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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 6

"Uk....Eunhyuk...Eunhyuk!" "Huh?! W-What?!" Eunhyuk sprang up from his desk and looked at the person who had been calling him for god knows how many minutes.

Siwon furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Eunhyuk with worry in his eyes.

"Are you okay? I've been calling your name for the past 5 minutes."

"Y-Yeah I'm fine, just thinking about my swim meet later," Eunhyuk lied. He didn't give a damn about the swim meet. All he could think about was Donghae's furiously loving lips against his plump ones.  Oh god how he loved that moment. And he couldn't stop thinking about it, not like he wanted to. Siwon sighed and decided not to question.

"Alright. But I have something I want to ask you," Siwon digged through his bag and pulled out a colorful piece of paper and then turned his gaze back to Eunhyuk.

"Eunhyuk, " He continued, "Will you go to the dance with me next Friday?" Siwon handed Hyuk the flyer he had in his hand and Eunhyuk read it.
Eunhyuk scanned the flyer, "Oh this seems cool, nice flyer too--," and then stopped. He quickly snapped his head up and looked at Siwon.

"You want to go? W-With me?"

He looked at Siwon dumbfounded, as if he was back in his nerdy old HyukJae self. Siwon just gave a simple nod and then smiles, his dimples denting his cheeks that made Eunhyuk blush a bit. Siwon was handsome. Extremely handsome.

"Of course I want you to go with me," He gave an earnest smile and put his hand on Hyuk's cheek and ran his thumb back and forth gently, caressing the  pink soft skin.

"So will you go?" Siwon continued. Eunhyuk continued to blush, not knowing what to even think so he let his plump lips do the thinking for him.


Siwon smiled wider as he heard the word slip past the other's lips.  "Then it's a date." Siwon moved his hand from Eunhyuk's cheek to his chin and leaned in, gently pushing his thin lips against Eunhyuk's which made Hyuk widen his eyes. Eunhyuk then slowly closed his eyes and kissed back softly. The kiss was sweet and loving.

The feeling of Siwon's lips against his own felt surprisingly amazing. Then suddenly Donghae flashed through his head. Eunhyuk's eyes opened quickly. He thought about the kiss the two had shared just the other day. How fierce yet amazing it was. And how guilty Eunhyuk felt to be kissing Siwon.

Wait a second.. Donghae had no power of him. It wasn't as if the two were dating or anything. As far as anyone was concerned, the game was still on. And with that he closed his eyes again. Siwon pulled back slowly and looked at Eunhyuk and smiled, showing his dimples yet again and Eunhyuk smiled back. But something pulled Siwon's gaze from the chocolately brown orbs that he wanted to stare at for so long, to something that had been sitting in his peripheral vision for a while.

When he looked, he saw Donghae, staring and glaring holes through him. Siwon only gave a confident smile and then pulled Eunhyuk into his arms, holding him close.

"Let's walk home," Siwon whispered into Eunhyuk's ear as he continued to stare at Donghae, smirking. Eunhyuk's ear went a little red as well as his cheeks and then nodded. And with that they walked off together. Leaving Donghae to growl and crack his knuckles as he watched.


"What's so wrong with me?! Why won't Eunhyuk pick me?! " Donghae raged, growling and smashing books down on the table.

"Maybe it's because you're the biggest flirt in the whole fucking world," his friend, Kyuhyun, mused idle as he watched Donghae slam things down and rant as he marched around the room.

"And then he goes off and kisses that Siwon guy, like he's the fucking shit! 'Ohhh  Siwon I looovee you.' 'Eunhyuk, I love you too. Dump that dumb ass Donghae and let me fuck you'," he mocked, giving Siwon a very manly, yet stupid voice and thrusting his hips like an idiot. Kyuhyun simply chuckled as he barely even listened.

"And that prick fucking whispered in his ear. WHAT THE FUCK DID HE SAY!? He probably said, "Let meh fuck you with my two inch dick. My mommy says its pretty biiiiiig." Kyuhyun cracked up and kicked his feet up on the edge of the table and grinned, pulling out his phone and texting.

"And what's better is--," He looked at Kyuhyun and then saw his phone out and raised an eyebrow. He knew Kyuhyun never texted.

