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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 8
super junior, ryeowook
"I love you Hyukjae."

Those 4 words ran through Eunhyuk's mind over and over, hearing the sweet tone that they were spoken in. The way it felt to hear that Lee Donghae, the man he had been loving for years and years, had finally felt the same. And for once, it hadn't felt like a trick. To Eunhyuk his words felt true, they felt real. It was almost as if in this one instant, they were the only truth. The only thing to believe in.

"I love you too Donghae," Hyukjae whispered softly, eyes slowly looking into Donghae's, seeing the intensity they held. Donghae looked back into the other's eyes and then leaned forward, capturing the blonde's plump luscious lips in another sweet deep kiss. Donghae slid his arms under Hyukjae’s legs and one behind his back, picking him up and carrying him blindly as they kissed.

Eunhyuk knew what he was looking for so he said into the kiss, “Upstairs, second door on the left.”

Donghae grinned as he walked up the stairs and into a medium sized room, posters filling up one of the walls. He walked toward the queen sized bed and dropped Eunhyuk onto the soft surface, making him let out a small, ‘Oof!’

The brunette slowly crawled on top of the blonde, hands running all over his chest and touching the delicately soft skin.

“Is this your first time Hyukkie?” Donghae whispered sensually into Hyukjae’s ear, causing him to groan as he nodded.

“Then I’ll make it extra special,” He grinned wolfishly and moved down to Eunhyuk’s neck, sucking on it hard. 


Eunhyuk moaned in pleasure as Donghae’s hand fondled every inch of his milky white skin. Fingers brushing against his now perky nippy and making Eunhyuk give a hot moan. Donghae paused for a moment as he registered the noise in his head and then all feeling went straight into his pants. 

He moved his lips down until they ghosted over Hyukjae’s nipple, slowly taking the sensitive skin into his mouth and sucking on it. His hands slipped into Hyukjae’s pants and grabbed a hold of the other’s length.

“Ahh.. N-No Donghae.. Haa..,” Eunhyuk moaned as he talked, feeling pleasure tingling all over his body. He’d never felt such pleasure in his life and he didn’t want it to end.

“Hyukkie, you may be saying no, but your body says yes. It screams, ‘Yes Donghae, fuck me I’m yours. All yours.’” Donghae pulled down the latter’s swimming trunks and sat up on his knees, staring at the perfect body that lay in front of him. Watching as the thin chest raises and falls as he pants in need and want. As his hands clutch the blankets as if he were preparing himself for what he longed for. The dark mark on his neck that stood out like a sore thumb compared to the pale flawless skin that surrounded it. And the sexy scent that came from the boy was…intoxicating. Donghae could feel his erection growing just at the sight.

He quickly stripped himself of his shirt, exposing the godly toned and muscular body. Donghae’s muscles flexed with every movement that he made. His fingers traced their way from Hyukjae’s stomach to his mouth, slowly sliding them in between the parted lips.

“Suck.” Donghae commanded and Eunhyuk did as he was told, licking and sucking on the long slender fingers. He watched as HyukJae sucked and licked his fingers, coating them with his delicious saliva. Donghae pulled them out of his mouth and then pushed one into his tight entrance slowly. 

“A-Ahh..!” Eunhyuk moaned, feeling a sharp pain as the finger stretched his virgin hole. Donghae wiggled and thrusted his finger in and out of the other, soon adding a second and moving them in a scissoring motion.

The brunette grinned in satisfaction as he watched Hyukjae squirm and moan by his hands. He pulled out the two fingers and quickly undid his pants, sliding them and his briefs off in one swift movement and Hyukjae's eyes went big at the sight infront of him. Donghae gave small strokes to his large throbbing cock, staring intensely at the other.

"D-Donghae there's no way that is going to fit..," Eunhyuk looked at him almost frightened, but Donghae tried to reassure him by leaving light kisses over his collar bone.

"It's okay, I'll be extra gentle," Donghae winked and grinned, positioning himself between Eunhyuk's legs, the head prodding his hole slightly. 

