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I Promise Chapter 1 (You're Gonna Be Mine Side Story)
super junior, ryeowook
"Hi, do you have 'The Missing Girl'?" 

"I don't but the boy over there just checked it out."

Kyuhyung looked in the direction the librarian pointed, seeing a small boy with blonde hair smiling happily as he read the book that Kyuhyun had been searching for. He scanned the boy up and down from the blonde hair that was short on one side and longer on the other, to his white tennis shoes. He looks very cute and petite, like a fragile little doll that was pure enough to be an angel.

Kyuhyun grinned and made his way over to the small boy, stuffing his hands in his pockets and keeping cool. 

"Excuse me," Kyuhyun said smoothly.

The sitting boy blinked and looked away from his book and up at Kyuhyun, first with a cute curious expression, his mouth being open a little and his eyes wide and aware. Then a smile spread across his lips and he smiled brightly.

"Hello~" He chirped as he smiled happily, and Kyuhyun for some reason felt his heart skip a beat. His cheeks turned pink and flinched back just a little, and he looked away.

'God damn he's cute..'

Kyuhyun cleared his throat and looked back at the smaller man.

"Is that "The Missing Girl"?" Kyuhyun asked, though he had already seen the cover of the book which clearly read "The Missing Girl" but of course it was only polite to ask.

"A-Ah, yes it is. I-I'm sorry d-did you want it?" The boy frantically closed the book and rose to his feet. Kyuhyun chuckled and looked at him and said, "Calm down. You can keep the book but when you're done I'd like to have it." 

The blonde smiled. "Alright. But the author has some other great books if you want to see them," He said as he began walking into an isle of books. Kyu followed him, not paying attention to the words that came out of his mouth but the way his hips swang as he waked. How his uniform pants hugged his perfect ass in just the right way. 

Kyuhyun licked his lips hungrily, smirking as he watched and then quickly looked up when the blonde turned around and said, "So if you need any help finding one you can ask me, alright?" 

"Oh, what? Yeah alright. But there's something I need to ask."

"Yes?" He smiled wide and looked at the other.

"What's you're name?"

"Kim Ryeowook!" 

"Well Kim Ryeowook, do you promise to give me the book when you're done with it?"

"I promise!" He smiled earnestly.

Kyuhyun grinned wolfishly. 

"Then let's seal this promise." He walked toward the smaller boy and made him back into the wall, a frightened look in his big glossy eyes. Kyuhyun grabbed one of his wrists with one hand and the other took the blonde's chin and lifted it up. He then leaned forward and crashed his lips onto Ryeowook's harshly. 

Ryeowook's eyes widened and he froze and quickly gathered what was going on and tried to push Kyuhyun off but that only cause Kyuhyun to use more force. The blonde whimpered softly and soon gave in to the kiss. Their lips moved rough and hot against eachother and suddenly Kyuhyun's tongue slipped it's way into Ryeowook's mouth. 

The smaller boy moaned softly at the intruding tongue that was exploring his mouth. The sweet taste of Ryeo's mouth only made Kyuhyun rub his tongue around the other's mouth more, tasting him. He then moved his tongue from the roof of Ryeowook's mouth to against his tongue and wrapped it around the slick muscle.

Kyuhyun could feel tingles up his spine and his pants getting tighter when he heard cute soft moans coming from the other. He wanted more. He wanted to taste and feel more of this delicious boy. His instincts got the better of him and his hand slowly made it's way up Ryeowook's uniform shirt.

"N-Nn..!" He let out a soft cry and then Kyuhyun's hand rubbed the skin that hid under, making it's way up to the soft pink perky nipple. He took it between his fingers and rubbed it, earning moans from the other. 

Kyuhyun pulled his lips away and then pulled Ryeowook's shirt up until the skin was exposed and slowly took the sensitive pink skin into his mouth and sucked on it. 

"W-Wait--ahh..!" Ryeowook closed his eyes and breathed hot and soft, arching his back as Kyuhyun bit his nipple and then sucked harder. He then moved his lips, brushing them up the soft pale skin and moved to the blonde's neck and sucked on it. Moving his tongue on the skin as he sucked and made the other tremble.

He pulled his lips away and saw a very dark mark that stood out from the white milky skin that surrounded it. Kyuhyun grinned at the work he had done and then whispered in Ryeowook's ear.

"May I see your phone?"  

Ryeo moaned from the husky voice that whispered in his ear and then reached into his pocket and took out his phone and gave it to the other. Kyuhyun fiddled with the phone, quickly tapping the screen and having no problem figuring it out and then handed back the phone.

"I'll be sure to text you. You know. About the book," he winked and Ryeowook looked at him with a flushed face and nodded. 

"And just so you know, you're mine now," Kyuhyun quickly leaned in and kissed Ryeo's lips again and then pulled away and continued, "And so does everyone else~" He gave a wolfish grin and tapped the dark hickey on Ryeowook's neck.

The blonde's hand shot up and covered the spot and blushed dark red. 

"See ya around Ryeowook." 

Kyuhyun walked out of the library with a smile on his face and a boner in his pants.

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hiiii ~ so i guess this mainly made up of kyuwook???

kyu is so pervert...looking for a book but end up having a make up session...kekeke

wonder what will happen after kyu texted wookie later

so update soon neh... ^^.

kyu is sucha perv. this was a fun read!!! Made me laugh... kyu's thoughts!! auggh, IDE-...."I'll be sure to text you. You know. About the book."


its also funny that the librarian told kyu that wook had the book... i dont think librarians can do that... but :P librarian was a kyuwook shipper.

**** I didnt notice that 'chapter 1' on the top O___O.

so my comment: "this was a fun read!!!" is actually...

This was a fun read~~~ and I agree with yuue04... what will perv!kyu text innocent!wook later??

naughty kyu!!!

kyu is SOOOOOOOOO pervert O_______O
i felt sorry for baby wookie though kekeke
what's gonna happen next???

Hum... Ryeo lets Kyu know his name but Kyu didn't tell Ryeo his name...

But when Ryeo is kissed by Kyu, he moaned Kyuhyun ah~~, is that mean he had known Kyu before they met?

wow.. interesting fic.
kyu so naughty and pervert.. can't wait for next..

PervKyu! :D
Wookie! ^^
I love it <3 <3

wooooo daebakkkk!
please please update soon :)
I am a kyuwook fan...
pweaseeee *puppy eyes*

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