"Who ya texting?" Donghae walked over to him. Kyuhyun just grinned and shrugged as he texted. "No one~"

"Bull shit no one! Who is it?" Donghae tried to peek at the younger man's phone but he pulled it away and hid it against his chest, hiding it from his hyung.

"I said no one." Donghae pursed his lips and then tried to distract the other and with success grabbed the phone and ran around the room, looking through the text as he read them aloud.

(The one without any caps or  '  '  is Kyuhyun.) "hey.  'Hi! What's up? ^ 0 ^'     nothing much. listening to my friend whine like a little bitch.   'Aw I'm sure he's just hurt. Hehe'     oh well i miss you. how about you come over to my place later?      'Your place? Alright ^////^'       awesome. ill make sure youre very comfy in my bed ;) ill pick you up in 10 minutes     'Hehe okay. I have to go get ready then~'      cya    'Bye~ <3'."

Kyuhyun face palmed literally and then looked at a Donghae who's jaw was dropped and was staring directly at him. "What?!"

"You called me a little bitch!" Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and then Donghae got back on the subject of the texting. "Who is BunRy?!"

".....Kim Ryeowook."


Kyuhyun sprinted up and covered Donghae's mouth. "You dumbass! I'm not fucking him, I'm dating him. He may not be fucking hot stuff like you but he is mother fucking cute. And you better not ruin this for me," he glared. Donghae held his hands in the air, meaning 'I'm not gonna do anything.' He knows that if Cho Kyuhyun is mad, someone is gonna pay. He moved his hand from Donghae's mouth and sighed.

"I just didn't know that was your type," he reasoned.  "Are you kidding me? He is so small and perfect and shy. He even stutters and blushes. I swear the first time I talked to him I was gonna fuck him so hard. "

Donghae laughed. "Well good luck with that. Now. WHY WON'T EUNHYUK PICK ME?!"
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Music Meme

 DA (BUT I DID IT ON HERE) Music Meme For Writers

1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.

2. Put on your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs.

3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs either.

 JYJ -Ayy Girl

Yesung downed his drink, letting out a groan from the all too familiar burn he's been feeling in his throat for the past weeks. He's been coming to this bar over and over, looking for something he can never find. He was a single, lonely young man. Why was he single and lonely even though he had good looks, an amazing voice, and the whole package? He was rich. Very rich. And he never went unseen. Any one who approached him would always hit on him just for his wealth, which he flatly denied them.

He hated these people but the drink made the pain numb. He gazed out into the large crowd and then there was a small voice that came from the other direction.

"One tequila please!" Yesung looked over from where the voice had came and he saw a boy, sweating and smiling happily. He had dark brown hair, short and his bangs were cut unevenly, going in a diagonal direction. His cheeks were flushed red and as Yesung's eyes wondered down the boy's body he saw his small frame, his chest raising and falling from breathing. 

Yesung grinned. He likes this boy.

He held out his hand, "I'm Yesung." He gave a friendly smile to the other and he looked at Yesung and then his lips spread into an angelic smile and took his hand and shook it, "Ryeowook." 

And with that only a mere half an hour later of getting to know eachother, Yesung found Ryeowook had never heard of him, which was a bit of a blow but it made it better. Yesung explained his wealth and checked to see what Ryeowook was doing, but he only kept that smile, that truely sweet and honest smile.

And now that boy with a sweet smile was turned around, pinned up against a wall. Ryeowook was stripped of his clothes as well as Yesung. There were dark marks on the younger boy's neck trailing down his shoulder blade.

Yesung smacked Ryeowook's perky ass, earning him a loud, sweet moan from the other which only made his cock harder. Ryeo glanced back and looked at Yesung's huge dick and then his eyes widened.

"H-Hyung, i-it's not going to fit!" 

"It's okay babe, it will," the older man reasoned and with that he poked the head of his cock into Ryeowook's tight ass. Ryeowook gasped, feeling Yesung's length forcing it's way passed the clenching walls that clung to him, making him groan. He then suddenly slammed into Ryeowook, making his dongsaeng throw his head back and moan loud, feeling pain and tears rolling down his soft cheeks.

"I-It hurts!"

Yesung leaned up and kissed Ryeowook's ear and whispered into his ear, "It'll feel good soon, just bear with it for a while longer." He then pulled his hips back and thrusted back in roughly, growling at the hot tightness that consumed him. Ryeowook let out cries of pain and pleasure, the more his hyung thrusted the better it felt.

