyes. He jumped over the couch to Ryeowook and grinned, backing him against a wall. But before Kyuhyun could corner him the smaller boy made a run for the kitchen and Kyuhyun followed close behind. 

He cought Ryeowook and pinned him against the fridge and kissed him a hard forcefull kiss, Ryeowook cried and tried to push him off, but to no avail. Kyuhyun was far to strong. He ran his hand up Ryeowook's shirt and dragged his nails down the skin that hid under it harshly, making more tears fall. 

He then felt something pull him of Ryeowook and Kyuhyun growled. He looked to see Henry standing between Kyu and his prey and grinned.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Henry shouted, a frightened Ryeowook behind him. Kyuhyun gave no response, he only pulled something from his back pocket and then thrusted it at Henry's chest.

"Taking what's mine."

Henry's eyes widened as a knife peirced through his heart, he fell to his knees and then to the floor below him. Ryeowook screamed in terror and Kyuhyun grinned like a mad man. He then looked at Ryeowook and grabbed him by his hair and whispered into his ear, "You're coming home." He nuzzled Ryeo's hair.

"You're my obsession."

A/N: I only felt like doing 2~ Maybe I'l do some more later

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"Ryeo glanced back and looked at Yesung's huge dick and then his eyes widened."

hohoho you got that right.

loved it BTW :>
Yewook pron :>

WOW,, the yewook porn just,,, asjfklsdjfkl so HOT ,, <3 <3

oohh physco kyu,, why he's so sexy even if he's a physcho here,, idk LOL

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