"Mnn..," he moaned but soon began to feel a sharp pain inside him as Donghae pushed inside him. 

"A-Ah! Donghae! You're too big-- Ahh!" He threw his head back as Donghae thrusted his length inside the other, feelings his hot insides clinging to him, causing him to groan. "F-Fuck you're tight," Donghae growled as he slowly started to move his hips back and forth, thrusting into Hyukjae gently. And though Donghae had tried his best to be gentle, Hyukjae's eyes still had tears welded up inside them as some ran down his cheeks, the pain being unbearable.

But suddenly Donghae angled himself and thrusted into a spot that sent chills up and down Eunhyuk's body.

"D-Donghae!" He cried as he felt all the pain disappear, pleasure filling every part of his body. The brunette moaned as he heard Eunhyuk say his name, his cock growing inside of the other and only making it feel more tight.

"That's right baby, fuck, say my name," Donghae growled and began to thrust in and out of Eunhyuk faster and rough, moving the other's legs so they were around his waist so he could move better. Eunhyuk moaned and his face flushed red, being embarrassed of even saying it the first few times.

Eunhyuk arches his back off of the bed and Donghae held his arched back, both of his thumbs rubbing the other's nipples and attacking his neck, sucking and biting everywhere. Eunhyuk moaned uncontrollably, feeling a hot tingling sensation all over his body, never wanting the pleasure to stop.

"Donghae! D-Donghae--Ahh! Donghae!" He screamed as he came onto their stomachs. Donghae groaned as he felt the other tighten around him completely and whispered, "Oh god..Just a little more."

He has lost control of himself and began to pound into the other, the hot tightness being too much for him to handle. His cock abused Hyukjae's insides, hitting every single sensitive spot he could find. Donghae finally reached his limit and groaned as his cum shot inside of Eunhyuk, still thrusting as he came and forcing some to leak out and drip down Eunhyuk's thigh.

Donghae slowly began to stop and hugged Eunhyuk's body, both of them sweating and panting hard. Donghae pulled his hips back slowly, pulling his limp cock of the other, earning a small moan.

He looked at Eunhyuk and smiled very wide, Eunhyuk having one of his signature gummy smiles across his face.

"I love you HyukJae."

"I love you Donghae."

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uwah~ so sexy ^///^
i just recently read the chapters before this and this story is really interesting!
they confessed~ <3333333
is it going to end soon??? T____________T

They confess... Hot and sexy session... Is this story going to end soon?..

update 8)
omg confessions, eee!
and that was one hot, sex.
can't wait to see what happens next o/

glad you are back!! I missed this fic! ah!! they had sex!! xDD yayyy Mr. Whaleeeee <333 *moans* yes hae is VERY BIG HYUKKIE U LUCKY BUMBUM ;_____;

I hope everything works out after this :D

thx for updating!

The confession with make love......
Haehyuk confess finally......so sweet......
Thanks for sharing.........anticipate on the next update.....

omg,,,,this is really hot!!the confession thingy leads to a hot session of skin slapping..GAWD~8D.. I hope it doesn't end soon please..>.<.. thanks for updating~^-^

Finally had sex! I'm glad Hae confessed and wasn't acting like a jerk anymore. I had to read chapter 7 again to remind myself what was happening. Will siwon put up a fight since he also loves Hyuk? And siwon seems upset that he lost to Hae again so siwon might cause trouble.

uhhhhhhhh *drools* yeah!!!finally
*lol at pervert fangirls* but you should have done that move long time ago hae!!!kekeke
thanks for updating!!!

yeah...finally,the update came out...
i miss this fic...

YES YES YES!!!! Finally they confess to each other!
I'm losing 1 part. hehe
I really hate siwon for not telling the WHOLE REAL STORY about saving Hyukjae. hufff
but I'm glad in the end Donghae is with Hyukjae :D
can't wait for next update

thanks for this update <3

howt howt howtness overload

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