The latter gripped Ryeowok's hips with a bruising force and felt all his senses leave him, his hips moving on his own and thrusting in and out harder and harder, fucking Ryeowook's virgin ass like a dog. 

"Ahh! Mngh! Nhh!" Ryeowook thrashed his head to the side and moaned louder and louder, pushing his hips back so Yesung went deeper inside him. Yesung felt his cock brush against something that made Ryeowook's eyes flash open and made him scream and Yesung grin wolfishly.

He bit Ryeowook's neck and thrusted into his weak spot, over and over, ever hit being harder than the last. He grabbed the other's cock and stroked it tight. He sucked on Ryeo's neck hard and soon he felt Ryeowook cum in his hand, crying out, insides tightening around Yesung's cock deliciously. He thrusted a few more times and then came inside the younger boy, his cum running down Ryeowook's tigh.

They both panted and fell to the floor, Yesung cuddling Ryeowook in his arms.

A/N: I cheated. :3

G-Dragon - Obsession (Night Mare)

HenWook & KyuWook (Obsessed/Crazy Kyuhyun)

Kyuhyun bit his lip hard, snarling at the sight infront of him. Henry and Ryeowook cuddling on the couch, their giggles filling the air. He always watched them like this, so in love and happy. While Kyuhyun, himself, wanted Ryeowook all to himself.

He and Ryeowook had broken up a while ago, and had no clue why. He thought things were going great. Until one day Henry stole what was his. And he couldn't bear to watch anymore.

Kyu watched as Henry got up from the couch and walked to the bathroom, leaving Ryeowook alone like a bunny in a lion's den. It was time Kyuhyun made his move. He walked up behind Wook and said in a husky voice, "Hello Ryeo."

Ryeowook jumped from the couch, frightened and looked at Kyuhyun with wide eyes. He jumped over the couch to Ryeowook and grinned, backing him against a wall. But before Kyuhyun could corner him the smaller boy made a run for the kitchen and Kyuhyun followed close behind. 

He cought Ryeowook and pinned him against the fridge and kissed him a hard forcefull kiss, Ryeowook cried and tried to push him off, but to no avail. Kyuhyun was far to strong. He ran his hand up Ryeowook's shirt and dragged his nails down the skin that hid under it harshly, making more tears fall. 

He then felt something pull him of Ryeowook and Kyuhyun growled. He looked to see Henry standing between Kyu and his prey and grinned.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Henry shouted, a frightened Ryeowook behind him. Kyuhyun gave no response, he only pulled something from his back pocket and then thrusted it at Henry's chest.

"Taking what's mine."

Henry's eyes widened as a knife peirced through his heart, he fell to his knees and then to the floor below him. Ryeowook screamed in terror and Kyuhyun grinned like a mad man. He then looked at Ryeowook and grabbed him by his hair and whispered into his ear, "You're coming home." He nuzzled Ryeo's hair.

"You're my obsession."

A/N: I only felt like doing 2~ Maybe I'l do some more later
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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 5

 "Where do I know you..?"

'God no please! Siwon! Someone! Anyone!'

Donghae continued to scan his face, looking in his eyes and then his own eyes widened. Just a moment ago Eunhyuk's eyes were desperate and irritated but now they were... scared. Frightened. Eunhyuk's eyes were just like someone's he had seen before.. a long time ago. They looked just like...


Donghae whispered the name as if it were the last he would ever say. Eunhyuk's eyes widened and he pushed Donghae off of him and made a run for it, sprinting down the road, tears rolling down his cheek and flying behind him, the rush of the wind at his face as he ran pushing them off. His sight was blurry and he had no clue where he was going all he knew is that he had to get away. Far away.

"Hyukjae! HYUKJAE!" Donghae called after him. When Eunhyuk had broken free Donghae had stood there for a moment, recollecting and connecting the dots. Connecting Hyukjae to Eunhyuk. Once he realized it all, he came back to reality. He came back to the guy he's been chasing after for weeks and weeks running away. But this time he really had to go chase him. And he was not about to let him escape.

Donghae broke into a sprint, straight after Eunhyuk, calling his name and shoving people out of the way to keep the other in his sights. 

Eunhyuk was running for dear life. The thought of Donghae remembering frightened him. The reality of it happening made him want to go hide in a corner. The words came rushing into his mind again. Instead of hearing Donghae screaming his name, Hyuk heard him screaming, "Freak! Freak!"

Hae growled in frustration at the civilians who blocked his way from Hyukjae. 

"Get out of the way! Hyukjae! Hyukjae!"

'Freak! Freak..!'

Hyuk sobbed as he ran, a lump forming in his throat making it harder for him to breath. He panted as his legs continued to carry him down the side walk quickly. Suddenly he was grabbed and pulled into an alley, pinned against the wall yet again but now his hands were pinned at both sides of his head.

Eunhyuk cringed and cried harder, tears coming down his face hot and fast. He barely struggled against the other, not having enough energy.

"Let me go...Let me go...," Hyukjae sobbed but a soft pair of lips pressed themselves against his, capturing him in a soft loving kiss. His eyes widened and struggled more but the other man put more force on pinning him and soon Eunhyuk gave in. He was already caught..There was no use in resisting any further. He was caught.

Donghae felt Hyukjae stop moving and trying to push him off and he slowly moved one of his hands to Eunhyuk's cheek and the other wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer to Hae. The two kissed passionately, lips moving in tune, bodies against eachother. Eunhyuk gripped the front of the other man's shirt tight in his hands and tilted his head to deepen the kiss as Donghae cupped his cheek.

Slowly Donghae pulled away gently and rested his forehead against the other's, their hot breathes mixing into an aroma that drove Eunhyuk crazy. 

"Hyukjae..Listen to me. Stop running. Stop hiding from me. You..You've made me work more than I have ever had to in my life and it's well worth it.  Be mine..," he said, looking into Hyukjae's eyes, the scared look the young boy who he had seen in preschool was back.

"B-But..Have you really changed..?" Eunhyuk whispered softly in a hoarse voice, the lump in his throat still being there.

"Yes. I have changed-"

"Wait. J-Just listen..," he cut Donghae off softly and continued, "In preschool..when I told you I liked pushed me to the ground..called me stupid and a freak. And now.. the only reason why you chased me for weeks was because of how I looked. Not because of who I was. I can I believe in you..?"

Donghae's eyes went big, but then looked deep into Hyukjae's trying to convince the other.

"I have changed. Please be mine! I can make you so happy." He held the boy closer and then sighed and nodded.

"Fine. I will convince you. I will show you I have changed. That I have a shot." Hearing those words come out of Donghae's mouth sounded like a dream. He hugged him tight and then was suddenly picked up bridal style, being held close in Donghae's arms. 

"W-What are y--"

"I think it's time I took you home," he smiled down at the other and Eunhyuk smiled back, resting his head on Donghae's chest. Listening to his heart beat all the way home. The funny thing was, Donghae's heart was racing. 

'I wonder why.'

A/N: Thank you Maroon 5 :D I kept listening to it when I wrote the running scene and I think it suits it well.
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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 4

 'Brrrrrnng!' The bell cried, releasing the students from their prison. Some of them ran out of the building with a big smile on their face when they saw outside, as if it were another world, while others took their time leaving the school. But Eunhyuk was out of the doors the second the bell rang, with Siwon following close behind. He was determined after a long day of trying to avoid Donghae that he would get out before there was any chance for an attack.

"Well, there's my Appa. Thanks for everything today Eunhyuk," Siwon smiled. The day had come to an end and through only 7 hours, Siwon and Eunhyuk became good friends. Eunhyuk really did like Siwon, despite the prop that he was a good shield against Donghae and he seemed to get jealous . All day Donghae was trying to find a way to break the two up but with teachers on the watch and Siwon keeping a close eye it was nearly impossible. Which made their little game worse for Donghae, Eunhyuk being more tempting than usual.

"It's no problem. It was nice meeting you Siwon," which was truth enough, what with having someone to talk to all day and a body guard. Eunhyuk waved goodbye to Siwon as he began to walk away and Siwon did the same, a polite smile spread across his face. 

Eunhyuk turned, looking at his feet as he walked, his thoughts up in the clouds. He replayed the day in his head and his smile grew wider. Siwon was such a gentleman. He made Eunhyuk feel safe, happy, and he only knew him for less than 24 hours. 

Not like Donghae. Eunhyuk had known Donghae since they were children and he made him feel used, like a new toy to a child. You like it one day, but soon you throw it away because it gets boring.
Suddenly, something grabbed Eunhyuk by his arm and pulled him into an alley, putting a hand over his mouth so he wouldn't scream. Eunhyuk's eyes widened in fright and struggled to get away but a steel arm wrapped itself around his waist tight, making any movement basically impossible. 
"Where do you think you're going?" A deep husky voice whispered into Eunhyuk's ear, his hot breath crisp against the boy's skin.
He was then pushes up against the wall, his hands pinned above his head and his eyes focused on the person infront of him, noticing the black well trimmed hair and the bicep of the arm that was above him he soon realized the man who was currently pinning him to a wall was Donghae.
Hyuk's cheeks were red and eyes were still wide, but he soon scrambled to compose himself and regained his serious, sexy look. But Donghae must of seen the still frightened look in his eyes. 

"What do you think you're doing?"

"What do you?!" Donghae snapped back, making Eunhyuk flinch. He stared at the other with wide eyes. They stared at each other for quite a while, Donghae's eyes piercing and intense. The silence grew but Donghae's voice soon broke it.
"Are you trying to make me mad? Flirting with that prick all day," he scoffed, "You belong to me. And he isn't allowed to touch you. Only me!" Jealousy and rage filled his voice as he growled.

The anger in Donghae's voice made Eunhyuk flinch and drop his cool act, that scared gleam in his eye that he had back in preschool had returned and it made Donghae stop.

"Do I...Do I know you..?" He asked, examining Hyukjae's face closely, as if trying to find something that had been lost. Eunhyuk's eyes widened and and began to struggle.

"W-What are you talking about. Of course you know me, I'm Eunhyuk," he looked to the side. Donghae then grabbed his face and turned it so he could look at the other boy.


Eunhyuk struggled more. 'No no no! Please god no..!'

"You're that kid..."
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NEWS: FanFics coming soon. You're Gonna Be Mine Update. Opportunity to have your idea in YGBM &FF

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating in a week or so~ 
I have this suuppper big project right now and tons of tests but I will be sure to get up another chapter of You're Gonna Be Mine. Which I shall be taking suggestions on! If you think you have an idea for what should happen in the next chapter between Siwon, Eunhyuk, and Donghae (and a side of sexy sexy Heechul~) Leave a comment saying what you think will happen and which ever I like best is going to be picked!

I will be uploading some new short fanfics as well! Now don't be freaked out but I've been storming some crack pairings and I found some that I thought would be adorable~

For Example:

YunWook = Yunho (DBSK/TVXQ) + Ryeowook (Super Junior)

HonJin = Hongki (F.T. Island) + Jino (S.M. The Ballad)

So there is some samplers~ If you also have a crack pairing you like leave it in the comments and if I like it  I'll write a fanfic about them! As a request to you~ But! It will be rated NC-17~ So! 
Be sure to leave your comments and the winners will be picked soon~
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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 3

"Class we have a new student and I want you to welcome him with open arms. This is Choi Siwon."

"Hello I am Choi Siwon and I hope to meet you all," the man said, smiling gently as dimples dented his cheeks. His hair was jet black and spiked up in the front, showing more of his handsome face. He was wearing a light blue T-shirt and dark blue jeans which looked great on his muscular figure. 

Eunhyuk looked up from his desk to see the new student and his cheeks, like everyone else's, went pink. 

'Wow... He is really good looking.'

He stared at younger man in awe and then realized what he was doing. He cleared his throat and sat back in his seat, keeping him cool appearance. 

"Siwon you can go sit next to Eunhyuk," the teacher said politely, pointing to the empty desk next to Eunhyuk. He nodded and followed his teacher's orders and sat in the desk. Siwon looked at Eunhyuk, stealing a glance of his exposed skin that his v-neck allowed. He grinned at the other when Eunhyuk had glanced over at him.

"Hi. I'm Siwon," Siwon said as he held out his hand, waiting for a response from his classmate. Eunhyuk blinked and then put his hand in Siwon's shaking it slowly. Siwon had a tight grasp and very warm  compare to Eunhyuk's cold, soft hand.

"Eunhyuk," He replied simply.

"Do you mind if I stick with you all day? I don't know anyone so I was just wondering," Siwon asked, giving a hopeful gaze.

"Uhm...Sure. But could I see your classes?"

Siwon nodded and rummaged through his notebook, finally finding the black and white paper he had searched for, handing it to the other.

Eunhyuk scanned it, his eyes widening in surprise. 

"We have...all our classes together. Well okay then! I'll show you around and introduce you to some people. But finding friends wont be hard for you."

Eunhyuk continued to talk and explain everything. Where things are and how to get there. Who to and not to trust. And what classes to be careful in.

Siwon would nods and smile. Asking questions here and there. But there was one thing that he was itching to ask.

"Do you have anyone special in your life?"

This question made Euhyuk stop and think, giving Siwon a few blinks. Then suddenly Donghae began rushing into his mind.

"No," he said, which was truth enough. Donghae was no one special. He was an ignorant pig who didn't deserve Hyuk. What he does deserve is a kick in the ass. Oh wait.

He'd enjoy that.


Siwon smiled at the reply.

"What about you Siwon?"

"Ah..No. But I think I might soon," he replied simply. Eunhyuk smiled in admiration. Siwon then glanced behind Eunhyuk, seeing a guy glaring right at Siwon. Making holes in his back.  He grinned at the angry man and put a hand on Eunhyuk shoulder, rubbing it softly. He gave another glance at the man who only narrowed his eyes more and made his hands into fists. 

Donghae's POV

'What the hell is this!?  Who the fuck does this prick think he is? How does he think he can just flirt with Eunh--'

Donghae's eyes widened as Siwon's hand moved from Eunhyuk's shoulder down his back to his waist, wrapping it around him. He looked up at Eunhyuk, hoping for a reaction but he was too into his conversation. 

He then stood up from his desk, marching over to the two and ripping Siwon's hand from Eunhyuk's waist. 

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"  Donghae growled at Siwon, his glare only intensing. Then suddenly, Eunhyuk stood up.

"No. More like what the hell do you think you're doing?!"


"You are mine. No one else can touch you," Donghae grabbed Eunhyuk by his arm and pulled him onto his body. Crushing his plump lips with his own furiously and harshly. Eunhyuk pushed Donghae off and stumbled back, falling onto Siwon's lap. Now it was his turn.

Siwon gently lifted Eunhyuk and set him in his seat, standing up slowly. 

"You should go back to your seat."

Donghae snarled and purposely bumped chests with Siwon, "I think you should keep your hands off what isn't your's."

"And so should you! I do not belong to you."

Siwon smiled and stood up, making himself taller than the other man. "Now you should go back to your seat. Before you get hurt."

Oo's and Ahh's emerged from the class, watching as if a movie was playing out before their eyes.
"LEE DONGHAE! YOU ARE STAYING AFTER SCHOOL WITH ME! HOW DARE  YOU TRY AND START THINGS WITH OUR NEW STUDENT!" The teacher shouted, coming back into the class room. The kids laughed in enjoyment.
"No...," Donghae then slumped over and went back to his desk. Siwon then turned back and sat back next to Eunhyuk, pulling him close into his arms, head resting on Siwon's chest. 
"Are you okay?"

Eunhyuk's eyes widened and slowly pulled away. "Yeah."
Donghae bit on his tongue. The game just got more interesting.


I'M SORRY D: I knooow I don't really like EunSiHae but I always like a twist~ But don't worry. Things might work out. <3

Fixed the typos~
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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 2

 "Hyyyunnngg! I don't want to keep this up!" Eunhyuk cried, his lips pursed into a pout as he laid on Heechul's bed. The older boy turned around from his mirror in annoyance.

"YAH! SHUT UP! Lee Donghae has always gotten what he wanted, but not this time. HyukJae you are not giving in," he commanded which only made Eunhyuk pout more. He rolled onto his back and kicked his feet, whining,"But what if he gives uuuup?"

Heechul rolled his eyes and sat next to his friend.

"Trust me. When that whore wants something he makes it his personal mission to get it."

"But he probably doesn't even remember me! I mean it's been years since we last saw eachother," Eunhyuk reasoned, using his normal voice and stopping his pouting. 

"Even better. Keep this up until he remembers," Heechul grinned evilly. He was never a fan of Donghae. Always flirting around, having a new boyfriend or girlfriend every single damn day. But not this time. He needed to learn his place and that everything isn't as simple as him saying, "Be mine" and everyone saying yes.
And ever since Heechul had heard Hyuk's past, he knew this was his opportunity to teach him a lesson.
"I-I like you." 
Donghae looked up from his sand pile he was making in the sand box to a young boy infront of him, caramel hair that was styled into a bowl cut, and a soft look in his eyes. He was wearing a simple blue t-shirt and light blue pants, small white flowers in his hand that he had just picked out from the ground. His cheeks flushed pink and eyes glistening.
Donghae stared and blinked for a moment then stood up, a blank expression on his face that was unreadable to Eunhyuk. He had seen the boy around the day care, always sitting by himself while the others gathered around Donghae and played. 
Suddenly Hae raised his arms and pushes HyukJae to the ground, the flowers falling from his hands and a scared look in his eyes as he looked up at the other boy. Donghae simply said, "Are you stupid? Why would I like you? Freak." And with that he ran back into the day care.
HyukJae then said there. Replaying that moment over and over in his head. His small heart breaking over and over with each replaying of the memory. He curled himself up into a ball and cried, squeezing his eyes shut as the tears raced down his soft cheeks. The darkness of his mind engulfing him and the only thing that he could hear being: 
Since that day Eunhyuk had never forgiven Donghae. But he never stopped loving him. Even as a boy he watched him from afar, wishing he would just once come to him and ask him if he wanted to play cars or something. But he should have known that it would never happen.
When Hyuk had moved to this town he found out that Donghae was already a student there. Strucken with fright that he might remember him, HyukJae changed his name to Eunhyuk so he would never know it was him. And he changed his appearance with the help of his dear friend Heechul. 
And soon the transformation from HyukJae to Eunhyuk was complete. 
No one would ever be able tell it was him. 
The next day at school, Eunhyuk looked out the window, watching the clouds slowly roll across the blue sky and the birds fly around. He sighed and pictured the sky as water. Beautiful water. And wondered what it would be like to swim in. 
"Hey there," a husky voice whispered from behind in but right next to his ear. Hot breath misting across his skin, making the hairs on the back of his neck stick up as he quickly turned around in his seat to see Donghae with that same stupid grin plastered on his face.
"I  thought maybe we could pick up where we left off yesterday," he continued, saying it loud enough for everyone to hear him.
"Oh yeah? And where was that? You getting a boner over seeing me in swimming trunks?" Eunhyuk grinned right back and said this just as loud.
Donghae gritted his teeth and opened his mouth to say a come back but was quickly cut off by the teacher who walked in just in time.

"LEE DONGHAE! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO LEAVE  EUNHYUK ALONE? DO YOU WANT A DETENTION YOUNG MAN?!" She shouted, as the class laughed and looked back at him as he simply smiled. 
'Okay Eunhyuk. Time to take your revenge.' 
He glanced back at Donghae and then slowly stretched, his shirt lifting and flashing a bit of the pale skin that hid under it making everyone stare. He then slipped out of his jacket and pulled a lollipop out of his pocket and slowly run his tongue against it. 
Donghae looked at the sight and gulped, his mouth suddenly feeling dry. 
Eunhyuk wrapped his lips around the lollipop and began to suck on it sensually, eyes soft and a glint of sexual deviance. He then glanced back at Hae who was watching intensely and with one look from Eunhyuk, his pants began to get tight as his mind wondered. The man wondered what else he could wrap those perfect plum lips around. Maybe his hard cock. 
Donghae bit his lip to hold back a moan at the thought and squirmed in his seat, his problem going larger. He swiftly rose his hand and shouted, " Can I go to the washroom!?" 
"NO! YOU HAVE CAUSED ENOUGH TROUBLE NOW SHUT UP AND LEARN," The teacher growled and Donghae whimpered. Hae decided to take another look at the glorious creature who caused him such a problem and noticed such a wide smirk on his face and just realized, he had been duped. 
Eunhyuk licked his lips at the other and then turned around. 
Donghae then smiled.
He liked this game. 
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You're Gonna Be Mine Chapter 1

"Come on, give in to me! I know you want me. Just admit it Eunhyuk," Donghae said smoothly to Eunhyuk who was sitting at his seat, rolling his eyes at the other. 

Donghae was the school's most wanted guy. That was.. Until Eunhyuk came around. Eunhyuk had just moved into the neighborhood a month ago and the first day he walked in, everyone wanted him in bed. He always wore skin tight clothing. Skinny jeans that hugged his ass and crotch in just the right way and low V-necks that exposed his collar bone and milky white skin. His hair was fiery red and cut so part of his bangs fell infront of one of his eyes. It was always slightly messy to give a more sexy bedroom look. His eyes were lined with smokey black eyeliner just to top off the look.

Eunhyuk had more sex appeal than anyone Donghae had ever seen. He was drop dead gorgeous. He made all the boys and girls fall to their knees in want when he passed, always having a cool look on his face. And when those plump lips parted to speak everyone stared at him and drooled. Eunhyuk was sex icon. And Donghae was determined  to make him his.

"Hmm let me think about it. No," Eunhyuk glared at the other. 

"LEE DONGHAE GET IN YOUR SEAT!" The teacher yelled and Donghae sulked and followed her command. But he isn't giving up just yet.


"I'm going to go practice swimming. I'll see you tomorrow, okay hyung?" Eunhyuk said to his hyung Heechul.The two became friends the same day Eunhyuk came to the school. Heechul, like Donghae, had been a wanted man in the school and someone as good looking as Hyuk had to be a friend of his. 

"Okay. See ya~," He waved at the other as he walked away. 

Eunhyuk made his way toward the school's swimming pool and changed into his swimming trunks, walking out into the empty large room. The water's reflection glistening on his abs. He dove in and swam. The water was where he felt the calmest. The silence you hear when you are under it. The way it always somehow gets you back to the surface. It cradles you and helps you. He loved it.
After swimming for about an hour or two, Eunhyuk decided it was time to go home. He stopped floating on his back and then jumped when he suddenly heard someone say, " Hey sexy."
He turned around quickly to see Donghae, arms folded and leaning against the wall, a wide smirk on his face.Eunhyuk cursed under his breath. But really, he didn't mean it.
Eunhyuk actually wanted Donghae. He wanted to be his so badly it killed him. But how could he just let him have Eunhyuk with a snap of his fingers? Oh no. He was going to have to work for it.
He sighed and pulled himself out of the pool and made his way to the changing room,"Go the hell away Donghae. Stop getting a little boy boner over me." He grinned slightly. He didn't know he could be so cocky! 

Donghae simply smirked and grabbed Eunhyuk's arm and pinned him against the wall.
"I assure you. There is nothing little about me," his smirk grew wider as Eunhyuk tried to comprehend the situation.
'Think! Think HyukJae!! (his real name is HyukJae but he changed it for a cooler effect) Okay! Don't panic. Keep your cool. Don't let him wi--'
His thoughts were quickly interrupted when a soft pair of lips roughly pressed themselves harshly against his. Eunhyuk's eyes widened as much as they could ever possibly go. He pulled his lips and tried to hide them from Donghae which was no use. He moved his knee and prodded it against Hyuk's crotch roughly, making the other moan into the kiss. 
Donghae took the opportunity slip his tongue into Eunhyuk's mouth and taste him. He rubbed his tongue against the other's roughly, but HyukJae tried desperately to wrestle tongues with him, trying to push his tongue out as he pinned him to the wall. 
Eunhyuk squeezed his eyes shut.
'Oh god he kisses so good. Fuck fuck fuck! Don't fall for it HyukJae! But he tastes so gooood..!' He slowly began to melt into the kiss, Donghae's tongue beginning to win the fight for dominance. 
'Wait. What the fuck am I doing!?' Eunhyuk had finally come to his senses and bit Donghae's tongue, making him pull back.
"OW!" He stumbled back a little holding his mouth but grinned slyly and continued, "Two can play this game Hyukkie. It's only a matter of time before you give into me. Until then, enjoy jacking off." He looked down at Eunhyuk's trunks which now had a bulge in them, making Eunhyuk groan. 
Donghae walked out of the large, empty room leaving Eunhyuk to curse himself and sulk walking off into the changing room.
This wasn't over yet.
I was feeling random. 
:D I love HaeHyuk. And I love sexy teasing Hyuk.